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  1. Can the father sue the media? I hope so.
  2. I can't answer that. But good questions.
  3. Compulsory medical intervention versus external constraint in pandemic control https://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2020/08/19/medethics-2020-106435
  4. PS. Not sure if you've seen this one, but it's a good:
  5. No doubt about that. They'll be following the standard operating procedures of Edward Bernays.
  6. Have a browse here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/davidicke/ Or here: http://banned.video/channel/david-icke You'll probably find it.
  7. Just did a random Google search for covid police uk. Crazy how many images of these face nappy hi vis jacketed morons came up. Probably should meme them all, just to take the piss.
  8. "I have Covid" = the new virtue signalling gold standard.
  9. Probably already posted, but this guy does some good work: https://vigilantcitizen.com/category/musicbusiness/
  10. How many times was his PCR test cycled? Does anyone know?
  11. I saw him live only once, in Australia. He was awesome.
  12. I'm sure David has mentioned Tesla in his talks a few times. If I come across a mention, I'll let you know.
  13. It will be like the movie Gattaca. "Valids" vs "Invalids". Valids have privilege in society. Invalids are the limited and restricted underclass. In this case it's vaccinated vs unvaccinated. But same deal in principle.
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