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  1. Or maybe Taiwan. or Armenia?


    When I started this topic 2 years ago, I just wanted to prove that clairvoyance as itself really exists. Many websites publish articles about Jackowski, so it is quite easy to find what he was talking in past years about the future.

    Because although the topic of clairvoyance appears on various websites, it is not taken seriously. I wonder how many people have tried to connect the words of clairvoyants with the topic of the new world order.


     Lots of books have been written, there are many websites, videos on youtube about the conspiracy theories. It is not uncommon to refer to the biblical Apocalypse (number 666 and RFID) or the fourth kingdom in the Book of Daniel as allusion to world government. But very few references (hardly any) to Islamic prophecies. The scenario in the hadiths is widely described. Both the wars and the Mahdi's rule over the world.

    I have never been interested in Islam, I found out about it a few months ago.


    Surprisingly, the islamic prophecies match the views given above.
    Jackowski said about Afghanistan that the Taliban are just a piece in a bigger game, and they don't know it. There is a hadith that the Mahdi army would move from the land of Khorasan. It could be Afghanistan and Iran. Klimuszko spoke about the non-europeans attacking Italy. There are hadiths predicting an attack by the muslim's army on Rome. The question of whether it is about the city of Rome or the lands of the former Roman Empire.

  2. Suez Canal yes, it's true. But we will wait yet for the Mediterranean. I didn't write it but he talked there will be great number of ships. They won't do anything. It will only be a manifestation of force to prevent escalation. I don't remember exactly, it's probably in the Middle East. Probably Israel, as I wrote in 1st post: "The second provocation will be a short intensive bombarding on a small country".


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  3. I will finish the previous post, a few things fit Jackowski's words:


    national mourning



    moved towards Russia. didn't say anything about meaning


    few seconds later he saw the same but in the opposite direction


    Other interesting things:

    - Russians will land at beach in "city with yellow trams" and capture it (probably Odessa),

    - there will be 2 ukrainian republics, one of its will rise against Russia, 

    - quote: "The Sun will induce hypnosis" and "The signal will change the whole Earth".  And I advise you to remember this, I have already heard about it from another source. 


    Now back to main topic. Here's article form last month: https://rozrywka.radiozet.pl/Plotki/Jasnowidz-Jackowski-z-przerazajaca-wizja-Ludzie-beda-ropiec-Podal-termin

    about chemical or nuclear attack which will cause food crisis (probably duri


    "Even though it is daytime, the world gets dark and then it turns yellow from this darkness. It's hard to put a date anywhere in the future, but let's say it's September. It gets dark during the day, and the dark turns yellow, unhealthy yellow. It would seem that it is getting dark and the yellow sun comes out after dark - that's not it. Black will turn to yellow, but this yellow will not be healthy. Maybe September, maybe October, maybe a breakthrough."

    "This will make a great fire, but so enormous that there will really be not only local contamination, but migratory contamination. There will be so much of it. And where this pollution takes place, people will ooze, there will be purulent on people. (...). They will have spots on their bodies that will be covered with purulent, they will have purulent wounds of their bodies"

    "There will be talk of the hideous deed of mankind. It won't be global, but it will be something that will be said that mankind has done one of the most hideous things they could do."


    "After this, I can see fruits that will be… It would be wise not to eat them."

    I remember last year he was talking about food shortage or hunger.


    In February, he spoke about Ukraine, but the portals did not disclose it, probably for political reasons. Hr claims that:

    - Russia will make some great attack that will deal a huge blow to Ukraine.


    - This will cause an even greater exodus to the European Union, in the countries bordering with Ukraine there will be talk of a humanitarian crisis

    - The German-Polish border will be closed on the German side,

    - Zelensky will be secretly transported to Poland,

    - if Russia launches a nuclear attack, it will have to do with Volgograd, Turkey will counterattack,

    - before Russia decides to take such a move, an important Russian politician will speak for the whole world to hear him,

    - contamination from Ukraine will pass through Poland in the north-east towards Scandinavia, 

    - NATO will prepare for war, the borders of countries along Russia, Belarus, Ukraine will look like a ready front line,

    - attacks on Russia from two sides: from Northern Europe and from the south from Turkey


    in addition to the eastern border, he also marked the area of the Wałbrzych town, where there will be foreign troops


  4. And probably it will be. This description fits perfectly into conspiracy theories. Three years ago, I watched one of his auditions talking about new currency and political order in the world. But I don't remember which video it was, there aren't also any articles about it. A new currency is to be introduced in South America, for the entire continent or only in 1 country. It will be money resistant to inflation process and many people will praise it. It will even be seen as an example to other countries. But it won't take long as it will be replaced by some sort of global financial system.


    A few months ago I found another YouTube channel. It belongs to a man who doesn't call himself a clairvoyant, but as he claims has some feeling about the future. I've watched all of his videos and he may actually have some abilities but nothing spectacular. For now I won't paste links to his recordings yet, as he said he would rather remain rather unknown (has only 400-1400 views per video). Anyway, there are no English subtitles. He Apparently, A picture is worth a thousand words, so I paste screenshots from his recordings:


    Contamination in Slovakia, yellow line looks like Vistula river



    Tank in upper-left corner is just example model here, but it had German markings on


    inscription: mobilization plan. 




    Partitions of Poland once again?




    Polish parliament with a hole above the government benches. He had the impression that he was looking at a building that was forgotten, abandoned for some time.


    no information on the meaning of arrows



    He saw the flag of France in these areas.



    in each circle, mushroom-shaped smoke



    Lots of such symbols inside those black circles. Territory of Russia looking as if it was moving east



    rectangles represent flags of some countries



    New political map of Europe. State in claret line will have flag with 3 horizontal stripes, upper will be claret color.  Its emblem similar to EU stars, but other number or colour of stars.  He didn't talk about the yellow and blue lines.


    He says he saw the article on the internet - in his vision:


    an american black general in a gala uniform. Title of the article or words spoken by the general:


    "Poles, do not be afraid, breathe deeply. We will come to help you. We are here to help you." feeling that this is manipulation, a cheat to a stupid audience. The whole speech was very kitschy and not commensurate with the situation. 

  5. In today's episode Tęgoborze Prophecy.

    It is assumed that it dates from 1893 from Tęgoborze village (today located Lesser Poland Voivodeship). Local nobleman has organized a spiritualist séance. The invited medium conveyed the text of the prophecy in verse. But is this true? The fact is that it was published in several newspapers shortly before ww2. For example, an article in the daily "Ilustrowany Kuryer Codzienny", issue no. 86 from 27 March 1939.


    And here is the proof http://www.mbc.malopolska.pl/dlibra/docmetadata?id=77196&from=publication. Website of Malopolska Digital Library. Look at 6th page, article "Gdy czarny..." (for easier reading text in polish wikipedia https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Przepowiednia_z_Tęgoborzy#Tekst_przepowiedni)

    in English:


    "It is difficult to determine the human fates when the changeability of conditions changes what was permanent yesterday and ceases to exist tomorrow.
    Behold, I tell you:


    1. In two decades the seasons will come
      When fire rises from the sky.
      Then the ballads of Wernyhora will come true,
      The whole world will choke on its blood.

    2. Poland will rise from the world of conflagration,
      Two eagles will fall shattered,
      But its fate is ominous for a long time,
      Dreams still unfulfilled.


    3. During thirty years in tears and confusion
      The sufferings of the people will endure,
      One big heart will come at the end
      And it will work a miracle itself.

    4. When the black eagle defiles the sign of the cross,
      will spread his wings ominous,
      Two countries will fall that no one will save,
      Strength still takes primacy over law.


    5. But the black eagle will enter the crossroads [diverge, divide],
      When he turns his eyes to the east,
      Teutonic Knights spreading their customs,
      With a broken wing, he will come back.

    6. The contaminated cross will fall with the hammer.
      There will be nothing left for the invaders.
      Masurian land will return to Poland
      And in Gdansk, our port will be built.


    7. In a hard struggle with Teuton's audacity
      The world will blush with the sea of blood.
      When the North will be threatened by East
      It will change into quadruple unity.

    8. The lion in the west has been wicked betrayed
      By his liberator
      Joining a rooster for the defense of the lion
      He will bring a young man to the throne.

    9. The broken power of the world's troublemakers
      This time it will be for ages
      A brother will reach out to his brother,
      The enemy will go far away country.


    10. At the rising sun [lit. East where sun is rising], the hammer will be broken.
      The steppe is on fire.
      When the eagle with the hammer takes hold of other people's fields
      Is slaughter over the river.


    11. Valorous Belarus, lush Zaporizhia,

      Heading to Polish banners
      Our eagle reaches as far as the Black Sea
      Back on the his ancient trail


    12. Vitebsk, Odessa, Kyiv and Cherkasy
      These are Europe's strongholds,
      And a barbarian for eternity
      He will escape to Asia in fear.


    13. Warsaw will be the center of the world,
      But there are three Polish capitals.
      The Asian man will abandon the far swamp,
      And the dragon will renew his face (cheeks).

    14. The bear will fall after the second expedition.
      The Danube in splendor is sinking again.
      And when peace comes in Warsaw,
      The three kings will watering the horses in it [in Danube].


    15. The three rivers of the world will give three crowns
      To the anointed from Krakow,
      Four allied sides at the borders [lit. the ends]
      They will swear words to him.

    16. Hungarian and Pole when their hands join,
      Three countries together with Romania.
      At the majesty of the Polish throne
      Will be united by an eternal union.

    17. And the Crimean Tatar, when he comes to the river,
      Although he will not change his faith,
      will ask for the protection of powerful Poland
      And will become faithful to this land.

    18. Poland will rise from sea to sea.
      Wait for it for half a century.
      God's Grace will always protect us,
      So suffer and pray man."


    As for me in 7th stanza there's description of create NATO. "North" means North Atlantic Treaty,  "threatened by East" means USSR,  "quadruple unity" flag of NATO consists compass rose with four lines.  Events described in the stanzas first, second and fourth has happened before the publication.

  6. Czesław Klimuszko, a friar.

    He lived in the years 1905-1980. He can guess people's thoughts and point out the future of individuals. Mainly people he knew or who came for advice. Supposedly, he has predicted the short pontificate of Pope John Paul I. He shared his visions about the future of the world with his family and friends.

    Here are his prophecies about Europe: https://www.nautilus.org.pl/artykuly,4312,ojciec-czeslaw-klimuszko---unikalne-nagranie-audio.html

    (27 Aprli 2022) btw Fundacja Nautilus is NGO that collects information about paranormal phenomena. The article contains a fragment of the book "Ojciec Klimuszko: życie i legenda" published in 2008 by Krzysztof Kamiński. Here, a fragment presents an conversation with another priest: (probably in Elbląg town)


    "– Now I have different visions, so terrible that I even reluctantly talk about them, because somebody else will misunderstand. They catch me in broad daylight, until I stand still, breathless ...

    – Please, let father tell me, I will not be afraid - today I will admit to you that I was only curious what was revealed to him.

    – I am walking down the corridor thoughtfully and suddenly at the end a brick wall part begins to twitch and it seems to collapse. I come closer and I can see far away from high, like a cosmonaut ... I can see almost the entire planet, you know, the entire. It is laying flat in front of me. I don't know how this is possible, but it has been like this several times. War will break out in the South when all treaties will be concluded, and peace will be trumpeted. Russia will be betrayed by its neighbors. No, not us! Fire spears will strike the traitors. Entire cities will be burn. Then the rockets will fly over the ocean, cross with others, will fall into the waters of the sea, wake the beast. It'll be lifting itself off the seabed. Its chest will drive huge waves. I have seen transatlantic liners swept like shells... This mountain of water will stand towards Europe. A new deluge! Choke on Giblartar! Splashing to the middle of Spain! Water will pour over the Sahara, sink the italian penisula [lit. italian boot] to the Pad river. Rome will disappear under water with all its museums, with all its wonderful architecture [...] "


    "I saw the wall of water up close going towards Paris, it was higher than the Eiffel Tower... Flowing inland it was kidnapping people who were clinging to the handrail on the balcony at the top. The waters rushed with terrible power, I was feeling the power of nature, that swept everything. I saw ships before they capsized with the bottom overgrown with green. There were raging together a pile of torn roofs, swepted buses and heaps of human bodies, a breathtaking cataclysm. And I saw it as if from the balcony, the whole area up to the horizon. Water flowed through Germany as far as here. It reached Poland."

    He stared at me through the eyes of a mad prophet prophesying doom to the kingdom.

    "– Here, where we are today, will be a sea. Water will flood my cemetery. You know there's depression here, do you? A few islands will remain from Kashubia."


    about Poland:


    “Poland will be the source of new law in the world, and this country will be honored as highly as no other country in Europe. There will be some war in Europe, but it will not pass through Poland." [...]

    "The nations of Europe will bow to Poland. I can see a map of Europe, I can see a Polish eagle in a crown. Poland is shining like the sun and the glow is shining all around. Others will come to us to live here and be proud of it. "


    However, Poland will not be completely safe. Here's another excerpt of his words about war and Italy: https://www.nautilus.org.pl/artykuly,1775,przez-chwile-patrzyl-na-czlowieka-po-czym-wiedzial-o-nim-wszystko.html (10 Jul 2009)


    "Our nation should come out not too bad. Maybe five or ten percent are sentenced. I know it's a lot, that it's already millions, but France and Germany will lose more. Italy will suffer the most. That will really unite Europe. Poverty brings together [...] "


    "I saw soldiers crossing the sea in such small, round ships, but you could see in their faces that they were not Europeans. I saw houses collapsing and italian children who cried. It looked like an attack by the infidels on Europe. It seems to me that some great tragedy will befall Italy. Part of the Italian peninsula [lit. italian boot] will be under water. A volcano or an earthquake. I saw scenes like after the great cataclysm. It was scary."


    Short info about climate change that probably hasn't come yet. There is also a duplicate quote on several pages "It will be warm, much warmer! Southern fruit will be grown right next to the house, it will be possible to pick them through the window. " but I can't find the source of the quote.

  7. The guy also tells what the world will look like after the war and the whole crisis. I paste the entire article https://rozrywka.radiozet.pl/Plotki/Jasnowidz-Jackowski-przewiduje-przerazajace-konsekwencje-koronawirusa-Ludzie-oslepna

    (date 10 May 2021): 

    "I can see it from a bird's eye view. It's a huge rectangular object, like a supermarket, but it's not a shopping mall. I'm hanging over this object. I don't know what that means, it doesn't mean anything logical, but it keeps coming back to me. I started to think that there will be two or three superstates in Europe, as I call it. It would look as if Poland was with several other countries in one country (...). There will be several of them, and Poland will be in one of them " Jackowski said. "In these superstates there will be no division of autonomy, there will be one, conventional autonomy" - he emphasizes.

    In the following words, Jackowski pointed out the terrifying consequences of the coronavirus. He says that although we are drawing breath now, in July-August something will interrupt our rest. As she notes with horror, she sees "blind people", emphasizing that this is not a metaphor.


    "There is still a bit ahead of us. In July and August, something will spoil our rest. I don't know what, I feel like that, I said it before. As for the plague, the break we have now is a temporary break. One more, the most difficult, passage awaits us, and it will be extremely long (...). Blind people - but it is not a metaphor. In this whole transformation, the worst time is ahead of us. Blind people, I am shocked by what I feel, but this is how I feel " .

    Next, the clairvoyant Jackowski describes in detail what, in his opinion, Europe and the world after the pandemic will look like. He has the impression that many people from Europe, including Poland, will want to emigrate to Africa, seeing it as a place where they will have more freedom. The clairvoyant calls it "fertilizing the Sahara." The word "limit", used many times, is also very important in the latest vision.


    "The system will fall apart, perhaps the Union will fall apart in the last year of these 3.5 years. It will not be such an obvious disintegration. It will be the creation of three superstates whose members will be able to choose which one they belong to. Poland will probably be stuck together with neighboring countries. It may still be the European Union, but clearly divided into three parts. Each will have separate autonomy, but the states will function in one part. There will be limits. The word "limit" at that time would have a profound meaning. We will have a limit for many things. Some things will be set aside for us, we will have access, but we will have this set aside. I associate it with the health service, but it will apply in many areas and meanings. We will have something assigned and there will be a limit of this "- says Krzysztof Jackowski.


    "But I have such a strange impression of peace and order. I did not pay attention to that. What was following me all day: I look at something from above, there is nothing around the object. I had such an impression that something was going on inside. And these superstates I saw them very clearly. We will go through something during last stage in this period, which will be "full 3.5 years", that we will be very socially subordinate. We will therefore be very subordinate, orderly, less demanding "- he says. It also reveals how schools will function.


    "Schools will be, but weird. For the time of education, perhaps these older children, they will have to go and the time of education will be within the school, at some center, as if isolated from the family. I had no such impression that teenagers go to school and come back home. It will be different. I know it sounds weird (...). People will humbly tolerate all this, because what we go through will teach us humility. There will be no money, but there will be limits. It will be more important than money. Someone with an unused limit will feel better than having money, " he says.


    Jackowski: people will emigrate to Africa

    "Africa. Many people from these superstates will want to emigrate to Africa. This will give them a certain freedom of choice, life. But I have an impression - I associate the word Sahara, fertilizing the Sahara. Africa will seem to us to be a continent of freedom. But I have this feeling. in a completely different sense (...). Everything will equal, ownership, privacy. We will keep them, but on completely different principles. These superstates will arise so that there will not be a complete chaos, a mess. In many countries, something very bad will pass at the same time. In many countries, something very bad will pass at the same time. In Europe, there will be a short-lived  government, which a member will be a woman. But not only she, there will be five people, including a woman. It will be five politically important people from five countries. A decision will be made that will affect the entire European Union. A decision will be taken which will affect the entire European Union. At the beginning it will be temporary, but it won't turn out like that "- claims Jackowski. 


    The peace that Jackowski associates with, however, does not fill him with optimism, but rather anxiety. The visionary sees the strange actions of states. "There is calm, actually "too calm". Everything is cocooned. Limits ... Now, if we want something, we have to earn money for it, and there will be such a thing that we will increase the limits. We will think of what to do to increase the limits. But why should these limits be created? If something is missing. When there was not enough of anything in communism, we got stamps, ration cards. Russia fall backed to Siberia. Not state, not borders. Maybe they'd rather be in these northern parts more than here. Why will be a dream for people to emigrate to Africa? Why will it be associated with freedom ... "Fertilization the Sahara" - as if it were about healthy soil.

    "One statesman will break diplomatic relations with other countries - or they will break with him. It will be a fury. Maybe I am wrong, but in this context I am shown Turkey. It friends will become enemies - or vice versa," he says."



    A few more words about something that I think is more pleasant to read. Have you watched 'Back to the Future' movie? ;)

    In video Wynalazki przyszłości (29 March 2018) talking about new technical inventions.  

    Look at minute 4:48. That scheme is a view of the undercarriage of the car. These three circles are some kind of drive element that will levitate the car. Cars will not fly like planes but will float above the ground.

    Teleportation will be used in medicine. It will be used for very precise treatment of specific parts of organs. 

    Advertisements will not necessarily be on billboards, but on the background of the sky, on the horizon. At night they will obscure the stars. Cities will not be more colorful cause of that but ugly. People will earn some extra money by leasing the horizon. He claimed it's a matter of 10 years.

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  8. It's been 8 months since my last post. I'll try to summarize what the guy has predicted since then.

    - in the future many military troops in London -> British soldiers assisted in delivering fuel to gas stations few months ago, but was the vision about it?
    - preparations for war -> Russia has invaded Ukraine; military planes fly from Poland with supplies to Ukraine


    Another handful of disturbing visions...

    New disease:

    Article from 5.11.2021 https://www.antyradio.pl/News/Jasnowidz-Krzysztof-Jackowski-o-nowej-strasznej-chorobie-Dotkliwie-bedzie-dotykac-mlodych-ludzi-49038 "I once told you that there would be two plagues coming, or that at some point there would be two plagues with each other - and I didn't mean the flu. Some disease will come from the south of Europe that will affect young people very acutely."

    and economic crisis:

    "We have to get used to the first rationing. Certain items will certainly be allocated (...). This is not about the financial crisis and we cannot compare it to year 2008. There will be a resource crisis. The economy will be scolded, but because the resources will have their value, for which the economy will have to prepare.Our savings will diminish quickly if we will not do anything about them. This is not going to be a typical stock market crash.It will be freezing something. It will be a raw material crisis, and it will be deep. Everything to save resources, to save resources - everything will go in this direction. There will be problems with electricity - not that it is expensive (...). And now we are talking about inflation, about increases, but so far no commodity crisis has been announced. He will be announced soon."


    Article from 12.12.2021 again about new disease:



    "The first impression I have is the current wave of the plague, its culmination will be much longer and will extend well beyond Christmas and New Years. The peak of the wave will be long. Blood ... Weird, it's very important. Listen, it's gonna be about blood. Something in the blood bothers the doctors. It could be the result of the plague. Disturbing blood tests will come out."

    and about the war (World War 3 ?):

    "There will be two more such explosions soon, not necessarily in Lebanon, but they will be similar to those that happened the night before. Two states are on full alert: Turkey and Israel. Ready for action. The conflict in the Middle East will start with two states. The rest will be watching.It will be happening at a distance (…). Only a few European countries will support this conflict and will be ready to move forward: Great Britain, France, Germany, Poland and Italy. A conflict will start between two countries, and then it will turn into a total conflict.At that point, Russia's behavior will be important. Our country will focus mainly on defending the eastern border, but it is uncertain whether it will be violated in any way "

    cite: "He also said he had a strong feeling that Poland would become three enclaves "through a certain game". It won't happen overnight, of course, but people will be convinced that the country is still intact. As he admits himself, he does not fully understand this vision.

    As for April, the clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski sees an exacerbation of the situation in the east. It will be an escalation of the conflict and tension, and the Polish government will agree to something "behind our backs". When all this comes to light, it will be too late. However, this situation is slowly starting to emerge.
    "In my opinion, such a radical deterioration of the situation will take place in April. […] We will start to notice that in our lands, on both sides, the army is getting ready for something. Apparently nothing will happen militarily yet, but there will be benefits-in-kind, if necessary, there will be some quotas"


    In his video Moje Przeczucia - kwiecień 2022 (27 March 2022) look at 32:00 minute 

    He stated that people will run away from south-eastern Poland. He does not know if that will also happen in Warsaw. But people who leave their homes may struggle to return.

    By the way, could you please let me know if you want me to post it here on the forum or not? Because in a few days I have to put on something again.


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  9. Regarding the things I’ve written in the first post, vision for Suez Canal has come true. Half year afeter I wrote this topic. But I have wrote „Suez Canal cut-off” . Let me explain, polish word „odcięty” I translated via google and I get „cut-off” but in polish it also mean „surrounded” or exactly „blocked”.


    Since than I haven’t watched his auditions, lack of time etc. But at that website  https://www.radiozet.pl/Rozrywka/Plotki/Jasnowidz-Krzysztof-Jackowski-o-nowych-restrykcjach-w-Polsce-i-sytuacji-w-Afganistanie  (website of polish radio station RadioZet) is today’s article about Jackowski’s visions. So…


    original article:


    Jasnowidz Jackowski: prowokacja w Afganistanie
    W pierwszych słowach Jackowski odniósł się do sytuacji na Bliskich Wschodzie, podkreślając, że wycofanie się USA z tego kraju oznacza, że Amerykanie nie chcą podkreślać dotychczasowej polaryzacji sił na świecie, kiedy stali na jednym z jej biegunów. Teraz, zdaniem jasnowidza, chcą się schować, ukryć, bo wiedzą, że zbliża się bardzo trudna sytuacja na świecie. "Nie wygląda to dobrze" - zaznacza Jackowski.

    "Mam od jakiegoś czasu przeczucie, że to już się zaczyna. Że w tej dziwnej sytuacji, to, co było jeszcze spokojne, co nie wzbudzało w nas takiego lęku, kończy się. Teraz wchodzimy w następny, bardziej brutalny etap. Konflikt, o którym mówiłem przez kilka lat, się zaczął. My tego jeszcze nie widzimy (...). Kojarzy mi się pełno wojska na granicy. Po tym, co się stało, świat zacznie być w pełnej gotowości militarnej. Skończyły się żarty. Widzę Kabul otoczony. Mam wrażenie, że to nie koniec, tego, co się stało w Afganistanie. Tam szybko zapanuje wielki chaos. Tam się coś jeszcze wydarzy" - przepowiada złowieszczo jasnowidz z Człuchowa.

    "Nie wiem, czy to będzie związane z Afganistanem, ale świat zacznie montować wojsko, że będzie powszechne ruszenie. Raptem stworzą się dwa odrębne konflikty, pozornie niewyglądające groźnie dla świata, ale od tych konfliktów się zacznie. Nikt nie będzie uważał, że mogą doprowadzić do czegoś większego, ale od tego się zacznie" - mówi tajemniczo Jackowski.

    Zdaniem Jackowskiego wycofanie się wojsk amerykańskich z Afganistanu nie jest przypadkowe i wiąże się z tym wielki plan, którego nie można ujawnić. Talibowie sądzą, że to ich zwycięstwo, ale to tylko pozory, bo Amerykanie nie oddają władzy w ręce byle kogo.

    "Amerykanie nie oddają władzy w nie wiadomo czyje ręce, bez planu. Odejście z Syrii, z Afganistanu, to jest polityczna taktyka. Jeżeli Ameryka się oficjalnie z tych terenów wycofuje, to może oznaczać, że oddają  wpływy przeciwnikowi. Tam ma się dopiero zagotować. A ten, kto to organizuje, woli być z boku (...). Możemy być bardzo zaskoczeni tym, że świat, obok zarazy ma kolejny problem - militarny. To jest ze sobą powiązane" - stwierdza Jackowski i przypomina swoje słowa: na krótko przed wielkim konfliktem ludzie będą bali się oddychać" - mówi.

    "Ten drugi konflikt będzie prowokacją. Prowokacją, by ruszyć kogoś dużego. Jeżeli dojdzie do tej prowokacji, prowokatorzy będą mobilizować wojsko w celu obrony. Nikt nie pomyśli, że to oni są prowokatorami. Jeżeli chodzi o Afganistan, to nie jest to zwycięstwo Talibów. Oni mają to zwycięstwo na chwilę. Nawet nie wiedzą, że są narzędziem złym planie. To, co będzie się działo, to prowokacje, które są częścią większego planu, który ma doprowadzić do konfliktu. To będzie się bardzo szybko rozgrywać" - mówi.

    Krzysztof Jackowski o wydarzeniach w Polsce: "Będzie zakaz wychodzenia w nocy"
    "Jeżeli chodzi o nasz kraj, to wydawać by się mogło, że lżej to będziemy przechodzić, tę czwartą falę, ale powiem Wam, że to była zabawa - obostrzenia, lockdowny - to było błahe w odniesieniu do tego, co będzie teraz. Będzie zaostrzony rygor, dyscyplina, bardzo restrykcyjne wymogi, w stosunku do wielu z nas. Ja mam wrażenie, że dojdzie do takiej sytuacji, że wojsko i policja będą miały większe prawa. Będzie się wymagało od nich większej konkretności i da się im ku temu prawa. To będzie wyglądało na początku, że chodzi o czwartą falę, ale mam odczucie, że potem przyjdzie inne zagrożenie - z tego, co będzie się działo na świecie. Nie będę ukrywał, że cały czas uważam, że to, co się dzieje od tamtego roku, kiedyś historia nazwie konfliktem. Tkwiąc w nim, jeszcze tego nie zauważamy, choć coraz więcej ludzi zaczyna mówić o tym, że jest na świecie cos nie tak" - wyjaśnia jasnowidz.

    "Będą poważne, wybiórcze restrykcje i będzie w tym uczestniczyć policja i wojsko. Będą mieli większe możliwości działania. Poczujemy się jak w kraju niedemokratycznym. Będzie to wyglądało inaczej niż dotychczas, przez te półtora roku. Na pewno jest przygotowywany dziwny rząd w Polsce. W pewnym momencie obecna władza pozbędzie się władzy. Jest przygotowany rząd, który nie będzie się wywodził z obecnej władzy. Nie będą to ludzie z polityki. Bardzo dziwne. Wojska będą mobilizowane i wtedy zaczną być przydziały - nie wiem czy żywnościowe, czy lekowe - czy jedne i drugie. Ale stanie się coś, co spowoduje niedobory" - dodaje wizjoner. "W okresie jesieni i zimy będzie zakaz wychodzenia w nocy bez powodu. Będzie dużo zakazów. W moim odczuciu szkoły będą pozamykane. Ale to będzie już całkiem coś innego, jak było przez półtora roku" - mówi

    Jak zauważa Krzysztof Jackowski, w jego odczuciu w Europie nie stanie się nic bardzo poważnego, ale mieszkańcy kontynentu i tak będą się bardzo bali, a strach wywoływać będzie żółty pył.

    "Jak się zacznie dziać źle na świecie, jak zacznie się konflikt, w naszym kraju będzie panowało napięcie. Będzie dyscyplina, wzmożona ochrona bezpieczeństwa, ale tu się nic nie wydarzy. Czuję, że będziemy się bardzo bali. Na tyle będzie niebezpiecznie, że będziemy się bali. Cala Europa będzie drżała przed tym, co się dzieje. Fizycznie raczej się tu nic nie stanie (...). Kiedyś powiedziałem, że w okolicy Izraela wybuchnie brudna bomba. To się stało. Ten żółty pył - to będzie niebezpieczne, tego będziemy się bali" - zaznacza Krzysztof Jackowski w najnowszej wizji.


    and translate:


    Jackowski the clairvoyant: a provocation in Afghanistan
    In his first words, Jackowski referred to the situation in the Middle East, emphasizing that the US's withdrawal from this country means that the Americans do not want to emphasize the current polarization of forces in the world, when they stood at one of its poles. Now, according to the seer, they want to hide, hide, because they know that it is approaching a very difficult situation in the world. "It does not look good," - notes Jackowski.


    "I have a feeling for some time that it is already beginning. That in this strange situation, that what was still calm, which did not arouse such fear in us, ends. Now we are entering the next, more brutal stage. The conflict that I have been talking about for several years has begun. We don't see it yet (...). I see there are a lot of troops on the border. After what happened, the world will begin to be fully military ready. The jokes are over. I see Kabul surrounded. I have a feeling that this is not the end, what happened in Afghanistan. There will be great chaos soon there. Something else will happen there "- the clairvoyant from Człuchów predicts ominously.


    "I do not know if it will be connected with Afghanistan, but the world will begin to assemble the army, it will be widespread moving. Suddenly, two separate conflicts will arise, seemingly not dangerous to the world, but from these conflicts it will begin. Nobody will think that they can lead to something bigger, but it will start from there "- says Jackowski mysteriously.


    In opinion of Jackowski, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is not accidental and is associated with a great plan that cannot be disclosed. The Taliban think this is their victory, but this is only an appearance, because the Americans are not putting power in the hands of just anyone.


    "The Americans do not hand over power to unknown hands, without a plan. Leaving Syria, Afghanistan, is a political tactic. If America officially withdraws from these territories, it may mean that they are giving their influence over to the enemy. The situation is yet to get inflamed there. And the one who organizes it prefers to be hidden (...). We can be very sad surprised that the world, next to the plague, has another problem - a military one. It is related to each other "- states Jackowski and recalls his words: „shortly before the great conflict, people will be afraid to breathe" - he says.


    "The second conflict will be a provocation. A provocation to move someone big. If it comes to this provocation, the provocateurs will mobilize the military to defend themselves. No one will think that they are provocateurs. As for Afghanistan, this is not a Taliban victory. They have this victory for a while. They do not even know that they are a tool of a bad plan. That what will happen are provocations that are part of a larger plan, that will lead to a conflict. It will play out very quickly, " he says.


    Krzysztof Jackowski events in Poland: "It will be a ban of leaving at night"

    "As far as our country is concerned, it would seem that we will go through this fourth wave easier, but I will tell you that it was fun - restrictions, lockdowns - it was trivial with regard to what will happen now. It will be more acute. rigor, discipline, very strict requirements for many of us. I have the impression that the military and the police will have more rights. They will be required to be more specific and given rights to do so. It will look at the beginning, it's about the fourth wave, but I have a feeling that there will come other threat - of what will happen in the world. I will not hide that I still believe that what has been happening since last year will someday be called a conflict by history. While stuck in it, we do not notice it yet, although more and more people are starting to talk about the fact that there is something wrong in the world "- explains the clairvoyant.


    "There will be serious, selective restrictions and will be a part of the police and the army. They will have greater possibilities of action. We will feel like in the undemocratic country. It will look different than before, by the year and a half. It is certainly prepared a strange government in Poland. At some point, the current government will get rid of power. There is a prepared government that will not derive from the current rulling power. They won't be people from politics. Very strange. The troops will be mobilized and then there will be allocations - I don't know whether food or medicine - or both. But something will happen that will cause a shortage," adds the visionary. "In autumn and winter, going out at night will be banned for no reason. There will be a lot of bans. In my opinion, schools will be closed. But it will be something completely different, as it was for a year and a half" - he says.


    As Krzysztof Jackowski notes, in his opinion nothing very serious will happen in Europe, but the inhabitants of the continent will be very afraid anyway, and the fear will be caused by yellow dust.


    "When things go bad in the world, when a conflict starts, there will be tension in our country. There will be discipline, increased security, but nothing will happen here. I feel that we will be very scared. It will be so dangerous that we will be there. They were afraid. All of Europe will tremble at what is happening. Rather, nothing will really happen here (...). I once said that a dirty bomb would go off near Israel. That has happened. This yellow dust - it will be dangerous, we will be afraid of it "- emphasizes Krzysztof Jackowski in his latest vision.


    I just remind you that another visionary, Alois Irlmaier, spoke about yellow dust over 70 years ago. So Jackowski's visions dangerously suit other visions from the past. I heard from someone that in his vision said that it's time to prepare the supplies. It does not make me optimistic.

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  10. Hi.

    I would like to present here the visions of the polish clairvoyant Krzysztof Jackowski. In Poland, he is rather widely known, poorly abroad. I haven't found much info about him in the English-language Internet.

    Who is he?

    The guy lives in northwestern Poland, in the small town Człuchów. He's been a clairvoyant since the 90s I guess (I haven't checked the info exactly). Mainly his gift is to find missing people, alive and dead. For years he has been helping the polish police in investigations. On his website https://krzysztof-jackowski.info/dokumenty-policacyjne/ has congratulatory letters from the police for help in solving the investigation. His second gift is foreseeing the future, but he says he isn’t so talented in that like finding people or objects.

    What did he foresee?

    For example, the financial crisis in 2008. Evidence? Article in the local newspaper „Gazeta Pomorska” of 30 December 2007 https://pomorska.pl/widzenie-roku-2008/ar/6937291


    Jackowski has been uploading his videos live on YouTube for 4 years. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles added. (his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbS8vsbx1MSl1aGrja2-4kg/videos) He talks a lot about his finding people, various paranormal phenomenas that happen to him, (but he also laments about politicians, officials etc. ) But he also makes live visions, sees. In one of his videos, he announced that 2020 will be the first year of unrest in Europe and the world.


    The years 2020 - 2023 will be bad for the world” he has said. I know these are just generalities so let's take a look at the details. What did he predict in 2020 and what happen?

    In January this year he said that a dirty bomb would explode in Israel or somewewhere around Israel, that it would not be accidental, it would be a provocation. Six months later, there was a chemical explosion in Lebanon.

    In May, in this video said that we will see strange military movements in Europe. It happened. Two weeks later, the Americans decided to move the army from Germany and partially relocate to Poland.



    So what awaits us?

    Jackowski has been consistently repeating for 12 years that he sees a large war somewhere in the world. He is afraid it might start this year in November. In the vision, he saw 3 conflict zones in the world. He said war will start at the seaside, in the air. It will be night in Europe then, but there will be day. „We people in Europe wake up and when we turn on the news in the morning we will be shocked that the situation is so serious.” (I quotes from memory). He once mentioned that in a few or a dozen years it would be referred to as the 3rd World War. 

     Here's an article from 2011 https://pomorska.pl/jasnowidz-z-czluchowa-nadciaga-rok-niepokojow/ar/7261852 where he says: "


    Wiosna będzie zatruta. Coś się będzie działo z powietrzem. Może nie w Polsce, ale bardzo się będziemy bali powietrza. Będziemy się bali oddychać

    which means: "Spring will be poisoned. Something will happen to the air. Maybe not in Poland, but we will be very afraid of the air. We will be afraid to breathe"  saying in relation to 2011 but then nothing happen. He claims that in 2008, predicting the banking crisis, he said to his daughter: "Before the big war in the world, people in Poland and in the world will be afraid to breathe." During last year in Poland, people wore masks because of the smog. Now the whole world because of Covid. Maybe that's it?


    In another video has seen big protests in some country, crowd of people will carry their dead leader. He think that he know who it is, but he does not dare to say it publicly.



    Regarding conspiracy theories and the coronavirus...

    In the video in March and April, he mentioned that he have a feeling this pandemic was someone else's plan. He said „it is all prepared, planned, not only the virus, but also preparations for war. Governments know that, the polish government too.”

    Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki in June said in the parliament that "in front of our eyes it is being created a new world order, world after the coronavirus" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxkviLQf5fk&feature=emb_logo

    in other speech he said "the world after the coronavirus will be completely different" (I can’t find video)

    From today's perspective, I believe that the expose of Prime Minister Morawiecki from November 2019 is gaining new meaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrE1XvfpmSQWe don't know yet, how world will looks for 5, 10 or 15 years. But we know that Poland once again before a historical challenge and historical chance. It depends on our decisions whether Poland will be among the states which will form new order or someone will make it instead of us.” What did Morawiecki mean? Does he know something's coming?


    What else...


    - In Poland, long lines to sign up or get a receipt (?), there will be problems with food supplies, reservists will get the call to the army. The someone 's plan is that ruling party PiS (Law and Justice) will disintegrate the coalition in the government in a time that elections cannot be held. Poland may, in a sense, lose its sovereignty.

    - an island in the Mediterranean surrounded by military ships

    - Suez Canal cut off

    - in the future many military troops in London


    The second provocation will be a short intensive bombarding on a small country, outrage in the world, China and Russia will demand the convening of the UN Security Council. „When this happens in many countries sirens will sound, presidents will deliver messages to nations,

    3 countries will become involved militarily, might be Israel, Turkey, USA, other NATO states on the alert


    There will be problems with electricity during 3 years, a lot of things will be rationed.A powerful explosion in a large city with a high tower. It will be 100% a provocation. After that, it will be difficult to stop what is to happen.

    We in Europe will feel like under martial law. Governments become dictatorial to citizens. Preparing in Europe for something that many of us will perceive as preparing for war.


    At the moment, the last preparations for something that is going to happen are in progress. Jackowski said „There will be a great provocation, everything will start from there. Some kind of combat gas will be used.” I would like to add here that already in February he said that he saw burned soldiers, probably from Turkey. Furthermore, he claims that the pandemic is also someone's plan to get people used to the restrictions.
    Restrictions which will be due to the threat of war.


    In his visions he speaks not only about this year but a period of 3 years (2020-2023). Says visions can overlap and can not exactly put them in time.



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