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  1. 54 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Not totally sure either to be honest.


    My interpretation was that these are students who ordered/paid for food using an app and tried to get it delivered through the windows of their halls of residence, but the security guards/wardens of the halls prevented the delivery persons getting the full delivery to the students.

  2. Problem-Reaction-Solution theory


    The result of this election will drag on and on for most of the winter due to legal battles over voting fraud. 

    (Bread and circuses to keep the masses amused during months of lockdown)


    The ultimate end result, regardless of who wins:  it will be deemed that to avoid this sort of voting ambiguity happening again in the future, all votes will be cast digitally, tracked to individuals via  the digital tattoo....


    Meh.  I hope I'm wrong though.

  3. 15 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Just another pondering really.......


    When I listen to the politicians speak defending another lock down, what I hear is two things mainly.


    1. R rate this and R rate that

    2. The NHS could be overwhelmed


    So ok.


    But shouldn't the discussion and the people involved be more concerned with things like, are people dying? are people getting ill?


    Because even if the R rate is a gazillion but only a handful of people are ill or dead, then the R rate means absolutely nothing.


    As for the NHS, they've built capacity already and it has never been overwhelmed. If they genuinely think it will be then why don't they built more Nightingale hospitals? It only took them a week or so? So just have a lockdown until they build some more hospitals - get retired medical staff to run them or a load of immigrant doctors from somewhere else around the world of which there are loads of.





    stop making sense!  :D

  4. I used to drink this brand of coffee - Nestle Azera - a lot, and over the many months/years of buying it I would notice that every now and then they would issue a set of "special edition" designs that initially just seemed like a bit of fun - sort of like well if you're buying the same coffee every week, let's just jazz up the tin with funky designs... mostly they were modern "pop-art" sort of aesthetics, things akin to Damien Hirst etc.  After a while it became almost like a fashion magazine that I didn't really mean to be involved in, I just wanted the coffee lol, but generally I just thought it was harmless fun.


    This one is a bit different though; I guess on one hand it could just be basic "we're inclusive!" virtue-signalling that is of course very fashionable now... 


    To issue a tin though - this year - with a bunch of logos where one of them looks VERY MUCH like a Corona symbol, however coincidental, seems like quite an oversight.


    Slightly off topic, I've been buying a lot of Pure Life bottled water - also made by Nestle - but was a bit sceptical about how "pure" it might really be; apparently some studies have shown that it has way more microplastic content than other brands.  Hmm.  

  5. 4 hours ago, Noctua said:

    Everytime I see an article about him, it reminds me of Coma Baby from Bright Lights, Big City.


    wow that is on point =))


    I didn't know what Coma Baby was but when I looked up a description and then applied to these fuckheads I was like wow, that's totally how I see it too haha


    take my like =))

  6. 2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Laughing alot and pretty loud I am at this bollocks:  'Eat out to help out' was to blame?  (well, 17% to blame) (big sigh)




    is it just me who sees Rishi's shirt collar forming perfectly-placed devil horns on the logo of the poster he's sticking up?


    "Just a coincidence nothing to worry about"...

  7. 45 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:


    Your first post is suspiciously robot-y,  bruv.


    What's 7+5?

    HI Frank, I don't know you, but I'm curious as to what seems robot-like about my post lol.

    My first post was actually in the "is Brian Rose a shill" thread from yesterday.  I garnered a like from two people and thought it was a nice welcome haha, feel free to check it out and see if it passes your robot test haha)) peace! oh and 12! lol

  8. Hello, covid megathread.  I'm new :)


    After reading you guys "success stories" of no-mask life, tonight I finally got brave and walked around the supermarket without a mask on.  I was pretty nervous, and I had the mask in my hand the whole time, but every now and then I would see another unmasked shopper and it would inspire me to continue.  Up until tonight I'd been a reluctant wearer of the mask, "mouth only" cos it was frickin hard to breathe and it steamed up my glasses if I wore it "properly" - and I only wore it not cos I think it's saving my life or saving grannies, but cos I didn't want to be fined £50.  But now I've saved up some money and I don't care if they fine me.  It's not just my own integrity that's worth £50, but also if other people see me it might inspire them to think "hey this is bullshit" too, and it might be a snowball effect. 


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  9. Hello, everyone, new member here.


    I'll likely get round to posting a new member hello message eventually but this topic has spurred me into signing up and posting right away because I feel like I have something useful to contribute to this conversation:


    Anyone remember Rose/Icke 1?  Or maybe it was interview no.2, whatever but it was back in March or April when this was all kinda new - specifically it was the interview that the BBC etc latched on to as the one where Icke "allegedly" drew the link between 5G and Covid....


    When I was watching that interview at the time I remember thinking, crikey, Rose has purposefully led Icke down the garden path here to get him to say something that can be used as a "soundbite", so that it could be pinned on Icke as saying "5G causes Covid!" even though, really, that's not what I believe David truly meant at all... my interpretation was that he meant that the health symptoms surrounding problematic 5G mirror the symptoms being "claimed" to be Covid, therefore, later down the road, if 5G starts causing problems with health en masse they will just say "you've got Covid" - THAT'S NOT THE SAME AS SAYING 5G CAUSES COVID!!  


    Also, there was later that thing where a large excerpt of one of the Rose/Icke interviews ended up being broadcast on TV, not that I saw it I think it was only on a TV channel you can get in London locality?  But for Icke to end up on TV like that seemed a bit suspicious to me - especially since this was after the BBC jumped on the "Icke says 5G causes Covid" story, and then conveniently the interview was available on freeview or sky (?) ACTUAL TV not just the internet (somehow therefore making it more "true") - while at the same time just cementing the belief that because David is mad for the 5G thing then therefore EVERYTHING ELSE he says is also mad, thus publically discrediting all of his theories at once.


    I still haven't answered the poll as I'm not even sure what I think... I'm just sharing my views and look forward to more discussion

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