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  1. It wasn't a dig at Max's forum at all; there's just something about this place that feels more like a home to me personally.
  2. Are there any contingency plans for a new place to "hang out" if this place were to go tits up again? When it happened in May this year (or whenever it was, can't quite remember) I felt quite lost for a while without it. I went to The Crowhouse briefly but it wasn't the same feeling.
  3. Problem-Reaction-Solution theory The result of this election will drag on and on for most of the winter due to legal battles over voting fraud. (Bread and circuses to keep the masses amused during months of lockdown) The ultimate end result, regardless of who wins: it will be deemed that to avoid this sort of voting ambiguity happening again in the future, all votes will be cast digitally, tracked to individuals via the digital tattoo.... Meh. I hope I'm wrong though.
  4. I used to drink this brand of coffee - Nestle Azera - a lot, and over the many months/years of buying it I would notice that every now and then they would issue a set of "special edition" designs that initially just seemed like a bit of fun - sort of like well if you're buying the same coffee every week, let's just jazz up the tin with funky designs... mostly they were modern "pop-art" sort of aesthetics, things akin to Damien Hirst etc. After a while it became almost like a fashion magazine that I didn't really mean to be involved in, I just wanted the coffee lol, but generally I just though
  5. Hello basket case and mods hello people of the forum umm I'm just here to announce myself :) see you in the threads :)
  6. Hello, everyone, new member here. I'll likely get round to posting a new member hello message eventually but this topic has spurred me into signing up and posting right away because I feel like I have something useful to contribute to this conversation: Anyone remember Rose/Icke 1? Or maybe it was interview no.2, whatever but it was back in March or April when this was all kinda new - specifically it was the interview that the BBC etc latched on to as the one where Icke "allegedly" drew the link between 5G and Covid.... When I was watching that interview at
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