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  1. Does Icke know Rose is doing Icke NFT's?
  2. That's 2010's is that, i was after much earlier ones.
  3. Does anyone know any good places to watch or buy Ickes early lectures from the 90's? Most of what is available is really bad quality on youtube etc.. Cheers/
  4. That;s what happens when there is financial pressure from every angle to get a film made, and corners are cut at every opportunity, incompetence upon incompetence. Apparently crew members quit they day before in protest of poor safety, they just hired a bunch more for cheaper.
  5. The forum format has being dying for years, everyone is on networks now, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, there are tons on Telegram groups as well. This is a graveyard, pay your respects and leave like the rest.
  6. Who's Geoff? It was sent to the family business address for all I care, or completely made up who knows.
  7. You talking to me? I think an unverified letter sent to David Icke is complete bollocks.
  8. I know about ten people who have been double vaccinated, not a single one of them had even the slightest adverse reaction.
  9. The term and group 'incel' has been around for a very long time, and numerous other shootings and planned terror attacks have been linked to people in that group. Amazing lack of knowledge about it on this thread, go do some 'research'.
  10. Just because some of your friends, and famous musicians, have severely misused and abused 'hallucinogenic drugs' and caused themselves lasting harm, doesn't negate the fact that proper use of these substances have proven theraputic benefit.
  11. TalkRadio are quite good, they're completely against the lockdown but they don't go as far as conspiracy theories. Emon Holmes had Icke on a couple of times last year...
  12. Just thought i'd post link up to this for those interested... https://www.facebook.com/events/2864816490399293/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/events/2864816490399293/ Just saw this, thought i'd post for anyone interested. STAND UP @ 2PM Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester M1
  14. Trend in companies requiring PhotoID to buy things online This has happened twice in last few months, first Blackpool Pleasure beach, then a rehearsal / recording studio. Has anyone else noticed companies requiring photoID before you can buy something online? I went to Blackpool pleasure beech a few months ago, and when booking a ticket online they required me to upload a photograph of myself, I thought that was bullshit so I rang them up and said i wouldn't be doing that, they let me in without it, but only because i rang up. Then today i tried to book some rehersal time at my local studio (it's a worldwide company with 400 studios (Pirate Studio)) and you now have to upload a copy of your drving license and a picture of yourself before you can book. I think this is a trend that will only get worse as time goes on, we all know what direction it's heading in.
  15. Fair enough, wasn't sure if it was because of brexit or not.
  16. All this talk of reptilians has reminded me of this video It's from a full lengeth documentary, it's quite incredible. (Hey basket case, how are you, so lovely of you to follow me)
  17. We don't have a 'reptilian part' to our brain. That is a theory, by one neuroscientist, he's refering to the basal ganglia. David Icke said the world was going to stop spinning and then spin the other way, that did not happen.
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