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  1. Time for a new tactic methinks....instead of reasoning with these woolly headed maskovites I am offering them my remedy at a bargain price. I have some magic pills to fight off the lurgy which are available at a fiver each,you only need 1 a week to be immune and need no mask,but it's top secret and comes from an intelligence agency insider. Honest,guv! I reckon that's a good return on saccarine tablets,after all it worked for Jack with the magic beans!
  2. Seems like the attack on the truth continues.... Bitchute down...? Rfb,Crowhouse,sgt,amazing polly etc. moved there after yt purge and now it is inaccessible,error code as when DI forum was hacked previously!
  3. I feel they are continually gaslighting the public. Every time Herr Johnson makes a 'promise or intention' (3 weeks to flatten the curve,no 2nd national lockdown,4 week lockdown to Dec 2nd) he breaks his word. Then there is this Nightingale business...now a new predictive programme trailer of a dystopian future called "Songbird". Are they saying we will be caged like birds and dissidents will be sent to internment camps to die of the mythical lurgy - out of public sight,like canaries down a coalmine??
  4. They love to use numerology and dates. Lock Up 1 begins from Fri 13th Mandatory start of 24/7 muzzling begins 24/7 Lock Up 2 begins Nov 5th And we all know 4 weeks is the equivalent to 3 weeks to flatten the curve.
  6. Alex Bellend is a Gatekeeping Gaslighting Perv,feigning ignorance and promoting lies "we have to wear a mask" while not mentioning exemptions and continually inserting his filthy entendres into the air (dirty little Savile).
  8. I hate shopping at Sainsbury's. I rarely go there because of the bloody incessant tannoy bullying. They point out that some disabilities are not visible one minute,then follow up with that moronic irritating robobint voice reminding you to wear a face covering! M&S are much better,I never get challenged,even by the doorperson,but then I walk in confidently not a trace of hesitancy or nervous smile.
  9. All very plausible but there are some factors which nullify the theories about some motivation to protect the populous. Why deliberately destroy the food chain? Why make up arbitrary rules,ie limit of 6 and pub curfews,which are not only are baseless but actively provocative,when the enforcers ignore their own rules...Cummings,the 2 Scottish hypocrite women,Hancock...?the list goes on including giving exemptions to City Banksters and assorted cronies. No,there is no altruism in the 'cuntrollers' think about it:they poison our water,our food,our air and our bodies. They can dress it up as a 'cull' but its still genocide even if you couch it in fancy terms. Ps If Gary Wannaker took in a real life refugee I will eat my hat,and I wear a Chef's one!
  10. I think they are trying to wind people up and it is so obvious that they will keep upping the ante for reactions. The aim is to provoke enough response to justify the army on the streets. Any protest will be attacked by 'kops',ie not necessarily the real deal but a drafted in goon squad,sanctioned to put the boot in;unless it is an approved agenda protest. The best way we can all 'protest' is to remove the Compliance Muzzle. Everyone who is awake. Shop maskless....today. It is difficult at first but persevere and gain confidence. Everyone who does this can inspire 1 more hesitator and pass the word:anyone can be exempt with no need to explain or to wear a lanyard(yellow star).
  11. Totally with you on this one;despite originally thinking many people would see this tyrannical takeover for what it is,it is hard to keep from despairing at the lost zombies. The desire to slap a muzzled sheep out of their stupor or to remove their mask and scream "wake up" is strong and I know how the character played by Kevin McCarthy felt in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I now actively hate the ones I pass outside,in the fresh air,who scurry past with a covered face revealing scared eyes and will not acknowledge their existence. They are pathetic wretches who will gladly accept any solutions offered and turn on me and anyone else for not complying. If they cannot see the obvious such as "rules for thee,but not for me" and think it a coincidence that every country in the entire world is on the same evil path....well maybe the world is better off without them.
  12. Explaining the statistics. Southpark - Pandemic Special-mc-mc-mc.mp4
  14. No one is sticking a needle in me or testing me by sticking a long cotton bud up my nose to damage my bloodbrain barrier or insert nanotech. I am peaceful and abhor violence except in self defence. If an assailant attempts any form of physical assault on ones body or ones kin then all bets are off:no limit is set for retaliation. No ifs or buts,you strike first you take the consequences.
  15. Niknik


    Please apply to your local lodge where you can mingle with like minds.
  16. Who to cast as the whitehaired wizardly weirdo? No known actor could do it or would want to or their career might end through typecasting like the bloke in Corrie who was the pedo groomer of Bethany.....he couldn't get a job as a background extra after that!!
  17. Niknik


  18. Something is going on beneath the surface,and joining the dots from what happened at the recent protests there is a link which I almost hesitate to mention for being labelled as paranoid but I will put it out there for consideration. The section of 'police' who are antagonistic to the protesters and waging violence included many who did not speak English. During the National Lockdown when the 5g cables were being laid I overheard some of the workmen in conversation.They were not speaking English. I mentioned this to a friend who said that where he lived the workmen were housed tightly together and again seemed not to be from this country. Couple this with the obviously planned illegal invasion,ie all single males with no ties,a secret army who would not hesitate to use force against us and it feels like a net is surrounding us ready to be drawn in. Maybe its crazy but with the 2020 fast becoming a year of infamy...nothing is beyond the realms of possibility with a government that has sold it's people out for a handful of silver.
  19. For anyone who is interested it is possible to download videos from bitchute by downloading a tubemate app. Although it is intended for yt vids,you can bookmark a link for a bitchute channel,from someone like Vernon Coleman,then using search on bc you can bookmark others like DI,Crowhouse,x22 etc separately. Probably obvious,but not for those of us not so tech savvy!
  20. What's the betting if it was mandated to wear a tied hanky on your head and rolled up trousers in the shop we would see a lot of this: A Gaggle of Gumbies!
  21. It is,as DI says,a script. Every country in the world is following the narrative. Some are ahead,like Victoria in Australia,but where one goes,the rest follow. Outdoor muzzles will come,despite the obviously ineffectiveness and the slaves will continue to make excuses for our dear darling fuhrer Johnson. Ignorance,not nascience,is the cause of our downfall. There is no excuse for researching truth and the only ones I consider culpable are the very young and the very old;one is naive and the other is probably very scared and cannot see that the bbc et al are complicit propagandists. The rest are the moral cowards,the wilfully ignorant who act like ostriches burying their heads."If I can't see the truth about 'gubmint' tyranny,it can't see me and I will be left alone." Good luck with that,how did that go at school with the bullies?
  22. I think face covering is intended to remain to remind us peons of our subservience. Even Herr Johnson(whose eyes twinkle with duping delight when he 'regretfully' turns the screw tighter) with a wicked malice made the shop muzzle mandate a full ten days earlier than it's enforcement on July 24th. Get it yet? Ho!Ho! July 24....24/7...I get it! Talk about in your face,or rather on your face!
  23. I have never worn a face covering in any shop and do not intend to. However I do limit the number of shops I now visit and do a mass shop to minimise the number of these psychologically oppressive missions,as I now think of them. I say "exempt" if reminded to wear one and can put up with other customers freakishly cowardly looks,but the worst part is the tannoy system in the shops reminding 'me' to cover up. This is psychoterrorism at its finest and what gets me is the deliberate lack of information out there to let people know of the exemption rules. Almost no-one knows the facts and wear their muzzle from fear of fines,which is crazy. People should never fear the 'gubmint',it is they who should fear the people. Unfortunately the veil has been removed,they(the nwo satanic tyrants)are out in the open,even as many are in denial through wilful ignorance to avoid facing reality. The oppression is increasing exponentially,like the proverbial frogs in the boiling water we will all wake up at some point,but the nwo know this and frankly don't care now. When will the last of the sleeping masses awaken? At the very latest will it be when family members are isolated via military escort or when they are shackled in trains heading for their final "shower"?
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