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  1. Ice Age Farmer,Christian Does it Again! Engineered Food Supply Disruption to Starve Us Into the (Not)Great Reset. See the route taken by the Evergreen before it blocked the vital shipping route. They are saying F U to the peons!! THIS INFO NEEDS TO GO VIRAL TO HELP WAKE UP THE SLEEPING MASSES!
  2. Christian of the Ice Age Farmer yt channel has provided some excellent info proving the coming food shortages and inflation are deliberate,from grain silos blowing up to culling chickens. But if you need further proof,here is a screenshot from his latest video. It clearly shows the course taken by the Evergreen before it blocked the vital shipping route. Use your eyes,they're sending us all a big F U
  3. Agreed,no tests for me. Also no muzzle,I say "Exempt" if asked and REFUSE a lanyard because that says I would wear a mask if I could,and I will not. The world is now "The Village" and I am Patrick Mcgoohan. I will not be muzzled,tested,injected or kept under house arrest. I am not a Number. I am a Free Man. The Prisoner Intro.mp4
  4. I hate the soaps and never willingly watch them but I do remember vividly a scene from "Constipation Street" in December 2019,a few weeks before Lurgygate was introduced to the world when a similar "Anti Vax" message was blatantly used when one character was reluctant to have his baby "innoculated" against measles. So obvious at the time,a precovid programming message for the masses. PP is the name,Product Placement - "Give us the money and we will ram it down their gullible necks!" I hate to say this but - "Eddie Booth it looks like Bill Reynolds is a SELL OUT!!"
  5. It's not a specific it's just that they seem to use certain dates to make announcements,eg.the equinoxes,24/7 for the uk muzzle mandate;plus with the growing uprising as witnessed worldwide on Saturday you can bet they are scheming to push us further. April Fool's Day? Hopefully I am wrong but with the non-msm coverage of the peaceful protests then the fully publicised orchestrated(?)Bristol event they may try to mandate outdoor muzzling and introduce a "new variant" to announce Lockdown 4.
  6. There were riots in August of 2011 too. Strange to have these 10 year cycles,if it were 11 I would wonder if the Solar Cycle was involved. More likely that after things calm down we have another build up in social tension caused by the Boa Constrictor of Power (government) tightening it's coils. Like the lockdowns etc tight squeeze,relax a little then tighten a bit more. The victim is slowly crushed to the point where resistance is impossible. Watching for announcement around April 1st...
  7. I was watching the livestream and immediately felt that she wasn't "right". The bright red coat and constantly repeated cries of "I don't know why I'm bring arrested!" (which ensured the camera was on her face)were overshadowed by her smirking "Duping Delight" microexpressions in between.
  8. I haven't heard anything specific but have long believed that something will be announced just in time before next week's covid legislation renewal;to justify it's extension. Expect Lockdown 4 around April Fool's Day.
  9. Jordan Maxwell in his role of know it all prognosticator : vague predictions wrapped in enigmatic riddles....
  10. Logically there must be some well known faces who were asked but declined? We know we won't hear so,but I bet those who dared refuse have had moves made to disrupt their careers? Unless they have an ace up their sleeve (eg Scofey:Gay) and become 'worthy',will they be culled as "too white" or "too straight" for tv? If you are famous but aware,how do you play it so that you don't disappear from relevance or meet with an unfortunate illness?
  11. April First 2021 draws near. To quote GWB,the great and wise former CEO of USA inc. "Fool Me Once,Shame on You. Fool Me Twice,er..Can't Get Fooled Again" Can we make informed guesses on the nature of the forthcoming "April Fools Variant/Lockdown IV " (TO BE ANNOUNCED...)
  12. From my own experiences of synchronicities I know there is a Greater Force guiding my life. Nothing made sense,coincidences seemed random and pointless until last year. In August I had a full week of accumulative coincidences which culminated one day in a Great Revealing. Everything pointed to one word.The V Word;going back years,even before it became the world dominating thing it has become. The message was simple and basic.Not to take the vaccine,and to warn people of this grand deception. I know it will be dismissed by the majority,but not by those with eyes to see and ears to hear who will understand;those who have empathy and have learned to trust that inner gut feeling...you know what I am talking about.
  13. Niknik


    Here's What the 'Hitchhhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' Has to Say About this Evolutionary Offshot - The Homo Covidicus:- So amazingly stupid it believes: "If It Can't See You, You Can't See It!"
  14. After Pick 'n' Mix Krankie tries Pick 'n' Flicks Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  15. Snotty attitude from zealous Covidian Wee Jimmy McKrankie: Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  16. Niknik


    Snotty Cow!! Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  17. As Roy Walker would say: "SAY WHAT YOU SEE!" Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  18. Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4 It is apparent that some kind of malevolent force is out to destroy Humanity,perhaps to take over the planet and Covid is the catalyst? Interesting footage has emerged of Biden's Sleeve containing a mysterious entity.Watch and decide but very odd indeed. Joe Biden has something snake like up his sleeve....mp4 Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4
  19. Interesting footage which is worth a look. Is this proof of Key Humans being controlled by Advanced Biotech or Legendary Vril-like Creatures? Does this give a clue as to the forces intent on population reduction and Earth takeover? Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4 Joe Biden has something snake like up his sleeve....mp4
  20. What's the odds a couple of old billionaire coots will be betting on what people will believe,a la "Trading Places"? After Bat origin(?) and (Clark)Kent variant maybe a strain from Robins or Penguins? The game that never ends...
  21. Disclaimer needed. "This Bbc programme is sponsored by the Gates Foundation Slush Fund. All views expressed are non-negotiable and any criticism of Bill Gates,Vaccines or Lockstep Policy will not be tolerated and may result in our sending the boys round to duff you up."
  22. I regularly post comments on yt,and use various accounts to monitor their sneaky shadow banning. Certain words or views will appear only to the sender's comment views,a quick check via another account will confirm that it appears only under the sender's account. To bypass this it is best to use code or phonetic spelling to circumvent the AI algorithms. Eg co vee,vack scene,garden (for Psychobilly) gates,santa claus swab. This seems to work for now,but unfortunately looks like illiteracy.
  23. Hmmm .... why shouldn't we trust a programme on the jabberwocky that is sponsored by the b+m gates bribery fund? That Bbc bint Cadburys Finger Of Fudge is Just Enough Advert_HIGH.mp4 would stick their index finger up that Nerd's anus and tell you they had a finger of fudge!
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