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  1. I believe 'they' have something big planned from September when the school's return. They always do drills or dry runs and it is important to monitor their machinations as shining the light of investigation on these cockroaches makes them back off,temporarily at least. Items of note lately are: The army doing beta-tests of doorstep test surging. The recent autonomous school lockdowns with no contact allowed between pupils/parents. The deliberate destruction of the food chain and supply. Cyber Polygon Drill lining up like Event 201 and the drills on both 9/11 and 7/7. The g7 was a real pisstake;they no longer hide their hubris and their contempt for us.
  2. Interesting terminology from Gollum there. Perhaps a hint that 'Cyber Polygon' will go live and using the new Emergency Alert System to "Stay Indoors"? Or the much touted "Fake Alien Invasion"? And don't forget that "Covid 21" was accidentally mentioned in a German tv report so a new "Mega Virus" on the loose (Novichok anyone?) The possibilities are endless.
  3. Wtf? First Magnetism,Now This? People suddenly freezing like a computer.mp4 Shaq Frozen.mp4 People suddenly freezing like a computer(1).mp4 Shaq Frozen.mp4 Shaq Frozen.mp4
  4. Three examples below: People suddenly freezing like a computer(1).mp4 People suddenly freezing like a computer.mp4 People suddenly freezing like a computer.mp4 People suddenly freezing like a computer.mp4 People suddenly freezing like a computer.mp4 Shaq Frozen.mp4
  5. I believe the flu shot has been dumbing people down for years.Only one sibling in our lot took it and he is the only one as thick as a brick,trusting the covidian narrative and asleep at the wheel. I always suspected many where I worked were several degrees of stupid and seeing the witless pratts muzzled up and becoming "Bounders"...leaping into the traffic to be safe!! You could almost see a Carnival Barker calling out "Roll up,roll up,folks! Take your shot and win a Darwin Award to go with your doughnut and fries!"
  6. I am deeply concerned as here in the UK my mother has been virtually kidnapped into a carehome and I had a real arguement with 'social care' that she must not be jabbed.I have power of attorney but I already lost my wife last year to an unauthorised flu jab (pre covid) and trying to get justice after a year and a half..delaying tactics and obstruction all the way by the doctor's practice.Still waiting for ombudsman to get finger out! Absolute Murdering Bastards!!
  7. When they do go into it,it will be planned as "The Final Lockdown" to suppress any discontent and grind us down to submitting to the needle.
  8. You Must See This. US 4 star General Perna uses phrase "EXECUTING" the elderly in Carehomes. Report from High Impact Flix. Freudian Slip or Confession? General Perna 4 star General US Army Actually Said This, we are executing the el.mp4
  9. General Perna 4 star General US Army Actually Said This, we are executing the el.mp4
  10. The singer "Poppy" released a song called "Time is Up" in which a race of humanoids were comparing humanity to cockroaches that would be exterminated. Here is a brief video of her from 2016-2019 creepily predicting masks and catching a cold. TimeIsUp.mp4
  11. Watch this then find her pop video "TIME IS UP". It makes sense if an entity has possessed humanoid robots,intent on exterminating humankind. They see us as cockroaches. TimeIsUp.mp4
  12. The schism in society seems to be divided thusly- Muzzled Gimp's Attitude: "Put a mask on,moron! Take your shot,selfish! Keep your Distance,dirty scum! Wash your filthy paws,pig! All I demand is that you comply without question or research!" Unbrainwashed Critical Thinker's Attitude: "Wear your mask if it makes you feel better,and take your untested shot if you want,bound into the road from me and scrub up to your heart's content! All I ask is don't aggressively force your delusions on me!"
  13. Niknik


    Let me introduce my new girlfriend. Isn't she pretty? I haven't a clue what she looks like underneath but she wears stylish gauntlets and gumboots.
  14. The willingly muzzled are never being given permission to remove them. Remember they were mandated on 24/7 last year. I never wear one in shops and have no problems...mind if anyone looks like saying something I shoot them a stare that nips anything in the bud. Confident gait,head up not down and at most just shout "Exempt"in a VERY loud voice to show sheep how to cross the rubicon back to normality and show no fear!
  15. Lady in US hospital records video of the magnetic area of her arm to show husband: Doctor and nurse blown away in hospital by lady that proves to them she is magne.mp4
  16. "Here is some free money.All you have to do is stay indoors and play computer games and watch tv!" "Whoopee!!" Shortly Thereafter...... "Slight change to conditions,you need to come in to our office and scan the QR Code on your uptodate (monthly)vaccination passport.Failure to comply will result in sanctions against your social credit score,and an investigation will begin into your social media postings since you were 16." The End.Or the Beginning?
  17. Niknik


    Here is an updated joke from about 1928... Two blokes,Patrick and Michael we shall appellate them,met up in the pub after a year of lockdown. Patrick noticed that his old friend now had no arms. "Good Heavens" he did cry "What on Earth happened to you?" "Alas on returning to work at the sawmill after so long I was careless and accidentally sawed off my arm!" "But,my dear fellow,you appear to have no arms at all...!" "Yes,my foreman asked me what had just occurred,so I reached out and showed him!"
  18. "FREEEEEEEDOOOOM!" Manchester Freedom Rally Takes Over The Arndale Centre.mp4
  19. Clearly NOT good guys. Harry Hewitt is the illegitimate sprog who knows who's the Daddy and resents Charlie Chuck and Camilla Gorilla. A pitiful wretch,totally pussywhipped to Meganoise and no friend of the people;who they despise in the best royal tradition.
  20. Hugo Talks sends another one out of the park...... Incidentally Michael Gove....do you seriously think you have a long term future with these elitist ravenous wolves? Mr.Gove,I have a bridge to sell you. Ps.I'm sure Sarah married you for your looks and never strays to a real man,eh? Orchestrated Attack FAIL - Hugo Talks @lockdown.mp4
  21. Bitchute is a good resource for videos banned from yt. The excellent Hugo Talks posted this about the concerted attack on so called 'anti vax' which I prefer to call 'anti lab rat' or 'pro bodily autonomy': Orchestrated Attack FAIL - Hugo Talks @lockdown.mp4
  22. Hugo Talks excellent new report on Bitchute about the alleged magnet attraction to jab area of arm. Hoax to discredit truthseekers or is there a sinister connection to the brain and the black nano threads discovered in masks? MAGNETS, What Is Going On_ - Hugo Talks @lockdown.mp4
  23. Hugo Talks latest excellent video on Bitchute. Hoax to discredit truthseekers or something sinister indeed connecting the black nano threads discovered in masks? MAGNETS, What Is Going On_ - Hugo Talks @lockdown.mp4
  24. ZOMBIE Prions From the Jab_ Walks Into A Walmart, Causes Complete Chaos And Dest.mp4
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