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  1. I leave comments that usually stay up and are not shadow banned by using and encouraging codewords. For example : Tor for Pedophile (Torpedo) John for Hoax (John Noakes) Joe for Vaccine (Jolene) Or using phonetic alphabet such as charlie oscar victor yankee is a hotel oscar alpha xray. Seems to work for now and circumvents the Al Gore Rhythms.
  2. The invasion/takeover is under way. See "DELF:Demonic Entity Life Form" topic about the sentient black goo,graphene oxide.
  3. If you go to Israeli News Live on yt,the link to iconnectfx video outlines the sentient black goo (graphene oxide) which is being injected into many humans on Earth. Harald Kautz Veller(spelling?) was a scientist who worked at CERN until he realised the evil agenda,to enslave humanity to an AI hive mind:the DELF itself/themselves being an artificial life form which has taken over these apparently psychotic world leaders,probably covertly injected into them (remember the change in Boris Johnson after he emerged from 'hospital')
  4. #"If You Were the Only Girl in the World......."# I'd Rather Shag a Knothole!
  5. The ugly cunts come from "GUNTZ R US" And the tyrannical wankers from "TWANKAZ R US"
  7. Earth is possibly a Human Farm,a colony if not in space then in a prison crater on a world hundreds of times larger than taught (which accounts for so much apparent flatness) and we are harvested when the planets are back in proximity or "yearly" if one of 'their' years is a few hundred of ours,due to relative size and the solar/lunar tech involved. Unfortunately if we are not at the top of the food chain,we will soon find out,...again?
  8. The behaviour of politicians from Cummings to the G7,and from loonyboffin Ferguson shows no worries about catching any virus;if it did exist it holds no fear for tptb. What a brilliantly evil plot though:create a perceived threat via msm monopoly,offer the solution and use that remedy to cull the gullible. You couldn't make it up...oh,wait,they did!
  9. Pre plandemic,incredulous - "I suspect most people I work with are idiots!" Early in plandemic,cautiously optimistic - "Surely some of them can see the blatant hoaxery?" 18 months later,despairingly- "Yep,they are idiots,even worse than I thought possible!"
  10. To the 77th trolls,and those enforcement thugs filling their pockets with silver during the present psyop. Remember,all that loot you accrue from overtime and bungs..... It will be all for nought. "You Will Own Nothing"(the 0.001% will own it all including the clothes on your back). "And Be Happy"(the simple bliss of a vaxed to a low IQ moron). - AND YOU THINK THAT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS?
  11. Bbc and other complicit conduits are NOT reporting.... Protests in France Yesterday. Protests in Ireland Yesterday. and Previous protests in England. They are ENEMIES of the people. All employees of said outlets are enemy combatants. Cancel your licence fee,they are funded by our taxes and the Gates Bribery Fund anyway.
  12. Videos show Freudian Slips from Hancock,Johnson and US Senator all saying "vaccine" instead of virus or vice versa. The disease is IN the "cure".
  13. At a recent dental appointment I was twice asked to use their hand sanitiser. I refused saying I only use my own. The look of confusion and huffiness that someone dared refuse the entry ritual was comical to behold. When I refused a mask by saying "exempt" the seated sheeple seemed confused.....where's the shepherd when they need him?
  14. New Terms: GOVERNMASQUE - Governments masquerading as democracies while covertly oppressing the people. DIVISIONISM - Divide and conquer tactics by oppressive regimes;by race,creed,gender and now "covid passports" aka..... FREEDOM LICENCE - The correct description of a covid passport.A licence for limited freedoms which can be cancelled if you don't have the latest jab,no matter how many you regretably took to date.
  15. I hear Klaus Schwab has released a CD of himself singing while doing things to Bill Gates bumhole. It is eponymously titled "An Album - Schwab". Just go to analbumschwab.com
  16. The effect sounds similar to this,as Canadian Neurologist Dr.Andrew Moulton Phd MD (1964-2013) described. Vaxes cause microscopic strokes in brain by limiting the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream from reaching the capillaries. The drooped mouth and eye together are indicative of brain damage as they are controlled by the same nerve.
  17. Watch as Magpies Rescued from Self Harm - (Hanging in Railings) - from 5G Signal!
  18. We need a range of new words to convey the great harm being unleashed on society and for display on protest placards. My own suggestions: VAXICIDE - murder by forced or coerced injection,whether or not given unlawful legitimacy by puppet governments and reinforced by state controlled media outlets. VAXCRIMINATION - the apartheid system being proposed by warcriminal tonyblair and cohorts;as unlawful as was segregating for colour or gender. PHARMAFIA - the organised crime syndicate profiteering from wreaking death,injury and suffering of nascient or ignorant sovereign men and women.
  19. Now that the circus ended against England,let us hope the fans turn their fury on the gubmint when they backtrack shortly on freedom and go into a stringent permanent state of house arrest and unjabbed discrimination,or perhaps real life isn't as important as a kiddie's game.
  20. July 19th.Hmmmm. My bet is on the scriptwriting elitist playing their next card: cyber polygon going live after the news reports on a wave of impacting meteorites causing tsunamis worldwide,as per Von Braun's words (ref Carol Rosin) and the sigils on the US Currency (ref Jonathan Kleck) Whatever it is it will pull the rug from under as the covyhoax did.
  21. I am trying a new tack to get through to the sleepers.Instead of trying to wake them up with info they can't or won't consider I casually mention it's funny that it doesn't affect G7,Wimbledon,Ascot etc so obviously "Toffs Are Immune"
  22. until

    Or some kind of diversion,like a cabinet minister's affair covering the weekend front pages?
  23. Uk Column debunked this as fake recently,but possibly done as psyop to wind people up by judging the response. Too close to probable reality though for my liking,it may be a fiction but it still rings true in general with the way things are headed. They didn't come this far to now halt their Great Reset,this feels like the lull before the Cobra tightens it's relentless coils. Too many folks are waking up and they will probably go for one last continual lockdown before the comms and power are cut for weeks,after which any survivors will gladly be transported to food and shelter:they may even present a special effects "Independence Day" fake attack on tv news just prior to the "hack" to really screw the sheep's heads over.
  24. Matt's duping delight is on show, He's really a closet 'hoe mow', He really is fussy, Prefers dick over pussy, The pretend ladies' man don't cha know. When Shakespeare was jabbed first in line, Matt smirked "the old coot will be fine", He Smirked like a Baddy, For His Poor Step-Grandaddy, He's not a good actor,the swine!
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