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  1. How stupid do they think we are? As stupid as the numpties in muzzles worn beneath the nose. Or the morons who fight over a must-have new thingummy or energy drink. Or the hynotised tv addicts, programmed to believe experts in the scrying mirror over close family members trying desperately to break through and advise caution against being a lab rat;whose only reward is contempt or a pitying look reserved for a lunatic. That is their yardstick and judging by the paranoid "muzzle 'ems" out in the sleet and snow this morning you cannot really blame them.
  2. I would go so far as to say that the hokey-covey was preceded by the annual flu shot for the "useless eater" class for many years.A slow,early death for our naive trusting parents who were hastened on their way with toxins and had ill health and died too soon:odd is it not that the "royals" and old gits like george sore-arse are healthier than most in their 90's,almost as if they knew not to take the armcandy.
  3. "Stupiders",the former (c)Rapper seems to be a CO plant,tainting any good info so as to nullify its effect on reaching Normieland.He did the same with that "Watch the Water" misinfo distraction narradigm presented by that smirking giddy idiot in full gaslighting mode.
  4. When you realise you are walking towards a cliff edge,it is usually wise to take a"backward step".Just as when you realise you are in a hole it is best to stop digging.
  5. Have you noticed it yet,how classic British tv comedy is being eradicated? These days any humorous programme from the '70s up to even the '90s are condemned by an on-screen or verbal "warning" to beware of outdated language or attitudes. So the likes of "Porridge" and "Dad's Army",which were once deemed classic family viewing are now potentially offensive and "edited to budgerie"(!) The all-encompassing hatred of British humour by the modern Puritans is increasing and it won't be too long before these shows are not merely abridged but banished to tv purgatory where "Love Thy Neighbour" was once a lonely inhabitant. Collect hard copies while you can,on dvd or memory card,to enjoy until the means to play them has gone the way of the VCR.
  6. Very strange why they are "after" Richard.Why now?Whose toes did he step on?The McCanns? The "Person"chester Boomboom? Coincidence of course that he recently released an excellent short yt video ("Johnny's Cash");an expose of a hypothetical future when cash has been abolished and the consequent incremental erosion of people's rights in a digital currency. It suffered the fate of many a true word,being swiftly shadow banned and drawing a target over the creator's back. Clearly turning the spotlight on this planned control of everything is like highlighting the hoaxery of convid and climate chicanery and they will metaphorically get their "stupid constables" to "Spring" an attack....
  7. Gematria News predicts Saudi Arabia to win the Final against either US or England. I don't gamble but merely note this to check back later if there is anything to this theory as some games have shown signs of having the results fixed beforehand.
  8. Niknik

    The Soaps

    Let me say that I despise the soap genre,and only endured it with my late partner who enjoyed them. In December 2019,that is BEFORE the forthcoming covyhoax psyop,a storyline hit me in the guts as blatant propaganda that was so obvious to me,even if the timing reason eluded me not being clairvoyant. A character was in turmoil as to whether or not to vax his baby and his brother's persuasion mentioned,and I quote "Your'e not one of those doolally antivaxers are you?" Those words were etched into my memory and became relevant 3 months later when I realised the motive for this obvious "product placement". Soaps went from twice weekly fairly harmless mindless entertainment to daily nwo propaganda output some time ago.
  9. It would seem the DI petition is in a "Heads you Win,Tails I Lose" with this Hugo character (who seems to be a friend of another yt idiot calling himself a real genius:they have referenced each other and everyone else is a shill/CO except these 2 mongs). If the reasons stated were not mentioned,ie not denied in passing,then his argument would be "See,he doesn't deny being an antisemite,so he must be one!" When the evidence against someone is indirect,from opponents saying something is so rather than directly attributal quotes,this is fallacious nonsense. Such reasoning means that a faceless yt would-be guru who knows when to board a gravy train topic can continue to lead his followers by the nose whilst yt tacitly endorses his narrative by not banning or de-monetising.
  10. Well,well,my earlier suspicions were right. CO Hugo has bided his time and given himself kudos by telling a lot of truth and only slipped up once to date in his accidental Drag Queens in School support. But now we see his ultimate role with his flawed Alan Partridge-esque tantrum DI "expose". David has worked tirelessly for years and was one of,if not the,first to reveal the non-existence of the Hokey Covey. Whereas the Harry & Meghan loving Yellow Film Fanboy and "Profit" Hugo has sold £25 beanies and mugs whilst spreading copious amounts of doubt and creating as much division as a 1977 Pocket Calculator.
  11. Check out yt channel "IsraelDiegoRiveraGenius2The Real Genius" for interesting take on this,including: Trump to RerunAnnouncement. Artemis Moon Rocket. Leonid Meteor Shower 17-19 Nov. Operation Warpspeed. First clotshot Wm Shakespeare. World Cup. Match of the Day flashing All Seeing Eye Illuminati Sigils. All the World's a Stage and the Next Act is Waiting to be performed.
  12. Here is everything you need to know about "I'm a Bastard,Get Me to Eat Bugs to Acclimatise You to it": "Celebrities" hugging and kissing on the introduction in Sunny Open Gulag Oz.......while the Camera Crew and Transport Drivers,or UNDERLINGS,are alongside in the Outdoors MUZZLED UP! WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD CASTE SYSTEM.
  13. I am convinced that the "war" is fake,even if it means real deaths on the theatre of war for the underlings. For example on yt,the heavily enforced censorship of anti-narrative is everywhere,yet prepper channels which daily vomit fearmongering scary war news are STILL MONETISED,which is a bit of a giveaway of tacit approval by the Powers That Shouldn't Be.
  14. It would be interesting to learn who else has backed out. Remember Lucky Larry missing his regular breakfast in the Tower on 911. And those lucky Redshield Banksters who cancelled at the last minute from the Titanic maiden voyage,while those opposing the Fed did not.
  15. Now Rishi Sunak has pulled out and Prince William pulled out of World Cup. I tell you something is afoot next month.
  16. Indeed,all part of the Great Script,ready for Boris Churchill to play wargames with Adolf Putin,presented on tv in glorious technicolor and cinerama with bonus cgi nukes. The world is a Stage,and all the Major Players are just further up the Compartmentalised Pyramid of Control than others,unaware that even as they play their roles in the drama that they don't have the Bigger Picture. When the world is divided,but it really isn't at the Top with the Antarctic Treaty.CERN.Hoaxed Masonic Moon Landing.Covid Ball-Locks with Muzzled Underlings.Timely Incursions and Escalating Conflict. The World is a Soap and the Bubbles are about to Pop.
  17. This needs further publicising by David,Gareth et al
  18. Dolly Parton raised her.....erm...head on tv to plug her latest bowel movement,er record I mean. A timely reminder that she was another vocal pro-prick whorelet in 2020.
  19. "Give a man a £1,000 to lie on your behalf and you are a crook. Give a corporation £millions to do so and you are a philanthropist" -Niknik,2022. Why are you and I awake,to varying degrees,to the lies? I contend that the majority who are still willingly ignorant do not have the ability to hear their self-preserving inner monologue. Instead they get all of their stimuli and mis/disinformation from external sources,not seeking or analysing any alternative sources;reliant totally on groupthink and reacting to peer pressure. Our condition is a double-edged sword,a blessing to have awareness but a curse to see your loved ones deceived and unable to hear your cautious warnings or to question the contrarian evidence in plain sight.
  20. In this week's edition of "The Vaccine Dead Pool" we have three new candidates to keep an eye on. Without wishing to give their names to avoid offence to those individuals,let us just say - 1.This time next year he won't be a millionaire 2 &3.Two mini-me presenters joined at the hip who may be ready to rumble the truth later on. It seems that some celebrities are not the sharpest tools in the box when it comes to self-preservation. When you take a poisonous shot and get sick you don't go and take more. When you are in a hole stop digging.
  21. I believe she did.People are capable of heinous behaviour,this is just the extreme tip of a very large Iceburg in Humanity's Psyche. Below this person and Shipman there are a small proportion of psychopaths and bullies who may not kill but they certainly get a kick or satisfy their superiority God Complex by hurting,humiliating and breaking others. They are to be found in most walks of life,whether petty individuals at work or powertripping egotists in governments.
  22. In Max Igan's most recent report he showed a (mock?) trailer for a new movie "Fluvid 19" which basically summed up the plandemic in a 2 minute video. The ubiquitous number 33s at the start, in almost every media story, seems to have been the masonic "Go" signal for Operation Screw the Plebs to begin in earnest. Below the top of the hierarchical pyramid the war may be real but ultimately the divided countries are under some anti-life control and you have only to see what everyone agrees upon in a world of division...Antarctic Treaty,Cern,Transhumanism,Human Climate Change Culpability and Convid being a real airborne entity.
  23. As if his high and mighty loftiness would allow himself to miss his beloved Climate Stink Tank and an opportunity to pompously pontificate to the plebs on the orders of Truss,Bojo's temporary Placeholder. He is staying safely in his bunker for whatever shenanigans the Insaniacs have planned for November,from fake Asteroids care of DART,or fake Volcano courtesy of some planted explosives in La Palma. The dystopic movie script is rattling along and we Extras are in for a rough ride:stock up your tins of Spam!
  24. Maybe Augmented Reality,like that Pokemon Live Experiment they did? Whst if the target sees augmented demons which are real to them after nanotech targets specific parts of the brain?
  25. Ah,Lawyers,a special breed of charlatan in my experience. I once had occasion to require the services of a bright young scallywag whose rip-off techniques I noted with some amusement;his favourite "mannerism" was to telephone you with some nonsense and he would acquire a st..t..tutter to stretch the billable time on the phone!
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