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  1. Would you accept this to be injected into your body?
  2. While I do agree that without the flow of information via the Net I and many others would not have awoken,it is academic to a person who lacks the motivation to research and counter the msm brainwashing. For example I have 2 siblings;one is awake the other is stuck in the matrix and thinks I am crazy,there is no getting through even with the most transparent evidence. I have wondered as to why they lack even a general suspicion that something is wrong,after all we share dna and upbringing? I can think of 2 possible reasons. Firstly they took the
  3. Following the interview between David and Celeste Solum and also the ongoing mainstream narrative one thing is crystal clear. One of the main objectives of the covehoax is to inject everyone with hydrogel,to infect all people with nanotech designed to delete their humanity and become cyborgesque drones under the AI mainframe control. We know that it is all a script being played out and the 'vaccine' was ready before the psyop commenced,but what if certain key individuals (gates,musk,schwab etc) are already transformed....notice Biden and Harris' eyes turning black in tv
  4. ALL of AMERICA will Receive the Vaccine in a 24 hour WINDOW.mp4 Using a secondary account I have proven that certain items are shadowbanned on yt. On posting my opinion that the huge influx of migrants is not economic but an import of a terrorist army to be used against us in a night of the long knives,it appeared on that account only,it was not there when checked anonymously. Very sinister what is planned when the US plan to inject EVERY person within a 24 hr timeframe by assorted personnel,giving no time for death/injury reports to come as a warning! (Source RF
  5. Its just a thought but today you can pass someone talking,apparently to themselves,with a bluetooth....if someone was doing that years ago they would be classed as mentally ill! Perhaps tomorrow the doc will be in a portable isolation pod on wheels with their own weaponry looking like this-
  6. Part 2 COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 - Claire Edwards-mc.mp4
  7. The following vid,split into 2 files for size, are excellent and make sense of everything that has happened to date: Part 1 COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 - Claire Edwards-mc (2).mp4
  8. Here is a hard copy in case it disappears. Caroline Stephens- Caroline reveals the contents of 2 ‘secret’ zoom meetings f.mp4
  9. For some reason,altho people cannot watch vids worldwide,I have a crappy old one which is downloading at the moment while my fancy new one won't! If it continues I will copy as many truther vids downloaded just before the problem as possible to see who has hit a nerve?
  10. Youtube down worldwide. Vids buffer but comments readable. Someone getting too close to truth? Bitchute and glp been intermitent but bnt seems ok.
  11. No vids loading but comments visible,it appears to be worldwide,also bitchute,glp intermittent. Possible start of 10 days of darkness?
  12. Youtube offline at moment just buffering. Comments readable tho so hear its in US too. Some truther getting too close?(matt rogers moon vid and jonathan klecks latest posted within last hour) GLP down too.
  13. Reminds me of Fletch in Porridge asked to provide a sample in a beaker on a shelf a few feet away.. "What,from here?"
  14. Remember the Good Old Days of 2019 when shopping was pleasant enough and the customer was always right? Now we have minimum wagers,for whom I used to feel some empathy,issuing orders to the dirty pox-ridden scum daring to enter their shop: "Walk that way" "Where is your muzzle?" "Cards only (literally no fithy lucre)" My response,having Oscar Wilde's wit and Cary Grant's style,is to tell them to make like a good sheep and flock off. Rant over. As you were.
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