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  1. From my own experiences of synchronicities I know there is a Greater Force guiding my life. Nothing made sense,coincidences seemed random and pointless until last year. In August I had a full week of accumulative coincidences which culminated one day in a Great Revealing. Everything pointed to one word.The V Word;going back years,even before it became the world dominating thing it has become. The message was simple and basic.Not to take the vaccine,and to warn people of this grand deception. I know it will be dismissed by the majority
  2. Here's What the 'Hitchhhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' Has to Say About this Evolutionary Offshot - The Homo Covidicus:- So amazingly stupid it believes: "If It Can't See You, You Can't See It!"
  3. After Pick 'n' Mix Krankie tries Pick 'n' Flicks Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  4. Snotty attitude from zealous Covidian Wee Jimmy McKrankie: Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  5. Snotty Cow!! Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  6. As Roy Walker would say: "SAY WHAT YOU SEE!" Krankie Snotflick.mp4
  7. Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4 It is apparent that some kind of malevolent force is out to destroy Humanity,perhaps to take over the planet and Covid is the catalyst? Interesting footage has emerged of Biden's Sleeve containing a mysterious entity.Watch and decide but very odd indeed. Joe Biden has something snake like up his sleeve....mp4 Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4
  8. Interesting footage which is worth a look. Is this proof of Key Humans being controlled by Advanced Biotech or Legendary Vril-like Creatures? Does this give a clue as to the forces intent on population reduction and Earth takeover? Biden the Borg-Sleeve Creatures.mp4 Joe Biden has something snake like up his sleeve....mp4
  9. What's the odds a couple of old billionaire coots will be betting on what people will believe,a la "Trading Places"? After Bat origin(?) and (Clark)Kent variant maybe a strain from Robins or Penguins? The game that never ends...
  10. Disclaimer needed. "This Bbc programme is sponsored by the Gates Foundation Slush Fund. All views expressed are non-negotiable and any criticism of Bill Gates,Vaccines or Lockstep Policy will not be tolerated and may result in our sending the boys round to duff you up."
  11. I regularly post comments on yt,and use various accounts to monitor their sneaky shadow banning. Certain words or views will appear only to the sender's comment views,a quick check via another account will confirm that it appears only under the sender's account. To bypass this it is best to use code or phonetic spelling to circumvent the AI algorithms. Eg co vee,vack scene,garden (for Psychobilly) gates,santa claus swab. This seems to work for now,but unfortunately looks like illiteracy.
  12. Hmmm .... why shouldn't we trust a programme on the jabberwocky that is sponsored by the b+m gates bribery fund? That Bbc bint Cadburys Finger Of Fudge is Just Enough Advert_HIGH.mp4 would stick their index finger up that Nerd's anus and tell you they had a finger of fudge!
  13. Bill Gates is puzzled why does everyone despise this psychonerd? So he has released a creepy narcissistic cartoon comparing himself to a superhero(sorry,no link but easily searched for)and here he tries to keep his octopus arms still but at 36seconds he still has a spasm.... 'Crazy and evil'- Bill Gates surprised by pandemic conspiracies.mp4
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