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  1. Taken from thejonathankleck bitchute channel. Banned from yt.
  2. If they were in a race they would be Cunning Runts!
  3. I believe the virus does not exist,but for balance in case it actually does exist,Terral Blackstar has released info on "their" plan to kill off front line health workers and how they are behind in their timeline due to enough people not falling for the propaganda. If this has any basis in fact,the injection is intended to combine with the herald strain released Dec 2019.
  4. Niknik

    Sheep Dog

    Asked how he felt after watching tv for eight hours straight,Mr.Wibbles commented "Ruff!!"
  5. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Hugo Talks with another top video: Bill Gates RELEASES 1 BILLION Genetically Modified Mosquitos In Florida - Hugo T.mp4
  6. I am sure the regular flushot has been dumbing down - or "sheepifying" - people over the years. My sibling is the only one of three in the family who takes it. He is a fully paid up Branch Covidian Baa Baa whereas we unjabbed are aware of the hoax. He took the covyshot asap without question or investigation and wears his muzzle even though he has asthma! What a tool! Some Mother's do still 'ave 'em,apparently!
  7. COV - Covid? FE - Chemical Symbol for Iron? Trump 'Covfefe’ tweet lights up the internet.mp4 Genuine Slip Up or Predictive Programming?
  8. "Quatermass and the Pit" Set in Hobb's(Devil's) End there appears a synchronistic poster on the tube station wall...
  9. Considering the "Event 201" Drill preceded the scamdemic,the following warning seems eminently plausible with the planned Cyber Attack Drill we have been warned about. Worth keeping in mind for any future occurences.
  10. The hostile "pretty-vacant" "Eyes Without a Face." I just can't stand This Dystopian Land I just gotta get outa this place! The loud Tannoy Set to "annoy" With the message loop... Wading through, Sheeple poo And "Propaganda Soup"!!
  11. until

    Hope they didn't hold PP's death date back to hold a State Funeral on the 24th and scupper the threatened day of action. Not suspicious at all that he 'passed' on the 99th day of the year,on the 9th of the month.
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