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  1. Unfortunately if he was genuine I fear that he would meet the same fate as the President of Tanzania and others. The enemy plan is like a game of chess,while we are pawns playing draughts,unaware of the knights,bishops and rooks in our midst.
  2. The groundwork is beginning,the news is building the "emerging supercold" narrative which will be used to explain the increasing vaxed deaths. Expect the sneaky announcement for mandatory passports under cover of the Christmas Holidays,around the Winter Solstice,Dec 21/22.
  3. I just caught this topic by chance,and it reminded me of a few experiences which,at the time,were the scariest I have ever had. Waking up,face down on the pillow,unable to move a muscle. My breathing is restricted by the pillow but I can't move my face or arm to stop the slow suffocation. In desperation I somehow manage to kick the bedclothes away in one swift action,and my muscles began to function again. That is why I always try to sleep on my back and never pull the duvet up above my shoulders,it is something I learnt the hard way.
  4. At first I was horrified by this info,but discernment kicks in. Dr.Madej,who I saw give interviews,seems credible but there seems something of the useful,attractive actress about her. Too convenient that after examining these selfaware entities they were "destroyed" rather than used as evidence. Like a poor actor she describes how she "cried for hours" but seems to deliver her news with a mild duper's delight smile.
  5. Eyes are truly the window to the soul and when they are possessed,peoples eyes show "Sanpaku" aka "Bette Davis Eyes". Whites of the Eye are an indicator.
  6. Most people have eyes that show the whites only to the left and right,they do not show it above or below the iris,except when staring or when in fear. But a condition known as Sanpaku can be an indicator of something deeper,and is worth researching. Below are illustrative examples,make of them what you may:-
  7. I hate the sight of "da idiotz",the buffoons in subserviant gimp muzzles,so I almost choked on my coffee while straying upon last Friday's "Richard Osman's House of Shills" on Bbc Wonk. The host,guests and groovy band were all facially naked....then we were shown the studio audience! Every Sad Phuqqq was Muzzled Up Like Low Caste Outcasts,ffs!! Are these people so blind not to see how ridiculous they look,how subjugated,how downtrodden? These muppets will be our downfall,they are enemy combatants. No sympathy is deserved,no pity. They are disgraceful loathsome pathetic little maggots with no self respect or sense of irony or awareness!
  8. I agree Ward is a dubious source,however DI had an interview with him a few months ago too. Just as David appearing on the Alex Jones show doesn't fully validate the host,but it is important to reach an audience and initiate their curiosity. But O'loony troubles me in that he vaguely resembles Piers Morgan and that is unfortunate!
  9. I leave comments that usually stay up and are not shadow banned by using and encouraging codewords. For example : Tor for Pedophile (Torpedo) John for Hoax (John Noakes) Joe for Vaccine (Jolene) Or using phonetic alphabet such as charlie oscar victor yankee is a hotel oscar alpha xray. Seems to work for now and circumvents the Al Gore Rhythms.
  10. The invasion/takeover is under way. See "DELF:Demonic Entity Life Form" topic about the sentient black goo,graphene oxide.
  11. If you go to Israeli News Live on yt,the link to iconnectfx video outlines the sentient black goo (graphene oxide) which is being injected into many humans on Earth. Harald Kautz Veller(spelling?) was a scientist who worked at CERN until he realised the evil agenda,to enslave humanity to an AI hive mind:the DELF itself/themselves being an artificial life form which has taken over these apparently psychotic world leaders,probably covertly injected into them (remember the change in Boris Johnson after he emerged from 'hospital')
  12. #"If You Were the Only Girl in the World......."# I'd Rather Shag a Knothole!
  13. The ugly cunts come from "GUNTZ R US" And the tyrannical wankers from "TWANKAZ R US"
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