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  1. Thank you for your response. I was stunned when you have mentioned non english speaking police officers. This is exactly what polish people are talking about our police officers. Like they not responding or are not able to talk in our language. Could you provide me with some examples of that? I will try to do more investigation. And thanks again.
  2. Dear friends from UK! I would like to let you know that we have huge problems in Poland right now. Yesterday people gathered in Warsaw (capital of Poland) for the freedom march. We had doctors from many countries to talk about the pandemic issues like too much control of government etc. There were doctors from different countries such as: Dr De Klerk, dr N. P. Cancelo, dr Labat i A. Giorgiani. When they started to talk in the city centre, police attacked us. Probably it was created by government and they put someone in the crowd to trigger the police. I will give you some videos of what happened straight after doctors started to talk to the microphone. Today, the day after, there are some groups representing LGBT+ movement and police is doing nothing against them. They are trying to disturb many people that are attending to the church. I am not on any of the sides, however people from LGBT are shouting "wear the masks" and they creating protests, where police is doing nothing, again. The police was really brutal and I will give you few links with videos from there. I was also there. This one is from the mainstream media, but actually you can see a lot of provocation on the run: This is more independent media, it is long, but you can see how brutal police was: Like I said, I was there and we had to run away for many streets, police was chasing innocent people. If there is someone here in Warsaw let me know I could help or meet and talk as well. The situation is at critical moment, as the parliament made a vote that the VACCINATIONS WOULD BE MANDATORY for everyone. Please spread this message, and let me tell you this: All Polish people in UK are supporting you there as well.
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