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  1. I am very concerned. The Psyco police are preparing for a fight. In recent times the diplomatic and false correctness of the officers has failed. I am only one man, but I am ready for anything against lockdown, confinement and nappies in the face. I will do everything right even against the law of sanitary dictatorship. This video makes it clear that with words and peaceful demonstrations of dissent we will achieve nothing. Henry
  2. https://nl.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?II=0&ND=3&adjacent=true&locale=nl_NL&FT=D&date=20200903&CC=US&NR=2020279585A1&KC=A1#https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/61/a3/0d/3d91325d909386/US20200279585A1.pdf Rotschild = Covid19 The Mafia family knew about and devised projects, tools and plans to enslave people through the pandemic as early as 2015. The evidence is public, they should be arrested. Imprison them and seize all their belongings. This mafia clan or 'ndrina' has total control in the UK and all of Europe. At this point we
  3. https://t.me/davidavocadowolfe/17783 These are real IDIOTS!!!!!! Are these idiots supposed to treat us, medicate us help us? (PS For many it is old news, but it is always good to remember)
  4. I thank you for the information, a lot of it I know as well. But I guess it's not enough to be informed and know the dynamics of events anymore. I believe that soon there will be a need to act with an extraordinary effort against these dark forces that are imprisoning us. Best regards, Henry
  5. Good morning everyone I would like to inform everyone of the follies that I am seeing, suffering and discovering at the moment. I must say that my country of origin is currently a dictatorship, from which I escaped a few years ago. But since the Covid19 psychosis came along, even here in the UK and in London it's no longer a joke. We are all, even here, in an Orwell-like slave condition. Today I want to show everyone the latest crazy nonsense that I have verified with my own eyes. Attached is a screenshot of an official communication from the NHS. 1
  6. Covid19-84 https://gemmaodoherty.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/HSE-Admit-They-Have-No-Proof-The-Virus-Exists.pdf https://gemmaodoherty.com/ https://gemmaodoherty.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/HSE-Admit-They-Have-No-Proof-The-Virus-Exists.pdf Hello, everyone. I hope I'm not being repetitive in sharing with you all yet another proof. Things often seem disconnected, but the government, under the pretext of terrorism, wants to arm the police. In this way it will have weapons to use against the lookdown protests that will be increasingly frequ
  7. https://geopolintel.fr/article2518.html Renzi italian Idiot (I wonder why he is a politician, he would have been more successful as a comical funny) Dear all, I would like to share with you some facts involving the US elections. As usual in the middle of the chaos there are always the Italian idiots and the British intelligence. I wonder who is more stupid (hoping they can read it). The link takes you to a French site, you can easily translate it using a web translator, please don't use Google or similar crap of course, I recommend DeepL . Hoping it will be mo
  8. In this case 5G is potentially very dangerous!
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