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  1. when comes it is not allowed to go supermarket without vaccine proof,

    there is people who you can give a little extra money or beer, and shopping list.

    thats the advance for knowing many drunks and junkies. but hell yes, a fucked

    up situation. this is not world to live in anymore.


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  2. It is the school/education system. Yes people can do the math, read and write. It is good of course.

    But, what we really learn in the school?  Teacher gives drawing paper to student. Many just

    take the paper and draw on it. Some student maybe wondering, why the teacher give the paper to him/her

    in first place. I think that is the difference between "them" and "us". Or maybe i am just crazy.


  3. Those people who now get the jabs and still trust the government lies have been traumatized over these 2 years.

    It is like a stockholm syndrome. Whole Covid-19 operation been like a huge gang stalking operation.

    First you need to make targe fear and feeling guilty. After that it is easy.  Until the target slowly

    awakes. And if it happens.  After that no manipulation, lies or evil can touch he/her anymore. "They" know it

    and have been accelerating the motor. Time is getting short...



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  4. For me, the real men is them with you can go to wilderness and trust the fireplace doesnt flame out on the freezing winter night.  The men who offer their last food to others, who starve. The men who you can trust.  The men with heart and brain.

    I'm not a good men, but i try everyday to be better despite all the shit.  Hard to see those mens around who don't even try. I think the image of men is spoiled nowadays. There's those bullies kind of idiots and then total soy boys. The both type of mens are useless as we now see at these times. 



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  5. 2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    No doubt there is likely a targeted individual phenomenon, but we're all targets now.

    Correct. This is like huge gangstalking operation. First they need to make target feeling fear.

    So they did. For billions of people. As gangstalkers, they have large group of people to do their

    dirty job. All is well planned, before the operation start. There is a lot of grass root level corrupted

    scum-people who know about this Covid19 scam, for many years before. Of course. Question,

    was it safe to plan this like 10-20 years ago with grass root level people? Nobody talked?

    If talked, who would believe?


  6. 10 hours ago, Prometheus said:

    Only old people are dying... Old and sick or the Midazolam Mafia got them.


    It is quite strange that in the past years the medical trend was not to give any benzos or opiates to even cancer patients because "you can get hooked". (Thats why there is huge black market for benzos) And now, they give away Midazolam, which is the most potent sleeping benzo. That mixed with the opiates and no tolerance = coma, death.


    Strange indeed... not.

  7. 2 hours ago, DarianF said:


    If that triggered you, this one is guaranteed to put you in the nut ward 😅 It took me a week to fully recover after watching it...



    This shows the state of humour nowadays. And if you dont laught about their lame jokes they think you haven't got any sense of humour. How this is connected to Covid-hoax, easily, result of brainwashing and programming.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Weedo said:

    These are good questions, and I believe that good questions are the key to good knowledge. All your suggestions are true, and we can be sure of one thing: this is intricately planned to the detail that we can not even imagine. These people literally plan on a molecular level, while also coordinating on a cosmic astrological plane. So they are shackled by time, and this brings me to the main point I'd like to say in response to your nice post - - > namely, that their plan is weak. No matter how much they plan for thousands of years, over hundreds of generations for this one end-time scenario, there are always mistakes and loopholes. There are always key people who betray them, oversleep, calculate wrongly, and unexpected obstacles. The top boss knows very well that the good side will win in the end, and he has a pretty good idea of how this will play out. He knows that there is a single creator, who will come to the rescue in the end, via major divine interventions. The remaining armies of 'elite' 'royal' guards, who have been chosen not to be euthanized, will be wiped out through natural disasters. It will not be through direct or indirect military confrontation at the starting point of the victory of God, as us poor and scattered truth seekers stand no chance without divine intervention, such as the story of Moses and the drowning of pharaoh. History repeats itself again, and how many nations were destroyed all of a sudden through natural causes before (historic example are the perverted cities of Pompeo and Heracleon) ? Those interventions will be summoned through prayers and certain word combinations from the divine books, which work based upon natural laws. It is the same principle that satanic polytheists use to call upon demons and devils for help. But in the end it won't work for them, as the counter strike via godly summoning will render them ineffective. This is their biggest fear, and biggest weakness. Unlike those who lurk in the dark and do all kinds of crimes to attain power, people like us openly and honestly display our weapons, which is our prayers to the One God who created us all, including the devil himself - and his descendents and armies. 


    This God has sent more than a hundred thousand prophets to mankind from the time of Adam, until today, who were followed and surrounded by saints who can compete with the prophet in height and knowledge. According to the few prophetic narrations we have from the nations in mainstream media like the internet, we know that the bad guy will lose in the end. However, we also know that there will be great hardships to pass, including famine, wars, and plagues of course. There is talk from various "religious" monotheistic sources, including the native American ones, that no less than 2/3 of the world population would be killed at the end times. As a Muslim myself, let me tell you that we have sources that range from 2/3 to 9/10 of the world population being killed evenly through "white" death - plague - and "red" death - shedding of blood, before the tables start turning. I pray sometimes that God changes His mind and skips that part, but when I look around, I feel that people deserve it. So many people are dead from inside already anyway. And now this covid BS just proves how peoples actions shows that they have no faith. Faith is simply sticking by the truth, and not knowingly succumb to evil. People are either totally blind, or total sell-outs. Put them in a corner, and they'll all worship you out of cowardice and love of this finite life. Of course there are always exceptions, like this forum, that I feel is a bee hive for the last "believers", through the grace and will of God. 


    The difference between Monotheists and polytheist satanics in essence is, that polytheists spend day and night planning themselves, while Monoyheists realize the reality that they are totally helpless without the One God, and put their trust into this Being. We have no choice anyway. The satanics are so far ahead in the planning and preparation process, there is no point in even trying to make our own protocols, or manifestos. It's just that unlike what established religious rites of today would never admit is true, that true "believers", aren't the people who pay lip service or parrot some sentences and concepts to be "saved". The believer of today is the one who does not reject the truth that is apparent and sent from God as a sign. God sent us all signs that this is a hoax. This pandemic is just an excuse to literally get under our skin (God forbid) , and deliver all the passwords and keys to our body, brain and consciousness to some people with very well documented TERRIBLE reputations. God made it so easy to see that a guy who didn't even finish his computer science degree, and is guilty of monopoly in the PC industry, is friends with epstein, openly talks about using vaccines for lowering world populations, bought ruling shares in world governing organisations, has a eugenicist father, etc etc.. should not be trusted with our bodies, let alone the bodies of our children. This guy is just one example. But who is he to come out and dictate to the entire world that the must take his product if they want to come back to normal life, and not be under lockdown - which is a prison term btw. If this isn't a guy acting as de facto world ruler, then what is? Isn't he dictating rules to the whole world? He is playing the role of someone ordering us all in to the naughty corner and blackmailing us all! This guy can go to hell. And based on what expertise? Based on what information? None! What moral authority?! They just openly and legally oppress anybody who even openly question them. In today's world, this is the choice we take to be either "saved", or "doomed". Even the religious institutions are all playing along, showing us where they stand. So according to today's religion of God, if a prophet was among us today, this would be the sticking point, and differentiator - I believe. Do you hand in your body, brain and soul to the rebellious one, or do you keep it safe with the Truth? Rebellious one means simply rebellion against truth, which is always against God. What more obvious sign of God could there be between truth and falsehood, than this covid hoax, and the covid pass & rfid chips, and that whole streamlined movement? After all, choosing God to be "saved", has always been simple and purely by sticking to the truth, to health, to justice and to what is right. 


    Now the elephant in the room is the question of what next? What can we do, and how can we prepare, other than prayers? Again, this is a classic example happening right before our eyes, that we see in the biblical stories.


    What we do is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.


    ***Optimism - directly, intimately, secretly, and openly - linked to the One God is key. It's the only way one can truly focus (as God is the only immovable, unchanging and constant Singularity) and let go of all our anxieties, while channeling them to the Creator. The goal is to live fearlessly of the Creators creatures, because justice dictates that we should not fear any creature, or group of creatures. In this way we may be blessed with sound sleep at night, while we are closer to being "happy", and at "peace". What better revenge and victory over those people than us being at peace inside, while they are full of hate, fear, greed, and frustrations? What point is there in having one of those Rothschild palaces, or even Buckingham palace, when there is poltergeists and demons whispering and suggesting all night, while creating such cold and cursed ambience? People can be poor, have barely enough to cover the week, but be happy from inside. Don't fear poverty - it will pass - and things are like ebbs and flows. One day is with us, the other is against us. And both can be a blessing for personal development if played right. During poverty one should think "patience", and during richness one should think "gratitude". **


    That means that we stand our ground EVEN if we go hungry or have no money. Most people are getting the jab as Satan threatens with poverty. Most people don't realize that Satan is powerless, and even the economic system that he championed, belongs to God. We must brainwash ourselves to rid ourselves from the fear of being poor or arrested, or even killed. Then we are truly free. For those who are truly awake and advanced on their spiritual journey to God, they will know that the amount of money or security you have is independent of anybody or anything other than God. Proof for this is the vast amount of college graduates who work hard, and yet have no money and lots of debts. While other oil sheikhs sit on their bums and play Playstation, while billions roll in. Money and security are part of a destiny by God. And just like anything else, if you genuinely pray for it, it will come true. Satan has no power over us, unless we give it to him and his armies through harming ourselves first. 


    We must be mentally ready for the worst, including no internet, no local government, no law, no police, no money, no food, no shelter, no acceptance in society, no love, no security, etc... While trusting that the most that can happen is temporary annoyance, and that the Owner of Truth - will help us and support us along the way. And don't let anybody tell you about pre-requisites or certain physical rituals you must make to maintain this connection. Suggestions and advice are always welcome, but people who use their religious concepts in an ultimatum way, are dogmatic and aim to destroy you, instead of building you up. People who profess that you must in any way have a creature, such as a man, between you and the creator, are teaching a lie. We don't need anybody other than the one who Created all beings. They say this because it indirectly gives them power over your mind and spirit. Keep it between you and your God and nobody even needs to know, unless you feel that it is the right place and time to talk about it. 


    So that's it, and let us watch and see how this plays out, while remaining in the safety of the Creators embrace. Each in his or her own way, via their own beliefs and unique paths. The reason why God created us different is so that we can learn from each other. 


    Thanks for your thoughful reply. I believe some of us have always had feeling something is not right in this world/society. Since the years of childhood. Are we special? No. Are we super smart and beautiful? No. But that feeling takes a grip of many of us. And sometimes people can think, it must be easier to be like those people who sell their souls for a hamburger or something like that. Just like people now do with the covid-jabs. Last 20 years been bad times, i would say "their" plan was going on full mode when they blow up their twin towers in New York City, autumn 2001. After that, series of manipulation and lies. Terrorism, climate change... you all know what I'm talking about. And now last two years been insane. How I miss the 80s/90s...innocent times, or so it feels atleast now.  So like you said in your reply, be prepared. Spiritually and materially, and like many people have said, buy canned food from the supermarket when you visit a little by little, rice, dry bread. canned fruits etc... to have somekind of food supply for a few months. Try to take long walks, exercise and what is most important pray, be true for your beliefs, stay h-a-r-d. But fill your hearts with the love and empathy same time. Try to get inner power from the pissed off feelings what we all experience at these days. This is wonderful forum (been reading this about 10 years), and i wish all the best luck for everyone here!

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  9. While i agree all this is about control and likely de-population/sterilization, new world order in general.

    But how "they" deal with the military system? Can't let millions of "soldiers" (and police) weaking and die slowly...? Also you need to get infrastructure running well.


    I meant, those elites are not all friend to eachothers.. even their goal is probably the same? Or is there

    different vacciness for some of military personels. The secret kind of world army with the newest high tech.

    Or are they so delusional, power hungry and evil, they dont even thinked about it? Yes i know narcissist can be like that. They are not wise in the end game.


    I have also thinking, maybe these first wave vacciness are pretty much "harmless" (which i dont believe), the booster/future vacciness can be totally different, but this is all about running the new world order in at this point. And this hoax Covid was great for that.  Sorry about my bad english.


    Edit, if they have waited for 20-30 years more i believe this all would be much easier for them. More brainwash the better.

    There is simply too much "old world" left in our minds. Did they rush their plan, it feels so?

    Did they underestimate their "enemy"? If so, it's their first and only mistake. History have enough proof for that. Laught, march and trumpet now, cry later...

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  10. 13 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    How do people like him sleep at night?


    They don't care because they are narcissist psychopaths. They dont know what is caring, it is not option. Thats it.

    People thing those "elites"/scums are somekind of occult masters and other kind of "high priestes", but all they are is

    sick psychopaths and very stupid in the end.  You can fool the narcissist psychopath, it is really easy. And their NWO plan will come to end, sooner as expected, because all those leaders are psychopaths and their low-life scum ass lickers too.  People should understand that and study how psychopath minds work. They are not clever. They are drunken on power at the moment and it is good for us. All is going like planned. Too nice ;) Only "enemy" is normal regular people which they are going to use against all thinking humans and this is huge problem which cannot be solved easily.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Surely even a child can see through this?

    Yes can if correct information was available via media. But everybody knows how things is.

    That is the problem. We search information because we know this whole thing, but

    you can't expect that from "regular people". Fake mainstream news is the enemy number one.

  12. 10 hours ago, allymisfit said:

    Hmm.. it feels to me this was done deliberately.

    To have a country do things differently and then to show the world how bad not locking down and being strict on their restrictions was etc. Making people appreciate their lockdown even more.

    The article states that Finland and Norway have higher immunity due to the restrictions etc..

    But I thought that would have lowered the immunity to it? Am I missing something as I find this very confusing. 


    I guess they felt that those who supported Sweden for not following the rest would have their minds changed now. 

    A way to brainwash the anti-lockdown crowd.

    However, what they don't realise is that the majority of us can see through this crap :D 


    In Finland, 95% people use the masks in shops and everywhere. I dont know about sweden. They even put this cute piece of "art" in Helsinki (in march).  And those "protect yourselves" posters in every bus stop window, i was told by one person who working in printing industry, THEY MADE THOSE POSTERS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019 ! Before all this "corona crisis" started (like in other countries too). So well, "stay strong"... sure.




  13. This insanity has been deeply programmed in our society for a long time ago (atleast decade or two, maybe more)  and now someone just hit the "return" button and people gone mad.  It seems common sense is forgotten. The more i see and hear, the more i despair our current situation. How can people be so unbeliavable naive and stupid? How this is even possible?

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  14. 14 hours ago, alexa said:


    These 91 year old's are half looking young these days and this one still drives :classic_ohmy:





    What's the big deal? I'm soon 50 and looking like a teenager, oh, twenty.  People live longer nowadays generally. It depends on person and age is just a number. But ok, back to the topic.





    Demon "The Plague"


    Released on: 1983-06-01


    Begin the madness
    Tear down the sign
    Ideals and values
    They use to keep us in line
    Turn a blind eye to jobless millions
    Queues of wreckage to be broken down
    Leaders feed us their solutions
    Mistakes the death cart clears away
    Beware of the...
    The plague
    A pig for power
    Misplacing trust
    Science moves fact to fiction
    Disturbing dust
    All this in the name of progress
    While our existence is sold downstream
    Religion plays upon the ruin
    While Manson throws away the key
    Beware of the...


    What price the future
    And Orwell's dream
    All yours big brother
    On twenty two inch screen
    The tragedy we bleed human
    Can't feed emotion to the zombie brain
    And as the rat becomes exhausted
    We stand to lose the game





  16. 21 hours ago, FrankVitali said:



    He really looks and acting like a clown, they all do, it is the purpose. Those behind this sick circus must have a good laughts, every fuckin' day.  All those "main people" are just selected actors, like that scum called bill gates too (and please stop saying he was a "computer guy", wrong, just a rich psychopath tried to steal technology from the computer people in the 80s). Those evil fucks, masters and their puppets have sold their souls long time ago. And people still cant see and i began to believe, we are fucked.

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