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  1. They don't care because they are narcissist psychopaths. They dont know what is caring, it is not option. Thats it. People thing those "elites"/scums are somekind of occult masters and other kind of "high priestes", but all they are is sick psychopaths and very stupid in the end. You can fool the narcissist psychopath, it is really easy. And their NWO plan will come to end, sooner as expected, because all those leaders are psychopaths and their low-life scum ass lickers too. People should understand that and study how psychopath minds work. They are not clever. They are drunken on
  2. Yes can if correct information was available via media. But everybody knows how things is. That is the problem. We search information because we know this whole thing, but you can't expect that from "regular people". Fake mainstream news is the enemy number one.
  3. Hah! Nice to see another S.M.F here! They dont make this kind of music at large scale anymore because it was a threat.
  4. This insanity has been deeply programmed in our society for a long time ago (atleast decade or two, maybe more) and now someone just hit the "return" button and people gone mad. It seems common sense is forgotten. The more i see and hear, the more i despair our current situation. How can people be so unbeliavable naive and stupid? How this is even possible?
  5. What's the big deal? I'm soon 50 and looking like a teenager, oh, twenty. People live longer nowadays generally. It depends on person and age is just a number. But ok, back to the topic.
  6. https://youtu.be/wBFHezAgqwo Demon "The Plague" Released on: 1983-06-01 Begin the madness Tear down the sign Ideals and values They use to keep us in line Turn a blind eye to jobless millions Queues of wreckage to be broken down Leaders feed us their solutions Mistakes the death cart clears away Beware of the... The plague A pig for power Misplacing trust Science moves fact to fiction Disturbing dust All this in the name of progress While our existence is sold downstream Religion pla
  7. He really looks and acting like a clown, they all do, it is the purpose. Those behind this sick circus must have a good laughts, every fuckin' day. All those "main people" are just selected actors, like that scum called bill gates too (and please stop saying he was a "computer guy", wrong, just a rich psychopath tried to steal technology from the computer people in the 80s). Those evil fucks, masters and their puppets have sold their souls long time ago. And people still cant see and i began to believe, we are fucked.
  8. This has been so easy for them to drive NWO agenda with the Covid hoax it is almost unbelievable. I think their biggest mistake comes soon because they are so drunk of power at the moment, winning all the time, they just cant stop.
  9. In Finland here is not yet strictly laws/rules about masks or anything but people still happily use them. About half of people already. This country has been one of the forerunners for NWO agenda 15 years. Sick little place and very corrupted. That bitch is "old leftist" and she was anti-vaccine themed about 10 years ago.
  10. I remember this series when it aired on television in the eighties. Good stuff. We used to paint "V" letters with red spray paint and young I was, maybe 7-8 years old and little I knew. It was scary series back then and banned in Finland for some time, they said because of it's "horror" but who knows... And now we had all those brain dead zombie series with guts n blood... But it is ok of course. V series was unique because it had important message and still have. There was also a books and comics around.
  11. Hi all, Finnish crowd lawsuit against Corona actions. Please share if you are fin(n)ished with their obvious agenda.
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