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  1. What they really worship is : $$$$$ $ $ $$$$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$ $ $ $ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$ $ $ $$$$$ $ its their god and instrument
  2. I believe even Venom and Ozzy Osbourne was more serious about Occult and Satan than those mentally insane and very material guys. Showing devil horns sign is just another trendy thing to do get attention. And do not forget the 80's. Even Mötley Crue was wearing the inverted crosses and upside down pentagrams on front pages of teenager girl magazines in 1983. Did they do some black occult for the elites benefit? I doubt. Also, does occult means it is automatically evil thing? If we are talking about Anton Lavey's satanism, those oh-so-elites are totally opposite of it. A person who understand occult is a spiritual person. I dont find much spiritual on those guys, anyway, just sickness.
  3. How many business mens, bankers etc. people have saw rebelling against this tyranny? It is always the same people who need to get up, always the same dudes. And then people say "get up and fight", I think those guys already know it. We need fresh meat. Replacements.
  4. Vaccine uptake around 70-80%. Well, if are rich, then living in northern Finland (Lapland) in a nice warm cottage would be nice for some time. Otherwise no. Hell NO!
  5. WHAT? I live in Finland and can say this country is in deep shit like other countries at the moment. Maybe even deeper. Happiest and non-corrupted country in the World? I think people who wrote on this forum are smart enough to not believe these propaganda lies. Vaccine intake? I guess around 70-80%. Masks? Of course. Nato, of course. Did they ask about the people? No of course.Whatever, people so dumb. Fear mongering? 24/7. They even shut down the power plants and sell the energy away to other countries, to guarantee the cold winter. Prime minister going to cocaine party's and is the childrens of Klaus Schwab. Nothing works here but everything cost a liver and middle finger. Food bank lines counts in hundred of meters or even in kilometres and even then you had to fight your way to home throught masses of better people, like Somalians (who got everything they need and more, of course, all native people are racist, you know). Chemitrails on the sky more than often. PS. Finnish people hate Putin now, he is the eviliest man on the earth. Psychopaths in power cleverly use traumas by Winter War. Everything goes by plan in here too. They need another war front, Ukraine is not enough. https://images.app.goo.gl/xSHVLqTPn9cVNiXv7 (foodbank line and the welcomed refugees on the photo) PS. I dont have anything against other "races" of course, just to show... agenda lives here in very well because mentality of Finnish people is more than sheep like.
  6. In the video they are talking about the "powder". You know like baking. They are all bakers! Klaus paid their baking powders. Is baking their hobby at the WEF harem?
  7. i have been lonely for almost all my life time. and this is one of those nights i really feel frustrated. many say, lonely people feel sadness, no, it is more frustration and some kind of bitterness. it started in the kindergarten through school years to adult years . of course there were always some so-called friends who weren't a real friends in the end. it is like a circle, which doesn't break up. it is hard to make new friends after years of been alone. it doesn't even work that way. it is damned destiny in this life. i have been practically 24/7 alone since some years, i quited drinking so those last idiots around me disappeared. some days it is totally fine, because i am going to continue this journey and don't need another shitty so-called friends, but these nights are not nice at all. the worst part was to understand those friends i had some 10-20 years ago weren't a real friends at all. or is it possible most of the people here doesnt realize what is a true friendship. hard to say. understanding i didnt have any friends at all at the beginning makes sense. maybe in the so called next life then. i wish every night i won't wake up in the morning. better to continue journey. well, it is ok to live, but i dont need "their" insanity and not gonna take part of their games (example ukraine and killing eachothers for nothing, getting jabbed etc), to live under the rocks is just fine. this is just one of those nights. maybe tomorrow i meet a decent human being who can share same values. good night.
  8. I think those globalist are only mentally insane. Some kind of sick cult. Not necessary satanist as there is a decent good hearted satanist around. But I understand the use of word "satanist" in this context. "Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours”
  9. I have been thinking how to react when they put loaded gun to my head and ask do I accept or not. At least now it feels I'm not going to accept. "We" also need those people who have been vaccinated etc and are waked up lately. I think the most important think now is staying alive and keep fighting.
  10. Good question. I think it is about inverted consciousness or pure insanity.
  11. What if the psychopaths wants WW3 kind of situation because they want to cover depopulation illnesses caused by vaxxines. It seems they really want military unstable situation. Ukraine now, then Finland joins the NATO which is likely to happen. Russia won't accept it and will act aggressive to "protect" themselves and the rest Europe will follow. This goes very well by the script, anyway. Of course, this is all just sick theatre.
  12. The Plague album by Demon was released in 1983 on Clay Records.
  13. Today i saw ambulance staff carrying woman inside the ambulance, near the vaccinate point. That vaccinated point is in the shopping mall.
  14. when comes it is not allowed to go supermarket without vaccine proof, there is people who you can give a little extra money or beer, and shopping list. thats the advance for knowing many drunks and junkies. but hell yes, a fucked up situation. this is not world to live in anymore.
  15. It is the school/education system. Yes people can do the math, read and write. It is good of course. But, what we really learn in the school? Teacher gives drawing paper to student. Many just take the paper and draw on it. Some student maybe wondering, why the teacher give the paper to him/her in first place. I think that is the difference between "them" and "us". Or maybe i am just crazy.
  16. Those people who now get the jabs and still trust the government lies have been traumatized over these 2 years. It is like a stockholm syndrome. Whole Covid-19 operation been like a huge gang stalking operation. First you need to make targe fear and feeling guilty. After that it is easy. Until the target slowly awakes. And if it happens. After that no manipulation, lies or evil can touch he/her anymore. "They" know it and have been accelerating the motor. Time is getting short...
  17. For me, the real men is them with you can go to wilderness and trust the fireplace doesnt flame out on the freezing winter night. The men who offer their last food to others, who starve. The men who you can trust. The men with heart and brain. I'm not a good men, but i try everyday to be better despite all the shit. Hard to see those mens around who don't even try. I think the image of men is spoiled nowadays. There's those bullies kind of idiots and then total soy boys. The both type of mens are useless as we now see at these times.
  18. Correct. This is like huge gangstalking operation. First they need to make target feeling fear. So they did. For billions of people. As gangstalkers, they have large group of people to do their dirty job. All is well planned, before the operation start. There is a lot of grass root level corrupted scum-people who know about this Covid19 scam, for many years before. Of course. Question, was it safe to plan this like 10-20 years ago with grass root level people? Nobody talked? If talked, who would believe?
  19. https://loudwire.com/dee-snider-covid-positive-test/ Hmm... "Snider has given interviews and offered comments wherein he's expressed his thoughts on topics as varied as censorship, gun control, cancel culture, a proposed Twisted Sister reunion and more."... I was hoping Dee Snider to be wise man but NO... Yes you gonna take it.
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