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  1. I think the idea of "running" away is not working anymore, sadly.
  2. What if the psychopaths wants WW3 kind of situation because they want to cover depopulation illnesses caused by vaxxines. It seems they really want military unstable situation. Ukraine now, then Finland joins the NATO which is likely to happen. Russia won't accept it and will act aggressive to "protect" themselves and the rest Europe will follow. This goes very well by the script, anyway. Of course, this is all just sick theatre.
  3. The Plague album by Demon was released in 1983 on Clay Records.
  4. Today i saw ambulance staff carrying woman inside the ambulance, near the vaccinate point. That vaccinated point is in the shopping mall.
  5. when comes it is not allowed to go supermarket without vaccine proof, there is people who you can give a little extra money or beer, and shopping list. thats the advance for knowing many drunks and junkies. but hell yes, a fucked up situation. this is not world to live in anymore.
  6. It is the school/education system. Yes people can do the math, read and write. It is good of course. But, what we really learn in the school? Teacher gives drawing paper to student. Many just take the paper and draw on it. Some student maybe wondering, why the teacher give the paper to him/her in first place. I think that is the difference between "them" and "us". Or maybe i am just crazy.
  7. Those people who now get the jabs and still trust the government lies have been traumatized over these 2 years. It is like a stockholm syndrome. Whole Covid-19 operation been like a huge gang stalking operation. First you need to make targe fear and feeling guilty. After that it is easy. Until the target slowly awakes. And if it happens. After that no manipulation, lies or evil can touch he/her anymore. "They" know it and have been accelerating the motor. Time is getting short...
  8. For me, the real men is them with you can go to wilderness and trust the fireplace doesnt flame out on the freezing winter night. The men who offer their last food to others, who starve. The men who you can trust. The men with heart and brain. I'm not a good men, but i try everyday to be better despite all the shit. Hard to see those mens around who don't even try. I think the image of men is spoiled nowadays. There's those bullies kind of idiots and then total soy boys. The both type of mens are useless as we now see at these times.
  9. Correct. This is like huge gangstalking operation. First they need to make target feeling fear. So they did. For billions of people. As gangstalkers, they have large group of people to do their dirty job. All is well planned, before the operation start. There is a lot of grass root level corrupted scum-people who know about this Covid19 scam, for many years before. Of course. Question, was it safe to plan this like 10-20 years ago with grass root level people? Nobody talked? If talked, who would believe?
  10. https://loudwire.com/dee-snider-covid-positive-test/ Hmm... "Snider has given interviews and offered comments wherein he's expressed his thoughts on topics as varied as censorship, gun control, cancel culture, a proposed Twisted Sister reunion and more."... I was hoping Dee Snider to be wise man but NO... Yes you gonna take it.
  11. It is quite strange that in the past years the medical trend was not to give any benzos or opiates to even cancer patients because "you can get hooked". (Thats why there is huge black market for benzos) And now, they give away Midazolam, which is the most potent sleeping benzo. That mixed with the opiates and no tolerance = coma, death. Strange indeed... not.
  12. This shows the state of humour nowadays. And if you dont laught about their lame jokes they think you haven't got any sense of humour. How this is connected to Covid-hoax, easily, result of brainwashing and programming.
  13. Thanks for your thoughful reply. I believe some of us have always had feeling something is not right in this world/society. Since the years of childhood. Are we special? No. Are we super smart and beautiful? No. But that feeling takes a grip of many of us. And sometimes people can think, it must be easier to be like those people who sell their souls for a hamburger or something like that. Just like people now do with the covid-jabs. Last 20 years been bad times, i would say "their" plan was going on full mode when they blow up their twin towers in New York City, autumn 2001. After that, series of manipulation and lies. Terrorism, climate change... you all know what I'm talking about. And now last two years been insane. How I miss the 80s/90s...innocent times, or so it feels atleast now. So like you said in your reply, be prepared. Spiritually and materially, and like many people have said, buy canned food from the supermarket when you visit a little by little, rice, dry bread. canned fruits etc... to have somekind of food supply for a few months. Try to take long walks, exercise and what is most important pray, be true for your beliefs, stay h-a-r-d. But fill your hearts with the love and empathy same time. Try to get inner power from the pissed off feelings what we all experience at these days. This is wonderful forum (been reading this about 10 years), and i wish all the best luck for everyone here!
  14. While i agree all this is about control and likely de-population/sterilization, new world order in general. But how "they" deal with the military system? Can't let millions of "soldiers" (and police) weaking and die slowly...? Also you need to get infrastructure running well. I meant, those elites are not all friend to eachothers.. even their goal is probably the same? Or is there different vacciness for some of military personels. The secret kind of world army with the newest high tech. Or are they so delusional, power hungry and evil, they dont even thinked about it? Yes i know narcissist can be like that. They are not wise in the end game. I have also thinking, maybe these first wave vacciness are pretty much "harmless" (which i dont believe), the booster/future vacciness can be totally different, but this is all about running the new world order in at this point. And this hoax Covid was great for that. Sorry about my bad english. Edit, if they have waited for 20-30 years more i believe this all would be much easier for them. More brainwash the better. There is simply too much "old world" left in our minds. Did they rush their plan, it feels so? Did they underestimate their "enemy"? If so, it's their first and only mistake. History have enough proof for that. Laught, march and trumpet now, cry later...
  15. We live in the times when all sane man recognise themselves.
  16. Good information about the "corona" in finnish: https://koronarealistit.com/ And DO NOT take the vaccine, just say "no thanks" it is YOUR HUMAN RIGHT.
  17. They don't care because they are narcissist psychopaths. They dont know what is caring, it is not option. Thats it. People thing those "elites"/scums are somekind of occult masters and other kind of "high priestes", but all they are is sick psychopaths and very stupid in the end. You can fool the narcissist psychopath, it is really easy. And their NWO plan will come to end, sooner as expected, because all those leaders are psychopaths and their low-life scum ass lickers too. People should understand that and study how psychopath minds work. They are not clever. They are drunken on power at the moment and it is good for us. All is going like planned. Too nice ;) Only "enemy" is normal regular people which they are going to use against all thinking humans and this is huge problem which cannot be solved easily.
  18. Yes can if correct information was available via media. But everybody knows how things is. That is the problem. We search information because we know this whole thing, but you can't expect that from "regular people". Fake mainstream news is the enemy number one.
  19. Hah! Nice to see another S.M.F here! They dont make this kind of music at large scale anymore because it was a threat.
  20. This insanity has been deeply programmed in our society for a long time ago (atleast decade or two, maybe more) and now someone just hit the "return" button and people gone mad. It seems common sense is forgotten. The more i see and hear, the more i despair our current situation. How can people be so unbeliavable naive and stupid? How this is even possible?
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