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  1. The Real Rukshan, author of this video, has commented as follows: What really happened when Victorians came out to lawfully exercise their human rights. What the mainstream media won’t show you, the independent media will. ABC news is reporting that “About 200 to 300 people were estimated to have attended the rally” Have a look at all the footage to see if this mistruth adds up. Who is the mainstream media lying on behalf of and why are they suppressing this type of real news and information from the general public? Everything I filmed was for the protection of myself and the Victorian people as it is unclear if the police and the State Labor government are acting in violation of multiple laws themselves based on the conflicting statements of Assistant Commissioner Cornelius on 22.10.2020 and Daniel Andrews on 23.10.2020.
  2. The Voice of the Victorian People 23/10/2020 Melbourne The Voice of the Victorian People.mp4
  3. More from Melbourne Anti-Lockdown protest melbourne antilockdown protest 23-10-2020.mp4
  4. More action around the 22nd minute into the video
  5. Hi everyone, I am very proud of my fellow citizens today who showed their unlimited love for freedom! Video by Lucas.
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