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  1. This is Melbourne Australia what used to be the land of free


    Counter-terror squad shoots on peaceful protesters standing for their rights. These thugs are shooting on Australian citizens not foreign enemy forces.


    Is this about your health? Or a about a virus?


    Daniel Andrews has crossed the line and he is acting like a brutal dictator.


    Article 21 The right of peaceful assembly from the International Covenant for civil and political rights


    This is not right and must be taken to the International Criminal Tribunal in Holland for crimes against humanity


    EXCLUSIVE: Police deploy counter-terror squad on construction workers in Melbourne




  2. Today Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, was supposed to announce the easing of the harsh lockdown restrictions (4 months of it!)  because Melburnians have met the required 5 cases rolling average in order to ease restrictions.


    Instead he is still keeping with his lockdown. What a joke!


    This untrustworthy, compulsive liar and politician must be locked up for crimes against us, removal of our freedoms.


    I am furious about this, because it is not about a so "called", "never isolated" virus anymore, but about the Premier's evil agenda.






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  3. 3 minutes ago, Michael said:

    I think i will make a video in the future where i just take the main stream media reports and compare it with real footage.

    200-300 people, my god are they desperate for lies. Actually if you think about it, they locked themself into a point of no return.

    People that start to know whats going on, never ever will trust the government and those above them anymore. They will start to question where else they got lied to, which they might never have asked otherwise and they will teach their children about this so they might know.

    This has just begun and so has our resistance. They will have a lot people to lock up (millions for the matter) if they want to go through with this agenda.

    I will never bow before the elite. They will never tell me what i have to do.

    They wont get out of this mess. This is going into the history books and they will loose in the end.

    You are 100% right. I will never bow to this.

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