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  1. The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks ( Burger King)
  2. Just heard of brilliant idea: here in Switzerland Restaurants (Indoor dining) is only allowed if you have covid pass (3G rule Tested ,Jabbed or if you had covid) I work as a landscape Gardener (used to be a Chef) well at the moment the weather is good so you can still eat outside without restrictions but with autunm and winter comming ! workers like me who work outside would love to have hot meal when its cold and wet outside. I heard from a woman who used to work in Catering but is now housewife with kids she hears from lots of construction workers who say they are thinking of getting the jab because of the restrictions. Well heres her idea !! why not cook for workers at home (of course for a fee to cver cost and her time) if lots of people who could do this did it ; it would be win win for all
  3. The only thing this letter is useful for:
  4. Matt hancock found Fauci in his underpants
  5. More from Demo in Winterthur Switzerland
  6. German singer Nena ( 99 red balloons) has cancelled her tour because she dosn’t want to discriminate between jabbed and un jabbed she is one of the few celebs that are not brainwashed!
  7. Today the Swiss Government announced that un vaccinated must have cvid test on arrival into Switzerland And 2nd 4 days later ! the vaxxed don't need test just need to fill out a document ! the vaxxed can still get covid and pass it on so what is the sense it this!
  8. more protests happening here in switzerland
  9. I‘ve been hearing and seeing lots of Ambulances going round with sirens and flashing lights much more now than before the vaccine rollout !
  10. ⚠How to remove a big portion of the Poisonous Covid Vaccine Injection from your body with cupping⚠ NOTE: This works only up to 30minutes after the vaccine. This cupping method, which a Russian colleague shows here, works only up to 30 minutes after vaccination, in any other case cupping is no longer sufficient ... but it is surprising how fast the blood clumps due to vaccination ... but it is also clear if you understand the biochemical mechanisms of the functioning of graphene oxides+spike proteins behind it. Again: it is not a virus, it is a bioweapon whose explosive nucleotide is transported via the spike protein using the gene scissors (CRISPR). For better transport, nanolipids are used which overcome the blood-brain barrier via the neurolipin-1 receptor ... @EndTimesApokalypse Video on telegram i recieved today
  11. Plus the jab destroys your organs!
  12. I ‚ m from UK but been living in Switzerland happily for over 20 years now
  13. When he asks how are you ? Just smile and say „I‘ m feeling great and I feel sooo free life couldn‘t be better ! „ and say it like you mean it because that is what you are! then say to him „are you happy ? „ don‘t get on subject of covid pass , vaccines, or restrictions ! just be you youself ! You are free and you are master of your life! like david icke says the moment you are botherd abou what others think of you you are NOT living Your life ! So enjoy every little thing in your life ( how good is the coffee your drinking for example ! Live life as if iyou‘ve been reborn) you friend is NOT living HiS life ! Thats why he needs to compare himself with you !
  14. Liver disease on the rise since covid! i wonder why……? https://www.20min.ch/video/schwere-lebererkrankungen-nehmen-zu-383960699938
  15. Teach your kids what you think of the jab!
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