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  1. It is mainly in Western developed countries that have large numbers being Jabbed ! these same countries are using up the worlds resources the most! a poor Vietnamese farmer living off a bowl of rice a day poses no threat to the world whereas a Fat European who wont give up his iphone ,new car and 4 weeks paid holiday for anything in the world and would do anything to keep his status quo ( get jabbed so i can be privileged ) is a drain on the worlds resources
  2. how long do the vaccinated have to live? https://tapnewswire.com/2021/07/henry-makow-how-long-do-the-vaccinated-have-to-live/
  3. On deagle.com the 2025 forcast population for UK was 14 mio if i remember that was before it got taken down US down to 90 mio Germany down to 28 mio if i remember correctly
  4. Demo in Luzern Switzerland today https://www.blick.ch/schweiz/zentralschweiz/bis-zu-3000-leute-erwartet-kommts-heute-zur-grossen-corona-demo-in-luzern-id16716935.html
  5. Despite being jabbed, he's a little scared of the flu. Bless him
  6. Im illiterate but only to Bullshit would be my answer!
  7. Michael, see no evil, hear no evil , speak no evil Michael good monkey Michael get Banana????
  8. A US Judge is offering Covid Jab to Offenders instead of community service punishment !! https://www.blick.ch/ausland/dienst-fuer-die-gemeinschaft-us-richter-bietet-corona-impfung-statt-sozialstunden-id16716509.html The Merry go round never stops!
  9. when you where the only ones at the party that had masks on ! you felt like plonkers nowadays if you didn‘t wear a mask at a party you get called an idiot!
  10. My wife has been Vegan for several years now but NEVER eats processed Vegan products just organic Fruit n veg and Ayurveda cooking ! she recently had her blood diagnosed Doctors had seen nothing like it before ! She has perfect blood quality that of someone 15 years younger even her B12 is perfect! These processed Vegan products are compete bullshit, stick to what nature gives you! For someone like Little Willy Gates to tell us to Drive electric and eat Vegan processed food while he eats the steak in Davos and jets around the world and owns Sports cars! He ist not only taking the Piss but taking the urinal aswell!
  11. The 2nd Jab improves Sperm quality in Men ! https://www.blick.ch/politik/corona-experte-battegay-ueber-positive-nebenwirkung-zweite-impfung-verbessert-spermienqualitaet-id16677104.html and the third gives you WINGS!! No need for Red Bull any more! Whoever did this Study mist be a Wanker!!!!
  12. Funny thing is ; IF everyone gets jabbed then they have No Privileges!! If everyonee had a VIP pass then it isnt. VIP pass!!!!
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