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  1. https://www.aussie17.com/p/breaking-dr-phillip-buckhaults-testimony
  2. 25 yrs ago RedHot Chilli Peppers hit nail on head
  3. Greek minister lets cat out of bag 3 August 2026 Date set for all EU citizens to have digital ID
  4. At moment not restrixtions and they are only advising 65+ to get boosterd
  5. Frankieboy


    The Refereeee ‘s a Satanist !! Or Blow your whistle if you love Satan!
  6. In the lyrics of Michael Jackson “ They don‘t really care about us“
  7. Some one in Germany keep track of all the lies of covid in a book jWe wont Forget! 400 quotes, documents,lies, hatred and agitation during the Corona crisis for all time
  8. Slowing the Covid bollocks starting again here in Switzerland MsM slowly bringing articles daily some kantons like Basel and Zürich you see more people wearing masks again Basel = Pharma/ chemical capitol of Switzerland Zürich = Finance part hardly anyone wearing masks in the rural part where I live the jabbed people I know say they wont go for any more as for me i did not comply the first time and will remain strong and wont comply still there are some idiots about One comment from a reader of swiss msm newspaper wrote “ Ive been jabbed 4 times and ill with covid for third time then he goes on about we must wear mask and get jabbed again“ some people never learn
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