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  1. @allymisfitThank you - yes she is a beauty - her names Willow Yes it’s been reported and he has been warned but I can’t risk it so she stays indoors for now
  2. Some idiotic arse wipe where I live has threatened to poison any cats as he is convinced they carry the Rona I have kept my baby safe indoors since March as she is precious to me and I cant take the risk
  3. Back in the days when I could bear to listen to Radio 2 she was on The Jeremy Vine show First time I heard her I thought - this woman will stop at nothing to get fame and power
  4. Saying Hello I have followed David's work and that of other truth seekers for years Amazed at the speed this has happened since March - I honestly never thought I would see this in my lifetime I live in a small town in North Wales and going into this pointless "circuit breaker" from tomorrow I am feeling very alone and isolated
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