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  1. https://www.rt.com/usa/515616-kids-youtube-channel-bill-gates/ Kids YouTube channel warns world would suffer if Bill Gates ‘disappeared’ in BIZARRE VIDEO praising ‘respected billionaire’
  2. I can confirm that my local farmfoods and boots both had mention of the regulations of what I spoke about. I know friends who work there who have had the ‘retraining’ a few days after my complaint
  3. I do not have a face mask, nor have I worn one through this so called pandemic. I got the misses a lanyard for her peace of mind and ease. But I refuse to wear a lanyard or badge. I simply go into a shop or other place that the gov suggest face masks and if asked, reply simply "medical exempt". From that, the staff should be well informed enough that legally my response is sufficient and they can ask no more. If they do ask more, I point out about the equality Act 2010. If they still persist. I remove myself and promptly contact their head office via email
  4. Happy New Year one and all. Lets make this the year we take our freedoms back
  5. Was watching the following video And came across the point that the Australian gov have the fourth Industrial revolution within their Industry 4.0 Testlabs in Australia. So I thought Id see what the UK gov has to say on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Great Reset, You know, the one the fact checkers say is a conspiracy theory. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulation-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution/regulation-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution
  6. To be honest, the store itself has been good. Within a short time period, they settled the issue, advised their staff and since I have had no problems in the store. So to "Name and Shame" isnt really in place here i think. They are being forced to apply rules from above their pay grade. The naming and shaming should be at the doors of https://www.acas.org.uk/ They advise all businesses on stuff like this. The person I was in communication with even had to get advice from them in this matter. So who runs the store, the own
  7. Just signed up to post an experience within a store. Last week, went shopping in a specific store. Was asked to put mask on, and I said "Medical Exempt". The manager then went on about the law this and the law that. Demanding proof of Medical Exempt ect. I decline this and he said he would refuse to serve me. Well, I was only spending £2 for 2 items. So I went and got the items, took to him to show and left £2 on till and walked out. I then went home to email the stores HR team. Asking for confirmation concerning Company Policy and UK Legislation.
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