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  1. To be honest, the store itself has been good. Within a short time period, they settled the issue, advised their staff and since I have had no problems in the store. So to "Name and Shame" isnt really in place here i think. They are being forced to apply rules from above their pay grade. The naming and shaming should be at the doors of https://www.acas.org.uk/ They advise all businesses on stuff like this. The person I was in communication with even had to get advice from them in this matter. So who runs the store, the own
  2. Just signed up to post an experience within a store. Last week, went shopping in a specific store. Was asked to put mask on, and I said "Medical Exempt". The manager then went on about the law this and the law that. Demanding proof of Medical Exempt ect. I decline this and he said he would refuse to serve me. Well, I was only spending £2 for 2 items. So I went and got the items, took to him to show and left £2 on till and walked out. I then went home to email the stores HR team. Asking for confirmation concerning Company Policy and UK Legislation.
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