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  1. From their term and conditions. https://humanmeatproject.com/terms-and-conditions/ "This is purely a conceptual art project and will not be acted out in real life."
  2. This same video done the rounds with covid reporting
  3. From sky News Vaccine hesitancy linked to childhood trauma A reluctance or refusal to have a COVID vaccine could be linked to childhood trauma, new research suggests. People who suffer in childhood are also least likely to trust NHS information, wear masks during the pandemic or follow the rules, a team of experts found. The results of a survey of 2,285 people found the more trauma people had experienced in childhood, the more likely they were to mistrust NHS COVID-19 information. Adverse childhood experiences included in the study that could impact vaccine hesitancy include: physical, verbal, and sexual abuse; parental separation; exposure to domestic violence; living with a household member with mental illness; alcohol and/or drug misuse; or a family member in prison. Now I know for sure that I suffered no Childhood Trauma.
  4. No, they do talk about depopulation through vaccines ect in this episode
  5. The episode you are refering to is Season 1 Episode 5 - Secret Societies. Jesse investigates Bilderberg Still out there on torrent sites (Apt also that the filename is conspiracy.theory.with.jesse.ventura.s01e05.dsr.xvid-omicron.avi)
  6. news outlets say otherwise. "removed link" The quote above is a single video on youtube that says he won but no evidence of this. I hope he did win in court but there is no evidence yet. My bad, wrong ling above
  7. Not sure if already been posted https://ourtube.co.uk/watch/A2P6uwDaUYyrbHd Billy Wanker and the Vaccine Factory
  8. https://www.rt.com/usa/515616-kids-youtube-channel-bill-gates/ Kids YouTube channel warns world would suffer if Bill Gates ‘disappeared’ in BIZARRE VIDEO praising ‘respected billionaire’
  9. Well, just watch today's No.10 briefing. What a croc of shite and total waste of time. Basically reminded me of a Head Master in school telling all the kids to follow the rules. Non of what was said is enforceable, as legislation hasn't changed. Its basically the Head Master saying follow the rules or you will be in for detention and no play time. Crazy
  10. Time to leave this for today. Thread has gone to mud slinging in both directions. Mods please do something
  11. I dont agree with shutting someone up because they have a differing view.
  12. We as a human populous on this world are all in this together. No matter what side you are on. If a pedo, murderer or rapist, then yeah, string them up.
  13. There we are again, your presumption on my mindset, based on a few posts on here. You cannot with certainty claim that my daily contribution will be against the narrative.
  14. This is the problem with today's society. I am too concerned about the world and the impact on our children and children's children to come. We all need to come together. There are many opinions and beliefs that people have. and many will always contradict with your neighbour. But you dont beat your neighbour into submission. You try to get proof of your point. And this is what this forum and many more appear to do. They give evidence in one form or another. It is up to each individual to determine the facts of the evidence are real or not and then discuss in relevant threads. But also this forum, and other forums immediately create a divide in us because you have one side saying that "you dont listen to reason" and the other side saying "you're a shill". We are, after all, all in this together.
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