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  1. Do you think he asked them if they came here to see a stiff?
  2. Currently my favourite picture on the subject
  3. Perhaps The Queen's picture was actually ready to shake hands with little Rishi Sunak
  4. Then I wondered if I was being a prick, so I went outside and saw this....
  5. I wondered if i was making a tit of myself and went outside and saw this.....
  6. Looks like Joe to me from the video, probably why he fell off his bike. An imposter would've managed to stay on
  7. SugarRay


    Plot twist: Nearly all ginger cats are male
  8. Really enjoyed looking through these and thought i'd add my favourite. The final scene from the movie "Frank"
  9. Just seeing some interesting theories regarding child trafficking in Lebanon, shipping containers, Hilary and covering up the operation.
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