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  1. Hi All, I posted here a few weeks ago - didn't get much up take. So here it is good people. What I've come to realize folks, things are far worse than we realize. Once you realize the scale of what is going on, cause this is global, the corruption and the collusion between world leaders, we are in a much darker place than I thought was possible. I predict that when Biden becomes president, he is going to lockdown the US, which will hit them like it is everywhere else. I think it's highly likely the counting was rigged, and I base it on how corrupt our mainstream media is, you can g
  2. Not sure if this right forum. So I've discovered an alogrithm that dictates the price of every world currency I have analyzed against the USD dollar. The algorithm is based on pure mathematics and harmonics using weighted moving averages and PPO, which is the difference between 2 moving averages in percentages. I spent years working on this for crypocurrencies, as I could see patterns. I also realized over time, when an up cycle ended, news would be manipulated or bad news would surface to justify why the price was about to dump. When the crash happened in March, I was
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