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  1. How about this "proof" ? Lots of diagrams and other stuff on this page what I don't understand. Do you ? https://virologydownunder.com/sigh-yes-the-covid-virus-is-real/
  2. Well what comes to my personal opinion (wasn't the original question) too many people are beginning to understand what is really going on behind the curtains, and this awareness is only increasing. So now the Elite/Cabal have come up with a plan to sell Trump to people as a savior. As you study Trump’s backgrounds and history, you’ll quickly notice that he comes from the Elite circles. This picture or this of course doesn't prove anything but it gives us the idea. I mean they know him well and he knows them. Basically he is part of them. So it doesn't make any difference do you vote Biden or T
  3. What David Icke thinks about Donald Trump ?
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