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  1. His article is a thoroughly debunked hyperbolic piece of trash that just the left keeps regurgitating I keep noticing how anti-zionists always have so much in common with the left. It must be that collectivism.
  2. You've been putting words in my mouth this whole time. I just like to call a spade a spade.
  3. Let me guess, it's the jooos? Sargon has views on "Adam Green, Ryan Dawson and Brendon O'Connell"? Edit, oh you mean that "Timothy Fitzpatrick". I never even heard of him before you posted his tweet
  4. No, but I don't think identity politics is the answer. And I certainly don't think paganism is the answer.
  5. Everything in that article connecting Trump to Epstein has been debunked. Only the left keep regurgitating it
  6. "Natural law" sounds like pre-christian pagan cannibal child sacrificing Europe. I prefer a christian civilization
  7. I think his western liberalism is appalling. But I enjoy listening to him bashing the left lol
  8. When you join the collective you are defeated
  9. Kremilin is pushing Dugin, or ZH is pushing Dugin? Honest question, this is new to me. I'm certainly no fan of Dugin and I was disgusted to see some on the "right" flirting with his ideas.
  10. So you haven't read the article. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/nosacredcows/2018/09/study-confirms-most-people-share-articles-based-only-on-headlines/
  11. There's no sense in defeating our enemies by becoming our enemies.
  12. have you read the full article, do you take any of it seriously? I think it's a piece of hyperbolic trash.
  13. Same how, being pro-israel, pro-zionist, anti-islam, because Sargon is none of these?
  14. This scrubbing of the web is getting really crazy. Blogs and sites I've been reading on for years suddenly disappear. First from the search engines, and than entirely. Even some bloggers I personally was in contact with just vanished without a trace, email, social media accounts, all gone.
  15. baby circumcision reminds me of MK-Ultra trauma treatment.
  16. I think WikiPedia is crap and hyper partisan so take it for what it's worth. They do mention Faith Goldy, I almost forgot about her, she started with rebel media but got sacked for her alt-right ties. Maybe she still worked for rebel media spying on the alt-right movement. Anything is possible with these people. Wasn't Laura Southern sacked from rebel media for alt-right ties as well? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebel_News
  17. Sargon is not with the same club, he has his own agenda which is pushing the right vs. left paradigm but no connections to Rebel media or Israel so not relevant to this topic imo
  18. Yes, it's pretty obvious to me the whole Epstein case was a prostitution ring for blackmail
  19. The Truth About Tommy Robinson JANUARY 17, 2019 https://www.knightstemplarorder.com/the_truth_about_tommy_robinson Today I want to tell you some very important facts about Tommy Robinson. The former leader of the English Defence League is very closely and profitably linked with Canadian-based internet broadcaster, Rebel Media. He has a high profile and he is good at what he does. He often talks sense about important issues around the problems caused by the Islamification of the West, but Tommy Robinson is not being honest when he gives the impression that his only interest is talking about those things. Because, in reality, he is working to a very different agenda, and he is not all that he seems to be. And not just because he went to work with the British state’s tame Muslims in the Quilliam Foundation – before he found an even better source of cash. A little basic research online will tell you that ‘Tommy Robinson’ is not his real name. He also has a passport in the name of Paul Harris. He travelled to America under the name of Andrew McMaster. He was born Stephen Yaxley, but later took the name Yaxley-Lennon. He has convictions for beating his wife, assault on a police officer, and possession of cocaine. He served a prison term back in 2005 for assault and resisting arrest. More recently he was jailed for fraud. But dig deeper, and we find another side to Robinson which is much more serious and sinister than any of his violence, drugs and fraud. Because Tommy Robinson is also a puppet. His strings are pulled by the neocons and Zionists who pushed America and Britain into the Iraq War. And now they are pushing for a new war against Iran and Syria. If they get that war, it would likely spill over into war with Russia as well, which is what makes their war-mongering so dangerous, and so important to us all. Which is why the KTI research team has been digging up the truth about Tommy Robinson – the war mongers’ propaganda puppet. Because he poses as an English patriot, Robinson is sensitive about people pointing out that he is in fact a Zionist sock puppet. So he tries to deflect the accusation by making fun of it. Here is a recording of him, in conversation with fellow Zionist counter-jihad activist Jack Buckby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X8HgojHQjE clip 7.09 to 7.16 As you can hear, they try to laugh off the idea that Robinson is working for the Zionists, pretending that the only link is that he works for Rebel Media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X8HgojHQjE clip 7.09 to 7.16 [repeat] As it happens, this alone would prove the case, because The Rebel is owned by fanatical Zionist Ezra Levant, but there is a much more instructive fact to take on board: Take a look at these stills from several of Robinson’s recent shows on The Rebel. Note that caption: Shillman Fellow. What’s that all about? Is it some kind of an in joke about Tommy being a ‘shill’ – a hired mouthpiece for the Zionist lobby? Well, it certainly DOES confirm that Robinson is a Zionist puppet, but it certainly is NOT a joke. Because a Shillman Fellow is someone who has received money – a lot of money – from this man: Robert Shillman. He heads a publicly traded American technology company called Cognex, which is worth 4 Billion. Dollars. And he is one of the biggest donors to Zionist causes in the USA, including the Zionist Organization of America. Shillman is also a major funder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, whose Jihad Watch website works closely with activist Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative. Shillman has funded four fellowships for journalists who worked on the Freedom Center’s online magazine, FrontPage. On its website he is thanked for ‘underwriting’ the work of various ‘Shillman Fellows in Journalism’: Shillman fellows are well rewarded for their work pushing Zionist propaganda. And Tommy is no exception, as this is the most likely source of the half a million pounds lump sum he is reported to have received from the USA. And that’s on top of the £4,000 a month he gets from Ezra Levant, and the money he is making from book sales, not to mention his various business interests. But back to Shillman himself. He is a long-term member of the Host Committee for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Washington Forum. The 2010 forum was titled ‘Countering the Iranian Threat’. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. It played a key role in selling the American people the Iraq War. Together with the Center for Security Policy – whose own links with Robinson we will examine shortly – the FDD funded emotive adverts designed to whip up hatred against Saddam Hussein. The FDD’s Board of Advisors reads like a roll call of many of Washington’s worst Iraq War Criminals, including Bill Kristol, Richard Perle and Frank Gaffney, who is seen here with Robinson’s friend Pamela Geller, who is also funded by the same people. Gaffney was part of the neocon Project for the New American Century, the Zionist U.S. Deep State think-tank which first invented the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ hoax. That lie led to thousands of young Americans and others being killed or maimed for life in the Bush-Blair war in Iraq. A war, we must remember, that so destabilised the Middle East that it led directly to the rise of Islamic State. Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy is funded by a group of American Zionist billionaires – including Sheldon Adelson, and Aubrey and Joyce Chernick. Just like Shillman, they also finance the Zionist Organization of America, the Freedom Center and the rest of the counter-jihad network. Gaffney’s operation also runs the Center for Vigilant Freedom, which brings us right back to Tommy Robinson. Because it was two figures from the C.V.F. who first chose Robinson to front the English Defence League. These were C.V.F. staffer Chris Knowles, and C.V.F. spokeswoman Ann Marchini. Knowles became the first head of the EDL’s media operation. He is shown here listening to his Tommy puppet speaking to an early meeting of the real leadership of the EDL. In the inset are millionaire businessman Alan Lake, in whose half million pound apartment the EDL was founded, and – wearing glasses – Knowles. The EDL was set up with the help of a 70,000 dollar grant from Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, channelled through the Center for Vigilant Freedom. Having started his career thanks to Zionist money, Robinson surrounded himself with extreme Zionists. Here he is with Rabbi Nachum Shifren, who spoke at several EDL rallies. Shifren was a bodyguard and driver for Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the terrorist Jewish Defense League, who was so extreme that he was banned from Israel. Also pictured with Robinson is Roberta Moore, the first head of the EDL’s Jewish Division. Despite wearing her British Remembrance poppy in this photo, Moore is not an English patriot. She comes from Brazil and angered many ordinary EDL members by praising Zionist terrorists who murdered British soldiers. She has also praised the 1967 attack by Israeli warplanes and gunboats on the U.S.S. Liberty, in which 34 American sailors were killed. Next week, I will tell you about Robinson’s visit to the country which launched that unprovoked attack. And we will find out why the Zionist effort to incite hatred against Muslims is not in our true interest. As I am sure you already know, the KTI are very firmly opposed to the Islamisation of Europe and North America. But that does not mean that we should walk into a trap set by war-mongers. We will look at this further next week. Until then, keep safe and God bless! ------------------------- On this same website I've found 1 pro-TR article, and 1 petition for his release from prison. Very suspicious. Just shows you can't trust anyone these days https://www.knightstemplarorder.com/free_tommy_robinson https://www.knightstemplarorder.com/the_trials_of_tommy_robinson But here's another article with some very interesting connections between TR and Israeli Intelligence (take it for what it's worth). https://www.knightstemplarorder.com/tommy_robinson_free_speech_explosion
  20. We have mutual interests. We should work together.
  21. I read a blog post ages ago about TR's connection with Israelis like Pamela Gellar in his EDL days. I will try to dig it up (not easy with all the censoring of the search engine results lately I'm sure).
  22. Seems to me Israel is forming an alliance with many eastern countries against the west. I noticed India, Thailand, and even Malaysia getting really cozy with Israel too lately. Yes, I think all the scare stories about 5G are just a distraction and a tactic to ridicule all criticism of 5G. 5G is a mass surveillance tool. It's obvious you follow Brendon O'Connel (me too). Are you aware of "Operation Talpiot", the kill switches they have in all our nations infrastructures, the 5 israeli owned security firms that control all CCTV systems, phone and data taps in every western nation?
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