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  1. His article is a thoroughly debunked hyperbolic piece of trash that just the left keeps regurgitating I keep noticing how anti-zionists always have so much in common with the left. It must be that collectivism.
  2. You've been putting words in my mouth this whole time. I just like to call a spade a spade.
  3. Let me guess, it's the jooos? Sargon has views on "Adam Green, Ryan Dawson and Brendon O'Connell"? Edit, oh you mean that "Timothy Fitzpatrick". I never even heard of him before you posted his tweet
  4. No, but I don't think identity politics is the answer. And I certainly don't think paganism is the answer.
  5. Everything in that article connecting Trump to Epstein has been debunked. Only the left keep regurgitating it
  6. "Natural law" sounds like pre-christian pagan cannibal child sacrificing Europe. I prefer a christian civilization
  7. I think his western liberalism is appalling. But I enjoy listening to him bashing the left lol
  8. When you join the collective you are defeated
  9. Kremilin is pushing Dugin, or ZH is pushing Dugin? Honest question, this is new to me. I'm certainly no fan of Dugin and I was disgusted to see some on the "right" flirting with his ideas.
  10. So you haven't read the article. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/nosacredcows/2018/09/study-confirms-most-people-share-articles-based-only-on-headlines/
  11. There's no sense in defeating our enemies by becoming our enemies.
  12. have you read the full article, do you take any of it seriously? I think it's a piece of hyperbolic trash.
  13. Same how, being pro-israel, pro-zionist, anti-islam, because Sargon is none of these?
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