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  1. Funny i look at this some years ago.. awesome nature. The war though But yes something in this style
  2. Yeah you are probably right.. i wouldn't mind share a safe haven with like minded though.. atleast a group that stick's together is stronger.. the f**king lemmings have gone all nazi supporters here now. Half the people are like fanatic cult members in a panic attack, they are just unable to think for themselves.. they are running after the government like it's their last chance for survival. I'm thinking more like, this is a good time to go some place without luxury or manic tv people.. Let the lemmings do what they do.. all while i enjoy calmness of a simple life for some years. I don't feel like participating in colective madness, hell i never watch tv, so i really only observe.. thanks for the advice, a quiet exit is a good idea too
  3. I know travel is not easy.. i also know my country law on the upcomming vax.. its with use of force. While the west sinks into facism, i wouldn't mind living on a far away island quite isolated and in peace. I don't need the luxury, i want peace in mind and good weather.. I don't want to live through a totalitarian regime, if I can re-locate now.. i pass on these Titanic tickets... the number of lemmings surpass the comford level. It wasn't hitler that did the bad things, it was the people that followed orders and supported him.. ak. The lemmings
  4. Can you guys help.. What could be a safe haven country / islands from mandatory corona vax? I been trying to study, it looks like almost everybody signed up for the covax program.. except 5 islands? what islands?
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