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  1. A woman aged 49 in the town where I live had the AZ jab last week. She complained to a friend of hers of pains in her legs which she attributed to sciatica hours after having the jab. Last thing I heard she was on life support after having 5 blood clots removed from her brain. I believe this to be true as I have spoken to the friend who was with her at the time and another close associate of hers who told me she wasn't expected to pull through. The strange thing about this is that we live in a small town (pop. 20,000) and nobody is talking about it. My place of work is a rumour mill where even the most mundane events are openly discussed and exaggerated. It seems to be news to everyone I've told.
  2. That's a wonderful idea. Can I donate my vaccine to those low and middle income countries too?
  3. TIFFANY PONTES DOVER FAINTS IN 17 MINS, DEAD IN 10 HOURS [2020-12-24] (VIDEO) https://www.bitchute.com/video/as1rvnNFNaQQ/
  4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/kAr4g7psxHHo/
  5. OK so I work in retail and every year we get one of those shitty royalty free Christmas playlists over our tannoy system. A few weeks ago I heard a song which I guess from the lyrics is most likely called 'Christmas 1984'. I was waiting for the right moment to snatch a recording if it and this afternoon I got it. I missed the opening line which I think goes "Once a year he creeps up behind your bed." The rest of the lyrics are: Listening to everything you said. His ear is pressed up to the door. Christmas 1984. He knows if you've been acting bad or good. Has surveillance of your neighbourhood. He marks your name and keeps a score. Christmas 1984. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows that he's been keeping track of your mistakes. In the North he's got a secret base. Has his smile over everyplace. Needles are rotten to the core. Christmas 1984. He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows that he's been keeping track of your mistakes. Once a year he breaks in to your house. No one knows a way to keep him out. About as welcome as a war. Christmas 1984. Not a nightmare and it's not a dream. A totalitarian regime. No one is merry anymore. Christmas 1984. VID_20201217_164103_640x360.mp4
  6. This shit really gets my goat. I work in retail and the number of people coming into the store muzzled up like these idiots pictured above is growing at an extreme rate. When a customer wearing a dog mask comes up to me asking for advice I take much displeasure in helping them. I have a three year old son and he used to love going shopping with me. He would love it when folk would take the time to converse with him which happened quite often and he always interacted with them. Now when anyone masked up tries to speak to him he tells them to go away and jumps into my arms. He freaks out even more when confronted by wankers in the picture above. I've even asked my manager if he would be willing to turn people away who wear these monstrosities but his hands are tied to company guidelines.
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