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  1. On the fire crews story, there are dots to be joined here. The leaders of Cheshire Fire Service have strong links with the flame retardant industry, which has a long history of buying up fire officials who then push for more of their chemicals in products, even though they're incredibly toxic, especially when they burn. In 2014, working for the Dept. for Business, I led on proposals to change the UK's furniture fire safety regulations which would have led to a massive reduction of flame retardants in our furniture (about 45kgs per household). The chemical industry went into overdrive to preven
  2. There's a lot behind this story! My FBU friends have been working hard for the past two years for the same kind of foam to be taken out of service in the UK. It's all ker-ching of course. As it happens, a lot of firefighters don't use the foam, mainly because it's so hard to clean up. But the contracts with the suppliers mean they have to pay to replace it on a regular basis anyway. But there's some light on the horizon, in the form of a natural product made by Hydro Navitas that is not only non-toxic, it actually performs better than water in putting out fires. A few UK services have taken it
  3. "MDF type of Kitchen cabinets also covered with formaldehyde. Irony is that we put food stuff in there. Where can I buy a duvet without any of these shit on it?" It's very hard to find duvets without flame retardants (and pillows) and the retailers either won't tell you or don't know (deliberately) if they use them or not; tend to just say that's their suppliers' business. Unfortunately, EU (and probably post-Brexit) chemical laws mean they don't have to tell you what chemicals they're using. I changed all my bedding a few years back and got it from Green Fibres https://www.g
  4. Well, I was in charge of the furniture regulations for 12 years. It was me who discovered they don't work and I became a government whistle-blower over the fact. Still fighting the government about it! I'm advisor to the London Fire Brigade Union's contaminants group and work with Grenfell survivors. One of the reasons I'm so sceptical of covid is because some of the same people (e.g. Vallance and Hancock) are behind the perpetuation of flame retardants at the expense of human health and the environment.
  5. It's true and largely unknown/covered up. The growth/profit increase in chemicals is almost exponential. One example. Back in the late 80s, the flame retardant industry, working through its bought officials in the fire services and government, played a big role in bringing in UK furniture flammability regulations that have led to every household containing around 45kgs of FRs in its sofas/mattresses/cushions etc. On the back of this, the FR industry then persuaded producers of duvets, carpets, curtains - all items for which there aren't even any flammability requirements - to also pack their p
  6. Thanks. I didn't know that. The pollution just adds to the pollution. The problem with chemical legislation is that it allows companies to do their own (minimal) testing before putting a new one on the market. Years later, it's proved to be toxic and banned but Big Chem already has the near-identical replacement on the market. Du Pont lost their case re Teflon - but it took 27 years and millions of dollars to (not entirely) prove they were guilty. But of course Teflon pans are still everywhere, just the new slightly different formula.
  7. And this effect will almost certainly be true for other common chemicals in our systems such as flame retardant chemicals from sofas, mattresses, carpets etc, the brominated variety of which are in the same family as PFAS (e.g. Teflon).
  8. A factor that is totally ignored, deliberately so, in the world of vaccines, chemicals etc is that are usually tested in isolation to any other chemicals that will almost certainly be present in the finished product, whether that's a sofa or a human being. But these other chemicals can often reverse the effect of the target chemical or in combination be highly toxic. For example, last Sept, the European Food Standards Authority released a report (link below) that shows, amongst other things, that PFAS chemicals (often found in drinking water) are at high levels in all of us can reduce the effe
  9. Not sure that they mean the actual objective truth should be sought; more the truth as that particular religion decrees it to be? I'm feeling my way with this a bit, but I think real spirituality has to be linked to greater awareness and self-awareness. The reason being that the universe includes that facility for human beings to develop. But most religions appear to offer only fixed goals, rather like doing a crossword puzzle that someone else has put together; rather than striking out into the creative unknown. I take your point about modern living. However, Gurdjief
  10. One aspect of this for me is to do with personal development. Or rather the lack of it where much of what is called "spiritualism" is concerned. Perhaps the mildness of a lot of new-agey types is a reflection that they do not believe that development - greater awareness, insight, ability to see the truth - requires a lot of personal work. It just happens when you "open your heart" or "accept Jesus/Hubbard/Osho into your soul" etc. Anyone who advocates work tends to have a much smaller audience. Gurdjieff for example.
  11. The UK's Chief Scientific Advisor is Sir Patrick Vallance. More info on him below (which I sent to Dr Vernon Coleman recently): Vallance is Chair of the SAGE committee currently advising the UK government on coronavirus policies. Vallance was President of R&D at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) which he joined in 2006 and left in 2018, during which time the company pleaded guilty to criminal charges and paid $3bn in fines. GSK is working on a coronavirus vaccine and also has a side line in making virus masks. GSK has worked regularly wit
  12. Here's an irony about being told to spend more time indoors. UK homes contain the highest levels in the world of flame retardant chemicals, all of which are toxic and each of which eventually gets banned for being so. Flame retardants get into house dust, then into our systems, e.g. UK mothers' breast milk contains the highest FR levels in the world. Flame retardants cause cancers and a whole range of illnesses and are particularly harmful to children and their neurological and mental development. In other words, your home is far more dangerous to your health than the virus. Instead of putting
  13. Thanks for the update. Have you got "Gurdjieff's Early Talks" which came out in 2014? I've found it really useful for dipping in at random then thinking through what I find there.
  14. In another part of my life, I fight the government regarding the fact it is poisoning us all in our own homes in order to protect industry profits. The smell I get around this kind of corruption - which is not easy to see - is similar to the smell I get from Rowling. It's hard to pin down but there's something that doesn't add up. For example, she never speaks about the art/technique of writing and never mixes with other children's authors. UK children's writers are a pretty well-connected bunch but Rowling has never shown the slightest interest in mixing. I don't think this is just because sh
  15. I've worked with Gurdjieff-related groups and study for over 40 years. "In Search of the Miraculous" by Ouspensky is probably the best overall introduction to Gurdjieff and his work. But an excellent look at him as a man can be found in Fritz Peter's books - "Boyhood with Gurdjieff" and "Gurdjieff Remembered". Peters was sent to Gurdjieff's school as a boy against his will and that reluctance provides a great counter-point to the rather po-faced worship of the other followers. The books are funny and moving. I was pretty close to the man who ran the UK Gurdjieff group, who was a student of Ous
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