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  1. Another horror has been discovered regarding the so called "covid vaccines". THEY ARE CODED. The codes designate if the poor, or those in nursing homes, or the wealthy receive the particular batches. Codes for the poor, only the poor get those coded batches signifying "the poor". Same for nursing homes. They have their own code. This was discovered when some wealthy "kids" snatched covid vaccines that were coded for the "poor". Are all those batches the same?? I doubt it. Here is a link: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/WhctKJWQgldXXZkDRVrkcPBQkwQcRcMDZFMSsfCrgwSktHxgzxpPVnTxQJjcJXLSqvwxXkL
  2. We have been having massive problems with our computers for several months. I was suddenly blocked from AOL and youtube and my email and bank account was hacked. On two occassions my checking account was emptied. Then I got a google notice they were knocking me off and claimed I was "making death threats". I've never done such a thing, ever, on or off the internet. It's awful what is going on. As well, on two occassions it was discovered my name and password were hacked and someone was actually posting using my name. This happened on both youtube and AOL. I can't believe all this is happening, it's very upsetting.
  3. There is no "new corona version". What there IS happens to be -- bird flu. It's been released in Europe and other areas. Bill Gates paid a lab to generate and release insects infested with Swine flu and Bird flu. There are other Gates illnesses as well. I just got the research lab reports on this yesterday, although everyone already knew it was coming -- thanks to Gates paying labs to create his "pandemics". I can't understand why Gates, his wife and all their ilk haven't been arrested and prosecuted for Treason and Terrorism and given max penalty.
  4. Mr. Icke is spot on correct about everything he addresses -- and he furthermore warned us years ago that this horrific chaos would occur. That man has suffered every caliber and type of brick bat thrown against him and he always finds the strength to continue on. I am very VERY thankful for his work.
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