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  1. its so funny that people would think that in a pandemic everything would be ok............lol its a fucking pandenic for gods sake!! and the goverment charts that people put up saying it was all fixed because they have eveidence etc...........lol ,,,,,,,it was a plan for things to come...........ok They even have plans for an ailan invasion..........ok,,,,,,,they have plans for every thing....
  3. We all need towake up to the fact that Covid 19 is real. We all love David Icke, I get that but this winter will hit us with covid 19 like a smack around your face that hurts real bad! Fucking wake up people! This is a pandenic of all kinds and we have to look after ourselfs the best way we can. Not wearing masks is a real bad move, ok, so some people who worked for the NHS
  4. Why dose noone answer to my new topic? things are getting bad, even Gaeth Icke had a panic attack over these things!!! for gods sake people, we are dealing with a viris which will bring us to our knees............David got it wrong. Sorry David.....but there is a viris!!! wake up to that!! I know what you mean about the mask wearing but we need to move on from that now!!!.........we are dealing with something real that was man made and it will bring us down. This is going to be a very dark winter indeed and people wont WANT to go out unless they have to!!!! its gonna be bad, You wont be able
  5. Yes ths site dose sometimes suck but it also gives us a platform for us open minded people to say what we want ..........some wont agree.........some will take affrence.......some will want to shut you down!!! ...it hurts when people do this but and its a big but...........we are all here because we beleive something is wrong with society, the world and the powers at be...........we dont actully know who that realy is, we can only assume these things........unless there is clear eveidance we have nothing!!! only our magical mind which by the way can be very beautiful.
  6. Sorry about my bad spelling ..........Im working on it ..lol
  7. Its October the 31st tomorrow!!! Halloween!!!! lol...........Jordan Maxells RED OCTOBER will show itself tomorrow?........... I was totally freaked out when I listened to Jordan Maxwell and his October Surprise............oooooooooooooo I was totaly convinced that something big was going to happen!! What was it? I even started a Journal about dayly events on what it could be??? There have been a few events like Trump getting Covid 19 but he amazingly recovered over 3 days with this wonder drug that he promised everyone could have for
  8. People who wear masks are NOT stupid they are scared and want to make sure they are safe as well as being responsible for themself and others. Do not insult people who feel this way. David Icke sends a message of love and free will. That means it is ALSO free will for people who choose to wear a mask!. I think there is a viris and I am certainly Not stupid or blind. I beleive that it was man made from a China lab and I am allowed to have this veiw just like David Icke has his veiw and if he was to read this he would agree that we all have the right to have our own veiw points without
  9. If Trunp wins, he will keep America open and everyone wiil be fucked as I do beleive there is a viris. If Bidan wins he will shut America down and everyone will be fucked as more people will loose there jobs and homes etc Either way. We will be fucked and its only just begun
  10. We are all fucked in this world unless we see it for what it is>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok what is it? A game of mind controling fuckness like you would never beleive!!! Whats the answer?.............Dont play the game!
  11. David I cke got it wrong.................its a real viris affecting real people............AND THE GOVERMENT OF ALL GOVERMENTS ARE USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE TO CONTROL We are free in our minds what ever happens ............be free in your mind .......
  12. More to be told while I AM TOTOALLY FUCKED WITH VODKA! OK. LETS GET REAL. ITS A FUCKING Paandemic because people are dying of it!!! and it is contasous how ever you spell it! some hosptials are empty because it diddnt hit there area!!! lol why are you peole being so fking studip with this!
  13. i wish I could say things in a manner that the messege gets through!!!! I am new to this site and I sometimes think whar people are saying is totally fucked!!! like on November the 2nd we will be hit by AN ASTROID!!! NO WE FUCKING WONT! LOL Lets get real and with the programe.
  14. OK HERE GOES....I was told about David Icke around 18 years ago and brought the book called Childern of the Matrix.....which i did read and after that my life was never the same! Therefore i was a David Icke fan. I would look out of my window and see people doing strange things.......... like the finger message WTf masonic belief. I would see that places. people and things had images that were hidden from the on going world of shopping, bills etc .......we must get up for work or else............I saw all of this.........I was convinced that David Icke was right about everything. I thought
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