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  1. We are all fucked in this world unless we see it for what it is>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok what is it? A game of mind controling fuckness like you would never beleive!!! Whats the answer?.............Dont play the game!
  2. David I cke got it wrong.................its a real viris affecting real people............AND THE GOVERMENT OF ALL GOVERMENTS ARE USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE TO CONTROL We are free in our minds what ever happens ............be free in your mind .......
  3. More to be told while I AM TOTOALLY FUCKED WITH VODKA! OK. LETS GET REAL. ITS A FUCKING Paandemic because people are dying of it!!! and it is contasous how ever you spell it! some hosptials are empty because it diddnt hit there area!!! lol why are you peole being so fking studip with this!
  4. i wish I could say things in a manner that the messege gets through!!!! I am new to this site and I sometimes think whar people are saying is totally fucked!!! like on November the 2nd we will be hit by AN ASTROID!!! NO WE FUCKING WONT! LOL Lets get real and with the programe.
  5. OK HERE GOES....I was told about David Icke around 18 years ago and brought the book called Childern of the Matrix.....which i did read and after that my life was never the same! Therefore i was a David Icke fan. I would look out of my window and see people doing strange things.......... like the finger message WTf masonic belief. I would see that places. people and things had images that were hidden from the on going world of shopping, bills etc .......we must get up for work or else............I saw all of this.........I was convinced that David Icke was right about everything. I thought
  6. Interesting read which anwers my question that it was man made from a lab! I think this winter people will know that we are dealing with a real viris.
  7. I have been following David Icke for some years now and I do get what he is saying but Im still left my the question on why are the animals dying? Something is very wrong here and Im deeply saddened by it all.
  8. Brian Rose gave David Icke a great platform several times to speak what he beleives to be true without judgment of any kind. He has also done that for lots of other free thinkers and truth seekers etc with his digital freedom platform and promotes freedom of speach. His a real person who has taken a few knocks in life as a recovering addict. He is hard working and driven which I respect. I wish him all the best with this and he will have my vote.
  9. At first I was willing to beleive that it came from an animal, perhaps from the wet markets in China but my gut instint tells me that it came from a lab and the whistle blower who spoke out about this died of covid 19 shortly after. Now there is a woman saying she has evidance to show it was made from a lab. She has fled china and is now in hiding. It also seems that this viris has been the main event to lead us into this New World Order and the Great Reset. I feel that we are heading for a very ruff ride this winter and im dreading it as any day week now we will all be heading towards anot
  10. I feel the same JoJo but thats all part of the plan isnt it, to confuse, scare and control people into submission. I dont think we are alone with this feeling
  11. Perhaps the 5g thing is whats killing the animals??? but that dosent answer why the fish etc are dying. I think the whole situation is very sad and that its only just begun.
  12. I think the Brandy got the better of me last night and made me slightly bonkers but that not surprising with everything going on so please ignore my second post as it dont make much sense. Also if anyone wants to convince me other wise and inform me why all the animals are dying, I would be happy to read.
  13. ok lets get real...............its in the fuidcking air everyone..........davi BEATHEd as much as i lve him got it wrong. ITS IN THE FUCKING AIR YOU BREATHE IT QW BREATH IT AND WE ARE ALL FUCKED FOR BREATHING IT !!!
  14. As much as I love David Icke, I must say that perhaps he has this wrong!...when I was 20 years old . I had a vision that the world would be miro tripped by the world goverment that was 30 years ago. If we tried to resist this we would be punished. moving on to the future...... babys born iwill be miro trippped at birth and it would not be questioned as we would know no difference. The chip would show how babys and people would preform as a person from their D andA and that there would be no option to break away from that. moving on from that...........we need to break free mentaly Ye
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