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  1. I’m 41, 6,3 and a proud dad of three wonderful kids. Which makes me so much more determined to stop this cult based virtual prison they have planned for us. I wanna look my babies in the the eye an said I fought it., I tried. We  have to stop this. For those who recognise its Bollocks but won’t say it. You must. What we do or don’t do now will reverberate for generations for our kids. So I say to all concerned parents. Grow the fuck up, look your babies in the eye an say I can’t be bothered. Tell them I’m to of  scared what will happen to me if I resist. Let’s do this everyone. Let’s stand together, all of us, every race, religion, background, gender, political persuasion whatever. All of these cult made divisions that never existed before  but do now.  When we realise what we are, we will see that the idea of earth given labels is absolutely ludicrous. Labels, Jesus. How have we misse that? How have we let that slip in and cause hatred? We must In one voice say. Dear 1% see through you we can. We’re not havin your bollocks anymore more. We’ll take it Fromm here. 

    the 99%.

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