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    Good for you Kerry. It’s so obvious now. I’m all over David’s predictions comin so true, it’s unbelievable. They are out there now in full view. Gates. The outrageously disproportionate responses world wide to a non virus. The awakening is coming
  2. Im A dad of three. I’m not havin “new normal”. A few months back,( pre lockdown an for years before)! I took two of my kids the Everton matches with my dad an brother along with his two sons. Seven of us. Today? My dad has historic heart issues. him an my mum chose, understandably to isolate. No match. We can’t see each other. Parents, kids, cousins. Why are they attacking every social avenue that we have as humans, friends, families? Why are they smashing the economy to bits over a virus that scientists reluctantly admit that can’t prove exists? Why are so much of us still frightened shitless of this hoax? I’be benn laughed at so far and dismissed as a crank. But I’m going forward. Every one of us matter!
  3. All over hopefully my friend. Fuck else are we gonna do? We have to. It’s vital. We must remember our life pre March 2019. That ain’t comin back unless we all go as one. All of us, full of the consciousness that is our birthright. We say no an take it back. It’s that simple. Let’s fuckin go!!!
  4. I’m there people. Derby day is done. Its all Bullshit. It doesn’t exist. Don’t be afraid! Your kids are safe, your parents are safe! The only danger is the usual, flu, cold, tonsillitis or whatever the fuck. My grandad fought for to stop us from being ruled by a fascist regime .(admittedly an obvious one) durin WW2. This one isn’t quite as obvious, or it wasn’t until now. DONNNNTTT GIVE IT AWAY, PLEASE DONT GIVE IT AWAY what they fought for at a whim. Don’t be fooled. I have children. Please be brave. Be brave. One day my kids will ask where we’re you Dad? . An I’ll say I was right there. If we all do this it can turn round. We’re talking about the world our kids an grandkids will live in. I’m there, whoever, whatever. Who’s with me??
  5. I’m all for this boys an girls but same time as Merseyside derby?? Plan better folks. We wanna do it. I’m personally going to the Sunday one. Ps were all there but derby day?
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