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  1. In the various QAnon discussions that I have heard, they don't deny that Israel is a problem, but the mantra seems to be that they will 'leave it till last'. And, although the Rothschilds may be mentioned in the Q drops, Q followers seem very keen to downplay any notion that Trump is a Zionist puppet. I even heard one relatively well-known QAnon proponent recently saying that he had searched for evidence of this and had come to the conclusion that it was 'bullshit'! (despite the mountains of documentation that Trump was $4 Billion in debt in 1992 and bailed out by Wilbur Ross, of Rothschild Bank, who is now Trump's Commerce Secretary!). And as for Q 'leaving Israel till last', this makes me suspicious that they hope to have their NWO implemented by then so the promise will be redundant anyway!
  2. Agreed. That's why it's hard to dismiss much of what he says. He had a really interesting discussion with TradCatKnight yesterday, on his back-up channel.(Know More News 2). It was all about Q and the upcoming election. But, the video which I have found most useful in trying to waken up Q followers is the one he made about Trump's 'Kabbalah Tree of Life' award, which forensically details how Trump is a Zionist puppet. The really interesting part begins circa 50 mins, when he highlights how Trump was saved from bankruptcy, and a $4 Billion debt, by Wilbur Ross, then Rothschild Bank, now US Finance Secretary!
  3. I'm new to this forum. This is a good thread. Thanks for starting it. I've been having a lot of heated discussions recently with people, some of them friends, who have totally bought into the Q phenomenon. I personally see it as the ultimate Psyop. A lot of my thinking on it has been informed by the work of Adam Green at Know More News. I see that a few folk here have dissed him, and that's disappointing to me as, IMHO, he has been exposing the Zionist agenda more forensically than anyone. He has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of the very same stuff that FVCK BILLY G4TES, the thread starter, has been posting here. I know you seem to appreciate Brendon O'Connell more, but I find Brendon's arrogance is only surpassed by that of Ryan Dawson. LOL. And Brendon isn't always accurate in his assertions either eg. he recently claimed that Max Igan is a flat-earther, which he most categorically is not. I'm pretty sure that 'David Goldberg' has been exposed as a hoax, and, even if not, he does claim in his videos that Green is a threat to the Zionists because he speaks too much truth. Also, Green's is not the only channel left on YouTube that calls out the Zs. Brendon O'Connell is still there, as is Richie Allen, and Ryan Christian at the Last American Vagabond. (NB. The Know More News channel has long been demonetized, and is currently suspended, as it has been on numerous occasions). However, I do agree that sometimes Adam's commentaries and statements can sometimes get a little too close to the bone of what could be construed as antisemitism, and, if it's true that he was seen flying a 'Jews rape kids' banner then that would be very disappointing to me. Is there any accurate source for this?
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