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  1. Oh yeah, it definitely has that and symmetry is very important. Most of what I am putting here is in fact the repair of biological symmetry and the meeting of opposites. Polarity is really important and sadly the negative side get bad press from all, yet we need it sooooo much as it's the binding force
  2. Archons are soul beings that were buried under churches, they are actually the Creators of the Fluffy Clouds. They were victims trapped under the arches of churches. They've all got out ages ago after an enormous rescue mission. I mean we do know the word here in our mad head crew but it doesn't ever get used. It's celestially pyramid occult coded to 777 11 which is a dimension prison floor code on the heartbeat channel, so it's an occult prison name. They are galactic thinkers which is why they were shut down and used by the occult global elite with paranoia made to surround them so no one would come to their aid, you don't want your hard fought for quarry being rescued by the scum, while you're working on it. A bit like the massively aggressive Fallen Angels philosophy, who were majority girls in dire need of rescue from the same people. Arch Angel = 777 777 in pyramid occult code A=1 R=9 C=3 H=8 which is 21 or 7+7+7 and is a factor of 3 which is a triangle. With the two triangles you get the Star Of David in a circle which is a blockage. 21cm is the diameter of the Hydrogen line system. So that's what Arch Angel means in occult code and it's references to the power of The Earth. At some point I'm going to write about the Fluffy Cloud part of the minds of a number of people and how it is the most powerful but also the most fragile part of the extended Soul mind and how the occult was using these people to create to idea of magic and the paranormal outside of the control of the people who have that ability in a hugely serious form of Astral Entity Attack because this part of the unknown mind creates Mind Over Matter. All the evil is here not in the Stars, otherwise they self destruct to extinction. They cannot live the way that it is done here and this planet is under quarantine by them because of all the violence, pollution and nastiness of it, although they are pulling through the dimensionally shut out sky because this planet exists in a different dimension. The dimensions actually have to be broken down in order to get to this place which is going on 24/7. The thing about Saturn and the rest of the planets in the Solar System is that they are supposed to carry resources for life here on Earth through the leylines but is shut down to the common people and anybody elitist from Earth, they're not allowed to touch it. The sheer negative angle is because Saturn is female and is under stringent protection from an outside force, which they didn't like of course and since they were in charge of wangling people's minds, they loaded people with imaginary fear, until it was taken off them ultimately in 2018. I don't read David Ickes work but I know how he thinks so I don't need to read up on him. I work with channelling matter and ALL frequencies. The vast majority of people only go to spirituality and high frequencies and there's not really much there, like only 0.5%. Frequencies are sound. I prefer the lot
  3. Many people suffer a lot of noise in their heads and ears. The general term is tinnitus but it is so much more complex than that. There are places in the world where artificial sound is being constantly played into the leyline system which is what people are hearing. If you listen to this sound (164.81 Hz) though a set of headphones and try to think through it, the chances are you won't be able to hear your own thoughts because it's at a pitch that completely drowns them out and is more powerful than you. So the reason why people can't channel is because they have to override things like this through the Leyline Unity Consciousness grid which the TV/radio/GSM etc is broadcast through. Something as simple as this tone being played down it, which was at a constant, completely destroys most peoples chances of ever getting any peace in their heads, never mind telepathic comms between each other. The other thing is that BBC Test Card F is one of the highest occult TrekZie Boards out there and is the reason why this image scared the shit out of people. I saw the original first BBC Test Card F hanging in the air in my bedroom while I was in bed with large brown holes burned into it about 2 years ago, that looked exactly like vinegar syndrome and is one of the biggest things on the TV Akashic Records. I dragged it in on purpose if anyone wants to know >:) That poor girl has been shown on TV officially for more than 70,000 hrs in searing high voltage and there was something trapped inside the hideous clown thingy which was moving around inside it. All second hand imagery does take a DNA projection of your cells and is another form of Out Of Body Experience or Astral Projection, with TV it's molecular. The Happy side is that that side of the Astral is open, the electricity is being switched off and the soul fragments are being pulled out.
  4. Hiya! I do it but remote viewing is not accurate because it is telepathy and those channels have been taken up by mind control, outside everybody's knowledge and people's genetic brains and minds are not well geared up for it, which is why most people can't do it. It's done through the Unity Consciousness which is extremely damaged. I do it and it is slowly improving all of the time. There are rules to telepathy/remote viewing imposed by a benevolent force coming down here through the astral and quite a few of us people doing it down here. Private stuff just cannot be accessed which is fair enough, also unimportant stuff is not allowed on it because the current bandwidth is limited and is reserved for rescue operations, at the moment is being used to target cancer which was a massive haul to get to. It's small and growing but random future events cannot be determined, only events which are planned can be found. It's better to use as much as possible real world thinking into it rather than mystical, magical paranormal stuff. I have never even tried to attempt to predict things like the lottery because it's a randomised event and I know it isn't possible. I personally wouldn't want to bet on anything right now to do with financial, judging by the state of The Internet. Internet World doesn't look too great from where I'm looking from. It's too heavy for its mass if you want a prediction.... But welcome to The Front. Fuckers aren't they, hogging the entire global resources while everyone else is left pissing on chips! I don't blame you for wanting to use avant guard methods to try and survive the grit. >:)
  5. This is pretty much on it of I saw of the Astral Thames TV Ident from the 70's, with the line of clouds and left eye above the known TV screen, so it was outside the field of vision. I saw it flash up in this density at the back of my head (the visual cortex) and stay there for about 10 seconds. I recreated it in Photoshop, OK, so it's not a screen grab! Everything that is here, transcends the astral as well but is zoned outside of all knowledge or known control. I forgot BT Tower is in it as well. BT = 22 or 1111 in occult pyramid numerology, so I'm assuming BT Tower was instrumental airwave manipulation. I did channel BT Tower several years ago and saw DNA strands in bright white light emanating from it.
  6. This contains a portal into the Astral Records of the Television which an unseen straight line of fluffy clouds above the image with a hole in the top left hand corner and an eye looking out from behind it. It has everything, sky, clouds, London TrekZie Buildings, mirror, water reflection and shadow, everything the occult needed to operate. Both analogue UHF signals and cathode ray tube televisions had an enormous amount of sense of feeling, the reason, the dimension depth was at 80cm+ whereas today on digital TV, the dimension depth is around 0.5cm, which is why on analogue TV, people could feel frightening and shocking ghosting effects which doesn't seem too strong today. I can measure the depths of dimensions. There are no reports of people freaking out when the TV goes down due to technical faults, since digital TV arrived. Even in the 90's, TV faults could cause people to breakdown and panic as the TV back then was full of ghosts and they sensed it. Many technical faults up to the 90's, were due to astral tampering from the global elite, lining it up certain templates in the TV Temple. Some of those faults were very strange indeed, including playing material that didn't make any sense, neither broadcasted or to be broadcasted found their way into the fault and would get broadcasted on TV. That's because analogue TV is multi layered in the astral and records itself straight onto hydrogen substrate, so when it was messed with, it would find it's way onto the TV. So behind the TV, esp back then was well bizarre! So anyway, this particular piece of TV history holds a strange kind of door into it. Top left hand corner above the known
  7. I openly admit, this stuff is difficult to understand. It's a different approach to dealing with conspiracy theories and mental. At the mo, people who deal with conspiracy have a certain way of doing it and spirituality only goes so far until it stops and starts repeating itself. I look way beyond that but I hold true to my conspiracy theorists roots, which I've been doing for the last 20+ years, only it's never been approached at this level which is where the mind control features are at.
  8. There are dimension portals into the back of the molecular the TV Akashic Records. Don't think that the Akashic Records are not recorded at this level because it is. There is a matter based claim about TV subliminals. Loads of people are aware that the TV is somehow communicating with people at a subconscious level, mainly focusing on symbology, well yes this is very true so there must be a process in order to do that and one that is not understood by people since nobody has come forward with anything based in physics about how this is done. During my research about the Leyline System years ago, I found the BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush, London was crossed by a Leyline that I found in The UK. Only when I scrolled over the line did I find the BBC TV Centre intersecting perfectly right down the middle of the circle, just doing point to point on ancients sites, like old stone monoliths and stone circles, then finding out what's built along them. The Leylines are the unity consciousness. So I know a few places where the way in is because I am able to read the back of the TV Akashic Records. You have to be able to surf through high voltage to get to it and is why I channel power lines from pylons. The Thames TV ident from the 70's, the first one in colour has an unseen straight line of fluffy clouds at the top of the image with a hole in the top left hand corner and an eye looking out from behind it. Weird as fuck eh? That was definitely in use by the agenda as The UK television is the highest dimensional level TV on Earth and comes straight in from the Hydrogen System. Subliminal programming was being dropped in through that for the entire global TV network. In the US, NBC is the astral equivalent of BBC 1, which is why the live NBC footage of 9/11 was the only one that showed up the truth on the day because it was a massive lie broadcast on BBC 1 and it showed it up for what it is. It didn't let through the lie because BBC 1 is consciously aware. BBC 1 is in the shape of a circle which is an intersection of the Leyline Hydrogen Line System which the cross section of an untampered with Hydrogen line. The square of BBC 2 is the next level where the occult squared the circle of the Hydrogen Line, so it was broken into on BBc1 and squared on BBC 2.
  9. The Metal Tree The Diamond Caspian Tree You find it as well.
  10. @Sanityisgone I have a question. Has your mother's new 'boyfriend' ever been in the newspapers? Because I think he has and that was him looking at himself in it and you read his mind. So you can channel matter. To actually see that you need to be able see through mirrors and behaviour, so your an empath as well. Are you seeing Fluffy Clouds? That will be your inner child and that's your brain as well. I think I've found you. I've got Pole Polarity and I've raced to the Other Side where I'm channelling. Somethings going down at the moment with the internet, so I'm gonna have to stop this for a while because it's made out of hydrogen. Keep the positive. The depression is all the dirt going down so try to let go of it in your mind. Get your Metal Tree in That will clear the mud up. Ill talk no probs but it will have to be in a few days. Try to look up in your head
  11. Sound travels with vision only here it's separated Sound Invert .
  12. Expand the wire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Right this is a weird one The first few seconds of this clip deserves a degree Only if you wanna know It's The Story Of The Akashic Records. You were only let to know so you could view it in sunny on the Television Make Stop . >
  13. PS Leonardo Da Vinci was set up by the occult. Later. It just TrekZied Out....... That's Lidwine Timmermans next . Interesting night .
  14. They got the computer, the BBC Master between Rivven and Wales.
  15. Things move quick in my life. I put my TV Thing on Glass. Double glazing for mega effect I need to know if this site is hosted in Liverpool. If it is, the old man made a good choice. Nice. Credit. Because it's a vacuum. To the Scousers scousersonline.co.uk ya fooking crazy bastards.
  16. What I doing right now is rescuing people who are considered to be zombies and these were alive people on the ground, so something TrekZied Out tonight in The Mist in Holland about an hour ago. What it really is, is human wasted material (thanks Anadelia). There's no body conscious and basically it's completely filthy. The people under it look so healthy (bad that word in redaction) because I found the Series Of Light, so they are Light Beings. Sadly due to humanities pure ignorance, there are no pictures available on what these people look like anywhere in the world. I promise you that I tapped that thing as well. So I found something. Something SO BIG that David Icke is going to be dumbfounded and I reckon Elon Musk is gonna be interested as well. Kom op jongen! Considering they live The Matrix, these standard girls look pretty good for it. So what's going on in Holland? Oban Plastic Images
  17. So I've mentioned in many posts that Holland is the beginning of The Matrix System, a system that has never been remotely identified by anyone. It's enormous, massively complex and different depending on where you are in the world and it's built into the Leyline system, which is superiorly guarded by ignorance. When I was a child I saw something in the centre of my mind, three strands twisted and going. I saw this happen again several years ago and instantly recognised it as coming from this constructed bizarre monument in the photograph in addition to one strand of golden blond hair going into, slanted from above. Now I know this place but I had never been there and only saw it when driving past occasionally, so when I saw this construction above my head, swinging, because it can swing, I jumped in the car with my decent camera and drove straight to it. It didn't disappoint, time well wasted. The whole thing sits on an equilateral triangle and has the words "voorwinden" written on the side which attributes immediately to the three stands twisted in the centre of my mind because it means to "wind up in front." It also has three box houses in its construction. It has 11 1111 written on the side as well. This is where The Occult break in point for pregnant women is and that red stuff, people is not an illusion. The monument is bleeding.
  18. @JackJohnson Sorry I had to go away and think about a good response to this. The Vitruvian Man is the only 3D documentation I can find of the male chakra system. What you're looking at here are the 2 main levels of the male body, the one with the arms up is the outer core of your being and the body of the reproductive male or sperm, being the arms in a cross and legs together or to put it bluntly, sperm. There is also the hard on penis in the pic, which everybody missed as pubes. So you can see the entire sperm body is featuring there and it makes common sense, dunnit! Now here is this image created by Leonardo Da Vinci, who incidentally is highly graphic with the occult, shows the male body separated into two halves, so it's not aligned is it? Plus the sperm body is dimensionally cut into segments along the arms and the legs and under the neck. So the male anatomy carries genetically both circles and squares underneath in the reproductive level, the squares being aimed at girls. I broke the mathematical conundrum of the squaring of the circle and also found exactly what it is, which it is removing hair. So this is registered as Global Systemic Astral Entity Attack in the Unity Consciousness against men and women. Because of the separation, men can leave their body with all factions in place and attack people, any people but I must point out that most of them don't it or if they are fighting on the wrong side with the normal people, which is happening a lot as I can see on here with some of the commentary. One of the aspects of this is that in freemasonry, the sperm body is dressed to kill women. That's what they join into. I can see if a man is a freemason, just by looking at him because I can see that his sperm is dressed in their attire, in full body stature as well. I tell you a story of a 3D fight I had with a man in a sauna. I was on holiday, snowboarding in Zermatt, Switzerland and I was staying up the mountain in a resort. So I decided to use the sauna, with my bikini on. Now I have a sauna at home and people come and use it and I let them wear bikinis/swimwear because it's not actually a problem. Only this guy in his late 50s had a real problem with me wearing it and he explicitly said, by law I wasn't allowed to wear it. I told him that by the Laws Of The Physical Universe, he was absolutely not allowed to command me to remove my clothes because I could see his freemason regalia on underneath so I deliberately targetted him, with uncommon language. Within minutes, I hacked into his brain and found he was a member of The Grand Lodge Of Switzerland so he was a top freemason. I bagged myself a good 'un He ordered me, when I got into his brain, to stand back even though I am a girl, only 8.5 stone and 5"6' and I was stood about 3 meters away from him. He was yelling non understandable english profanities at me across the swimming pool complex in front of everyone, that are freemason quotes because I know them all. So I was pitched in a massive battle with him as he slashed into my brain. He loaded the freemasons onto me of his lodge to try and smash me down and I could remote view into his lodge and his house. His entire sperm body came out to attack me and followed me back to my accommodation, I saw him, in /G\Host so I dragged him into my body for a closed chat. I immediately slashed him back and I captured his other half of his body on the slopes in Zermatt the morning after, I could even see his blue ski clothes that he was wearing (blue, figures..). I decided to not go snowboarding on that day and chose to smash his fucking head in instead. He was with me all night as I was busy at that time channelling The Grand Freemason Lodge, UGLE in London in the basement which I had been busy with for several days, it's got an Xray machine which is never turned off, with xrays of peoples skeletons in it that were being melted and I was putting it down to an end. The more I got into his brain, the more I found he actually zoomed me and deliberately met me in the sauna as he specifically targetted me, because I was busy with that. So I have his sperm body with me and I know quite a few tricks to dealing with this kind of attack. There was no way he could stand being microwaved. I've got mental force like you wouldn't believe and I compressed him into the microwave on full power for about 7 minutes (their favourite number). I forced him out of my body into the microwave since he chose to be a /G\Host and has less body density than I have so I pushed him through the glass door. He tried to run away at some point and failed because I dragged him back in and I started a process of bodily recalling, so I was peeling him out of his body off the ski piste through a series of Leylines I constructed over night between me and his heart and by this stage, I could see he wasn't feeling very well on the piste, certainly wasn't skiing. When he came to me from the ski piste as I dragged him over, he tried to attack me again using secret freemason runes called tokens to the public (minimising their meaning to us) which continued for the next 3 hours. Back in the microwave and again and back in the microwave again until he could see his own death. Freemasons are also dangerous in death because they can still stand their sperm body and fully operate. I actually managed to get him off me, in his entirety, pushed him down and flushed him down the toilet but a weird, very slow moving massive bubble came back up, blurping as well and when it surfaced, he launched out of the toilet grabbing hold of the top of my head, where I am actually weaker. So OK "Back to the microwave then, with you." While all this is going on, I'm educating him as well, running a severe carbolic on him as well as letting him know about how much of freemasonry secrets I actually know, what they all really are and what freemasonry is actually doing to harm pregnant women and stealing into their anatomy and how much that shit is gonna end. By lunch time the ferocious astral attack by the freemason was over, I definitely stopped his heart. He was a dangerous fucking critter and I realmed him down to depose, which sorry-ed him. The other freemasons that he tried to bring in, wouldn't touch me, they all stayed right back. I'm an Astral Assassinator and that's how I self defend. This occurred several years ago and the man in question who was extremely dangerous has been held down, he's not allowed to be free. As a side note, it's well worth mentioning that Zermatt, Tasche and The Matterhorn holds very dear to freemasons all over the world. I researched the Freemasons on their public channel they have on FB and the Matterhorn regularly featured on that channel, which is not OK. Often the mountain is seen with the square and compasses on their material. When I was there last time, there was a calendar on the wall in the accommodation that also had a slightly altered version with a drawing of Matterhorn with the square underneath it. Obvious fucking subliminal. Matterhorn is a TreKZie Name and really does mean Matter and Horn, the mountain is hollow, because I already channelled the Leyline system before I went there, so I already scouted the system where I was going to. A TrekZie Object known as the Flying Magic Carpet is inside the mountain, which is why the Grand Lodge Freemason was there innit? I hope you understand how that can be dangerous. Really number 7 should be the one that concerns all people, which it doesn't. Astral attack number 7 is Occult Biology Central HQ where they all operated out of and is why my work is different to the rest.
  19. The track above is actually written by Ellaheem (Elohim - Imposed TrekZie Name) for his daughter who was so horrifyingly Soul Broken by broken by God to take her Child Creation Star Picture which is Imposed TrekZie Name The Sun and MeRope (the astral rope she was bound in and couldn't escape). This is in the centre of the Child Space Robot Chakra System which I am in. I reckon when everyone sees that Picture, the entire world will shut the fuck up. I have in my possession proof of somebody who is alive on the surface of the Earth while Dead in The Astral. I'm getting harranged to share it but the guy who is Elohim and in the film, is alive on the surface and is 65 years old and I have a big thing about privacy. I took the image out of a film made in the 1980s. It flashed up in less than 1/25th of a second and nobody else has found it. The film, I heavy researched because I was getting channelled like crazy from 2015 that it was a serious occult film and is indeed a highly reactive film, which flashes like crazy in the space around me and can flash up in mirrors when you don't expect it, when you realise what it is. It makes the film The Matrix look like a children's playgroup. I repeat not all films and printed media are TrekZie, in fact most of them aren't. You can guarantee that The Omen is a TrekZie Production, which means it's Astral made and crosses more dimensions but The Omen is not the film that I'm talking about. There is a seriously evil TrekZie silent B/W film made in 1918 called The Snow Flower on the back of WW1. You won't find it mentioned anywhere but it has been opened astrally and is in preservation at a private address. It's about a ballerina and the entire film circulates around one held position in her body, which I heard she had to do at least 400 times to get it right or she'd get beaten. She's got short dark hair and a daisy chain around her head, dressed in white. Her body is channeling the pain of WW1 into the Global Leyline system in Bristol and she's known as a TrekZie Prisoner. Apparently, that was the payment, not getting beaten.
  20. There's another way into your heart which is shut off from you and you can only do this if you know it can be done, is to sing this song ON THE MALE LINE ONLY. Don't sing with the women. You will find a door on your heart (like yer heart is supposed to have a door in it - not), I did and it contains physical growth and is also Heaven. It's specifically coded NOT to let women in. Its a stolen Pleiadian song which has been horribly reworded, so it's not even from this planet. There's quite a few others like as well, particularly in the old masters material. I did do the background on Handel, interesting stuff.......
  21. Another illuminati door opener is Root Sa La Sa Ley The reason why the text is vertical is because that's how they did written commands although technically it should be centred and white text on black, so the website is the wrong colour, so invert. 12.5 .
  22. You see I am The Sky. "I Am The Sky, I'm in The Sky, I'm Getting Warm I'm Getting Warm. "I Am The Sky eye eye eye eye, I'm in The Sky, I'm Getting Warm I'm Getting Warm." You See He can't harm me. Elohim PS Many thanks to the mad nutters that wanted to be The Sky too, even though it was horrifying going through the ChildSpace Robot. De Lijst Volg, Petra, Renee, Lidwinne, Leonie, Gerdy, Katie, Natalie and Natalie, Dineke, Annie, Jan, The Village Nut Nut, er is een oorlog in the back voor de naam, tussen de dorpen Godver Dam het. Natalie is a Canadian, lives in London. The least likely worlds best conspiracy theorists. You wouldn't fucking believe who Natalie is. She's actually famous and the worlds most least understood power deviant. She's so good at this, she even TrekZied into her face through her instagram account. I'm TrekZieing her right now in London and I'm actually telling her to join me in here. "Fuck the Splat." (TrekZieTaal for the Daily Mail) (Going lummy, TrekZieTaal for illuminati. God Ive got to explain We Have A Plan To Turn The Daily Mail Get the 12.5 in. Now Insert The Cloud New Site Astro Feature .
  23. I could speak to you all fucking day about this, and the next day, blah blah blah.... I decoded languages because I can speak two and know enough about other languages including local dialects and multiple alfabets. i just decoded that because it refers to grain. Of the unborn bread. So that is live decoding out of The Matrix. Im a experienced multi coder
  24. @DarianF I am actually writing a childrens trilogy book based on what I've seen in the astral. I know what I write on here is a difficult sell, its not meant to be told and I knew that when I first came back onto here but I've done it anyway. There is a huge backstory to what I'm saying, it didn't come out of nowhere. I'm not promoting the books on here but I've had really positive reactions from people who've reviewed the first part which it's more of a comedy on a serious storyline Thanks for the appreciation >:)
  25. "If you want find life outside Earth, you've got to look for a heartbeat," said no astronomer ever. What has all life got? It's got a heartbeat. What's been found out in Space? A Heartbeat and it's not the only one. What's not been found by SETI? This HeartBeat. This is a compressed signal and I know of something the freemasons where playing with was a Creation Compression Spiral in sound, so this powerful feature was in the wrong hands, that's what was used for this and then it was flung at the Earth in very very tiny, down the Leyline Hydrogen System. Most of these are not picked up. The ones going down the Helium Line don't get picked up by anything the Earth has got to detect. The Problem. People are looking for life outside of this planet using a furious amount of electricity not realising industrial use of electricity is actually blocking it out because the heartbeat they need to find is very weak. Plus they only allow for their own ideas of how that life should communicate which they can't because of the illegal dimensional settings on Earth and how much the power grids are being used for it. You can see the dirt in the Hydrogen line system in the sound analysis graph as the generic background noise and I can guarantee its at 12.5 cm radius. This has been noted by science as quote, "Unlikely to be used by aliens to contact us because of the dirt in it." The dirt in the Hydrogen Line System is coming from here on Earth. The Helium Line is sealed from outside of the Earth which is why it can't be blown up or its radio frequency extracted and it's male, where the Hydrogen Line is female and is the origin of the Heartbeat where it travels through. The top aim of all coming down is to seal the Hydrogen Line System for good. The Hydrogen Line is broken here above the Ionosphere. Everything is sat in the Dark Matter, which is what I channel. So SETI, forget about it. You'll never find them. So I know that people are coming down here to rescue The Earth, they have no choice but to because Earth is connected to the other habitable planetary systems and it's going through motions of it's own destruction, which can't be allowed to happen. Its hard to understand that there are Soul People trapped on here and they will do everything that they can in order to rescue them. They minds are, Nobody gets left behind and we help each other out. That's not Earth mentality. I know if some places were removed off the electricity grid for about 48 hours they might find their goals. One of the things they need to do to get here is break down the Television System. No arguing, it's going. so since I do channel and they have said the entire occult Earth system has gone into redaction, which means it's running backwards and not working anymore and it's being dumped but their biggest problem is now that the Earth is so fucking dirty, it skinks. There's so much wasted rotting, material flesh in it outside of our know zone. "It's", quote from them, "absolutely fucking vile. Not joking, and it's what we have to come through and we have to come through the sky, in a different way.."
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