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  1. I had a .kmz file which I lost for Google Earth of my Leyline research all nicely tagged, like loads of critical alignments that was just way too obvious something big had been covered up. I've just been too bat shit lazy to make another one, although there is a map of leylines I made of the capital cities of Europe somewhere in a post on here. You can use the ruler on Google Earth to track and measure alignments across the globe. I've never actually been influenced by other peoples work, I always research from raw material or data mine my own. I can't remember what I was looking at the other day on Wiki about Greek gods but it mentions about the body systems being built into buildings, which is what I know from channelling. People were being built into these buildings at a different level of matter and the buildings were constructed on Leylines, even loads of modern buildings, like football stadiums. The occult overloads were massive on measuring stuff which you can see on this image and I believe this is a sealine Leyline map. It's got the compass of freemasonry and a scroll so it's programming something because leylines are highly programmable, all coming from secrecy levels. I'll try to give you a real world idea of how it basically works. 3D Studio is an 3D animation program. It uses points and grids (the object mesh) and then you apply material onto the mesh to create an object in 3D. It's pretty much the same thing with the Earths Leyline grid system. Stars create the points, (Earths energy points) on the connections on the grid, which are leylines then matter is placed over the grid system, et voilà, you have a plan-net I mean this is me trying to explain about the creation of the planet, using just words I know it all in me head and I can't find the words! I'm rubbish at it It's funny you should mention Merkaba, I had to Google it though "What is it? Oh it's that!" I have it in the middle of my brain, a cube which I can see really clearly if I look direct at bright light. I've had this thing all of my life at a constant, never changed, despite me shapeshifting with age and it emits bright vibrant colours, mainly purple, blue, green and red at sunlight luminosity. Sometimes I can see it forms a perfectly mathematical grid between many other cubes in shape of a sphere from the inside. I also see when it's dark, bright green and purple spirals. So this is my brain emitting light. I read here somebody else who has seen these exact spirals, so he's got the same thing. So if you can find that, you'll have it too. It's light emitting from The Stars from the centre of your brain. It's not a brag, I'm mostly found with my face in the muck rather than searching out the light
  2. They're not symbolic, that's the problem. They are the grid structure which holds up The Earth and is what the planet is consciously formed around. The whole Solar System is designed by thought. They are the pipelines for all the matter here, including water and stone and the magnetic forces travel down the middle holding the structure together including every single object on the planet, so they are a massive organic deal. They also channel the global heartbeat that goes through everyone. Only we have no control over them @ this level. Two things, 1/ An illegal force managed to get control over them a long time ago and subjugated the entire population here and made it wrong. 2/ Nobody down here knows what they are so none are unqualified to deal with this structure and they've been reclaimed from Space by people who do. Some places have massive 2 way vertical leylines that go to the stars. Sounds incredible right. We're on a planet in Space which has to adhere to Cosmic Laws and it hasn't done. The WTC Towers were built around a vertical Leylines. The one building was built around positive (up) magnetic force and the other was built around the negative (down) magnetic force. Also the sonic heartbeat of planet. Why? Is a a good question because they are not supposed to be built on or it blocks them up and stops the flows from working. Also there is a huge ground Leyline that runs from WTC NY to St Peter's Square, The Vatican and then onto Mecca, Saudi Arabia in one massive straight line across The Earth. So they were brought down in a highly questionable event? Who dunnit? Because they aren't on the magnetic grid any more........ The Americans haven't got a clue.......
  3. This is Quantum Astral Physics. Everything is The Astral, even here. 99% of living is unknown and invisible. The Third Dimension is like less than 1% now. The Astral is the contact point between The Stars and Space. 70% of The Astral is high pregnant women which is why nobody understands it and they're not going to. The complexities is just enormous. People are going to need to study at PHD level on the correct information if they even want to get any kind of grip on this. I can see it all. Pregnant Women are broadcasting the Television and it's going towards a destructive break. Quote, "what you're describing is the diffusion of resolution, every part of existence has an image of every other part of existence at it's most basic level but the resolution is low almost undefinable..." I know this stuff is written in books, I don't read them and they haven't got a clue what it is, which is why it sounds like that, arrogant postulating, I'm not saying you just all these authors from these books. They're all rubbish. I know what it is because I've had like 3 million tonnes of Astral disaster fully conscious matter material running through my bone system, occasionally visible, shoving into another realm or any space where I can put it.. The thing is I'm different and I'm not going to argue it 'cause, I'm fucking knackered. I did weigh 3 million fucking tonnes as well. It was pouring out of my mouth, vagina, arse, ears, through my back, hands, feet constantly non stop since 2013. The whole fucking Akashic records system in solid metal, high voltage and muck, so undefinable to me it is absolutely is not, especially since my body's still somewhat trapped in it, though it has significantly improved over the last 18 months. Long Corona Virus victims, jeez wept, get a grip! Long Rony is pretty much the same thing. Welcome to my party! I don't expect people to understand because I've hardly met anyone who does because very few are doing it. Basically this entire thread is all about that.
  4. The World Trade Centre that was built on and inside The Horizontal and Vertical Magnetic LeyLine Space Grid System.... .....which is why the Towers collapsed the way that they did because they collapsed on the extremely powerful magnetic Leyline system. Secret technology energy weapons as per Judy Wood theory was absolutely out of the zone, if the power of the Multiversal Gravitational System from Space is intrinsically built into the fabric of the buildings. The WTC NY IS and still is one half of Magnetic Heartline System of the Entire Planet, coming in from Stellar Space. It's numerical code is also answering to that theory. I'm going to triangulate it's mirror in Russia, because they have the other side of it. The Netherlands is in the middle.
  5. The Misery for Bald Men Several years ago, I was working with the team of the other women and we stumbled across something in the really low down Astral in brown, something very sad underneath Holland. You see when most people channel, they go high, finding high (pitched) vibrations, trying and failing to find more light, unicorns, angels, peace, love and healing. We go in the dirt, the dark, low, bottom scraping channellers, going down underneath when we found a historical injury of men, their jawbones, all alive as well. So we had to check out, "Is there anything in the Buybull about jawbones and men?" Fuck me, there was! Judges 15:16 Then Samson said: “With the jawbone of a donkey, Heaps upon heaps, With the jawbone of a donkey I have slain a thousand men!” Well that accurately put it because that definitely looked like heaps upon heaps of jawbones. So in reality, murdering a thousand men with a bit of donkey skull seems a little far fetched and incredibly difficult to pull off, not so if you're messing actively with matter geneology in The Astral. So at a guess, somebody installed a piece of donkey jaw, which is actually a Soul Broken pony, into the Celestial Star Map of Men and ripped it out, causing a massive rip in the face of Men at the centre of their brains which is what baldness is. That caused the hair to be ripped out through the face in inversion, causing beard growth as additional course hair growth shows up Astral damage as hair is the binder of all matter, extremely fine hair being collagen in the skin that breaks down on Earth over time causing rapid ageing. So facial hair and baldness in men are interlinked. As many men know, when they lose their hair, strange hair starts turning up in other places. It's the same hair you've lost falling down through the body and trying to grow back out again. We did rescue this feature and brought that shut out dimension higher. Today this looks very different. Totally lost the brown murky and looks a damn sight more healthy and has started to be integrated back into men. It's great is the BuyBull, it's like the ultimate guide to The Astral and WTF's been done in it! Like women's disaster problems we are dealing with, the cure for this is a long set goal of repairing the genealogy which is taking place outside the known. As a side note, women who get alopecia will always age younger and really badly because they become substrateless, meaning they've lost the hydrogen binder. Something else that I'm looking at really a lot. Holland is Astro Global Substrate which is Hair, the Global Heartbeat for Hair. Richard D Hall touched on this specific topic when he tried to research the missing strands of Human DNA. It's all been trashed in The Astral.
  6. The Sorting Office on the Sky Line I have to apologise to Greg Prescott from In5D for getting it wrong. He's also is documenting the Ascension which is basically what I'm doing here in Atomics and he stated that most won't be going. I disagreed but he's right. They aren't. Revelations is basically The War pitched against people attempting to rise to the higher dimensional conscious levels of The Sky and Clouds which is what The Ascension is that is popularised by New Age Spiritualists. I'm not a new age spiritualist, I am a thug. Basically you have to be a thug with no fear to get up there, spiritualists are beset with tonnes of fear, avoid the darkness and devoir all kinds of useless protection. This is where I revel in because there's tonnes of dark and negativity in The Sky and Clouds which is where religion Rains from. That's when you find out what it's been hiding. Anyway..... In Revelations there is mention of the phenomena of 666. Nobody down here knows what it is. It's the Beast, innit? Or is it? Well for a start of Beast codes up to 9/11 is Pyramid Occult Numerology Multicoding and immediately codes to The Pyramids, just thought I would chuck that in. 666 is the Biblical Depose Order for All Women and Level 13 Men, so that's the Beast religion is banging on about, women and some blokes. Pleasant innit? 666 are the three Heartlines that track down the middle of the skull of all women and level 13 men. Each Heartline has II in it, the cross section is ○, altogether being II II II. The 6 is a compression spiral on the circle ○ used to compress matter, which women need. X is 24 and 2+4=6, so 666 = XXX, which is a Heartline deletion code ⦻⦻⦻, across the top of the female skull. For most men, it's just one 6 because you've got one big Heartline in the centre of your skull because men are built differently but all men are in this, as it would affect them as well. If men was the target, one 6 (and one X) ⦻ would be enough but women would be able to eventually recover men. ⦻⦻⦻ is Destination Fucked and theoretically completely unrecoverable. Heart rip attacks. Kill 'em all off on Atomic Level Sound along with the nice back story of the gory battle in the centre of your bodies in The Astral. Not going to happen. Epic Fail. The sorting office has been changed and has been tagged on Particle Elementary Behaviour of personal choice at body level. The behaviours are all identified as negative behaviours of attack, rape, forcing women to have babies (not illegal on Earth), all recognised forms of criminality, fraud, lying, making other people's lives a misery, intimidation, sexing, cruelty, global corporate squander, religious terrorising, astral attack and general nard shitty behaviour which is not acceptable in the higher realms. Fortunately swearing is allowed though not in front of the children. Fuck Yeah! There's another Realm like this underneath this one. There's another one like this in the making underneath that. The reason for this is because the Test has failed and there's masses of beings that don't have the correct standpoint to go any further and this Realm we're in is being reclaimed. It never used to be like this. G7X = Registration of The Sapra Spot and any dangerous (astral attacking) men. Destination Fucked. It's a total depose and ban order. Anything registered as G7X is completely going @ Source or Star Level and can only be male. Dangerous Astral Attacking women can only be put in permanent prison and completely taken over but there were only 4 in the whole world. I even knew the names of 2, Charmaine from The US and Angie from The UK and they were so horrifying and major complex to deal with. Not so with the men, there was fucking 1000s and 1000s of them but give me that over those four women any day. Both genders, even horses and spanned out life in between that still needs sorting through. G7 = is for those at a crossroads who could get higher but need to sort out certain aspects of their behaviour. If they don't..... G7D = going down to the underneath Realm to live like this again because this Realm is being taken over and they haven't learned how to become better. G7P = going down to the underneath Realm to live like this again in bars and chains to control their aggressive illegal behaviour. NB There are those who can go higher who want to go down to the lower Realms instead. This is no longer under the control of the extincted global elite, I can see them going in with superior knowledge to see how far they can get...... It's currently @ October 1987. #ParallelUniverse
  7. The Original Astral Entity Attacker from 1.7 billion years ago So there has been a problem. A net is closing in on somebody know as a Male Only Source or also known as The Sapra Spot and is our Top Target. No Sources can be male only and he has been stopped from his origin now. He's come in from outside the known Multiverses. He possesses no DNA structuring himself but is extremely capable of stealing into any organic matter he can get into. The only thing he has of himself is one eye, one genetic imprint of a tooth, one hand without the bones and extremely violent explosive growth. The Original Astral Entity Attacker and the one who created enormous evil. He has mentioned himself only in this - The Nicene Creed The Nicene Creed is before Genesis and is the hostile takeover of this Star System. I believe in one God, The father the all mighty, maker of Heaven and Earth and all that is seen and "Unseen." (The 'unseen' is The Astral) I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only son of the father, eternally begotten by the father God of God Life of life True God of true god Here's where he's mentioned This is what he's claiming about himself Begotten not to fade Of one being with the father Through him all things are made This is his agenda set out in mind control domination For all men and their salvation, he came down from Heaven Women are Heaven, heaven is the take over key This is how he managed to get growing into Earth's Star Being population By the power of the holy spirit, he became incarnate from the virgin Mary and was made man. Mary is Maria Lorfen who he renamed Mother Mary. Maria is married and he tore her celestial husband, Alexander Lorfen off her bones, causing massive holes to be ripped through her body where he used to be, what the word holy means and stated her as unmarried and raped himself in, using genealogy material he stole from other Star Beings from way beyond and back in Time. So he forced pregnancy to have him as a baby in her star system that he quietly shut her out of outside of her knowledge over an extended period of time. This family were the top Star Family on the planet and the top of the genealogy tree. No mention of their daughter, Tabitha. Spirit means she was turned into liquid which depleted her enormously This is how he tore a Celestial Marriage apart to steal into it further and contort and bend them into Stellar destruction while hostilely taking over them and their talent. For our sakes, he was crucified under Ponticus Pilot and suffered death and was buried. He also forced her to give birth to her own husband who he named Jesus Christ and took over him, real name Doctor Alexander Lorfen, who he publicly executed on the cross to the constant delight of billions. He created sin, which is tiny, sublime biophysical torture, reversed from healing Creation at sub atomic levels. By this stage he had already cut down all women who are the only ones who can rescue the situation and depose him out of Life altogether On the Third day he rose again in accordance with the scriptures he ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right side of the father. The third day is a day in triangles, which create impenetrable barricades. Days are on Time and Women are Time which is at this point, been lost out of their biological control. Heaven has a prison with bars which we found, it's also pregnant women. Alexander Lorfen's dad's right eye, was imprisoned on Earth at this unattainable location in The Astral and was given the name, God, so he could watch his son and his son's family being ripped to pieces whilst being completely unable to do anything about it. Alex was dragged up in pieces of anatomy to his dad's right eye. Pure horror was that one. His real name is Anthony Lorfen and is one of the Stellar Source Beings of Nibiru which is where all the religious Creation angle is coming from. The idea being, "If I get your son, I can break into you with all your power. Then I've got massive Star Destruction Control of unbelievable power." He's married too, wife hardly mentioned but her name is Chrysantha Lorfen and she created the chrysanthemums on Nibiru and she's a higher and lower being than Anthony is. Briefly mentioned as Ash-She-Ra in the Cosmic Buybull. Bit of a problem was that one because he could not get near her. Both Anthony (God) and Chrysantha were banished from Earth-to-be-destroyed because Earth is a Celestial copy of the Nibiru system and Pleiades being the gravity holding The Solar System together, also under attack from the same blam (one true god). Can you imagine if he suceeded.......? .....Part II later. So we're after a Sapra Spot
  8. Piebald Horses or πBald Horses, π meaning circles, The Circle Of Life or the lack of. NB - Regardless of how normal conspiratorial lines of enquiry goes @ this level, nobody will get any further unless you start thinking about horses which is why I'm putting it here. Like I've stated before, you can't get past The Matrix without understanding horses because we are on one side and they are on the other. They haven't been strategically set up in common occult for no reason whatsoever. The next level down from Pi-Bald Horses are Bovines where their hooves have split in half because of the Pi- Bald and have completely formed into set square triangle and have 'racked' or shape shifted out of all recognition. The numatic name of the Bible (777) is the condensed form of BuyBull which means to buy into the lie of The Bull which has come from Piebald Horses, so it's not a piss take, you've all found its original name. The next level down from Bovine is Ovine which is sheep and where the flock comes in from. Lambs wool was used to illegally mine and Leyline the planet for mind control, which is the Pibald Horse hair that's been sick, re-carbonised and outside the bodies of the horses into a new species, same as with cows. A near decapitated lamb is also mentioned in Revelations at The End as well as many mentioning throughout all these types of books along with cows and horses. Currently I'm looking to buy one of these horses, not for riding pleasure because I won't ride them but because I can see they're all ripped. How did they get like this? I don't know so I want to buy a mare to work on so I'm putting money where my mouth is. It's the only colouration of horse that cannot connect to itself between black and white because they're squared which is where the word Pi (e) Bald comes from because they have no circles on hair, you can't fit a square peg through a round hole as the deliberate saying goes. They are the Checkerboard Floor of Freemasonry and are a serious problem for the planet because they bleed between the colours. It's mentioned in Revelations. Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. Horses can whine when they're pressed, so winepress is Sound. Normally Piebald horses/ponies are very rough built and are never found in even intermediary athletic equestrian sport. They can also be quite difficult to handle as they tend to be very argy bargy. They can be trained the basics and you can get some value out of some but they tend to be cheap and sold by gypsies who like cheap horses. Expensive to keep though The colouration has a standard break point pattern where all variants form from. 50/50 black and white on the neck line, a white blaze on the face and black leakage into the flank. Hooves are always pale with white legs. The overgrowth of hair on the legs, known as feathers, is a reaction to the damage and is abnormal. The 50/50 on the neck line in the mane is where the Celestial Break is, which is where this needs to be repaired, not destroyed which sits in immediate callous reactions of unthinking people. These horses can't control the white part of their brains. The other patch coloured horses mixed with brown do have control and are not the same as Pibalds.
  9. Oh really are you? So you're 87 years old sat in an old people's home pissing into yer trousers right? I wouldn't fess up to that A guy from Bremen is fine and a guy from Bremen who gone in for that narly fucker is top stuff, but that one....... Meneer van Bremen is being kept alive from our end for a reason (he's in soooooo much trouble). We punched through next door to Germany, who let us in. #TopAstralSurfer #InternetIsBoring #NetflicksIsWorse
  10. My photographic memory system of 9/11 I haven't researched or looked at any material from 9/11 since 2015 when I dropped it because as far as I was concerned, I already answered most of the questions for myself and I couldn't be arsed about arguing with other people because I couldn't see the point in it. I moved onto other things, many different things, weird things, dark things that would scare the shit out of vast majority. I started using brain diversification which I started putting up here. I only began looking at 9/11 again last week, on the internet. I have a fantastic memory of it, like the found out truth behind the event actually protected my mind from seriously dying, which causes dementia, other brain degradation. In other words, finding out as much truth about 9/11 is a bit like riding a bike, you never forget it but you do need to learn how to let it go as well, which I did. The video underneath, I can see in my mind, when I request it on purpose in much sharper, better quality vision complete with the dust cloud, including perfect time quality only this is the first time I've seen this particular video in many years and thanks to Youtube's failing search algorithm, it took me ages to locate it. My head's far quicker at searching it out of perfect memory I can also vision the WTC Towers, still standing in perfect vision matter, the day before using the Original Leonids Records Time Dated 10/09/2001, which is also the same date as the Firmament Vaulted Akashic Recording, which has been taken over.
  11. Predictions, Prophesies, The Akashic Records and The Ascension. @Truthblast You might be interested. The way the system works, there is no such thing as predictions and prophesies. The Occult had taken over the Astral Unity Conscious and had booby trapped it on Time which is moving around The Astral, through the Leylines. Eventually these things move into the 3D on Time, The Corona Virus is one of those booby traps and it's stated in Revelations. The best way to imagine what it is, is a marble run. The track is The Astral Solid Time Track and the marble is the Event, mysteriously known as The Prophesy, so they know about it 'cause they started the Event way back and they know exactly the Time it's supposed to hit our Dimension, which is shut out of all this kind of knowledge and is how mysteries and paranoia occur. So by the Time the marble (the Event) reaches the Red Cup, it's got to us as Destination Fucked. Sadly for the things that know, all those weirdy fuckers like Nostradamus, who was involved in starting these off in The Astral, we keep taking the fucking marbles off! Also by the Time such things reach us the are impossible to stop, like Rony and that other one in the dirt, yet to come Sonic Diphtheria, human kind has reached a level to control the situation which was deemed impossible in back and yonder, when they started it. Arse. Human's have also become fucking tough bastards, including the Soul Victims of The Astral. Also basically when The Akashic Records go down, they compress from 3D perceived matter light matter into hard Sonic matter that really fucks up the minds of people. The Sky and Clouds are also in The Akashic Records and The Akashic Records have to be deleted because they're occult. It's in Revelations because The Occult knew in order to have an Ascension of the planetary system, The Akashic Records would have to go and they wanted to make people suffer it. I don't because I know how to conquer it. BTW despite living in a Corona Cloud, everybody in my house got it, I didn't and I knew I wasn't going to get it because I know exactly what it is. Some fucking weird shit is coming, like that sky situation I'm not too happy about in discussing but which we've lined to fuck in preparation because we saw it coming for ages now and thankfully know how to re grid stuff. Aeroplanes will be grounded as will birds, so we've been trying to sort out the fucking cats minds to stick with Kitty Cat instead. I'm seriously not bothered about this or the sunny one, 'cause we already changed the girl although there might be a slight temporary dip in sunbathing opportunities. #StarMagnetron
  12. "Space program, price of wheat. It's entirely up to you but at some point, you will use the phrase "The sky is falling." You can use it however you like Mr. President but use it." Even more AT News - WTC 7 So after a long wait, the Akhal-Tekés have swooped down through their Astral Records, they escaped the Akashic. BIG IMAGES. BIG HORSEY IMAGES. Nice and nearly 3D as well >:) Not sure I wanted to see that just before sunrise in the dark, the end point of darkness, just before the 'calling of the Morning Star,' the arsehole of paranoia but he is a twat is Saadet :| Sorry about the weird. Horses are locked in and they have massive astral vision. Ask any horse owner about their horses regularly freaking out at things that aren't there.... I can pull up myth imagery that supports the theory that some horses can have superior intelligence. Just look up Sagittarius. That's their Soul minds. That didn't appear from nowhere and it's the occult. Anyway he decided it was a good time to bring me what he salvaged out of the wreckage of 9/11 which was WTC Building 7, massive, in my bedroom as a building ghost. It was brown, just like I remembered it when I walked past WTC 7 in 1998. Funny because on the 9/11 footage, it looks grey.....? It also shows up an anomaly which hasn't really been looked at, which is the top strip of the building which in live is dark grey. Poor photography would have shown it up as one long black strip across the top of the building but that's not what happened, as for some reason it showed up detailing with is very difficult to make out in higher quality imagery. 9/11 was full of poor photography/filming despite the professionals hanging around such as CNN, Fox, NBC, BBC (where's their's BTW)? Now much has been recently found about this top strip over here since we've been channelling into turkey and what it actually is attached to astrally. It's near as damn impossible to find any photos of but I did find a couple of examples in 9/11 which shows the building's true state. I didn't take photos of WTC 7 when I was there, going for the 2 big fuckers instead. Arse. So the most famous controlled demolition footage of WTC 7 is shows the building as very light grey. It highlights greatly the massive vent in the middle of the top of the building, when it shouldn't because of the quality of the video which is poor. I'm hearing that there was a second near identical astral building inside WTC7 and that's the building that was seen on the television. Something strange also happened with WTC1 as it was shown live on TV as collapsing twice in quick succession, less than a second apart. CNN's footage of the plane crashing into the WTC 2 was shown live at half speed in comparison to the other live footage material (Simon Shack). That can only happen cross Astral. I found out why the CNN footage of the fireball was slower than the rest because that one was channelled through another Chakra System called 'Sarah' and this chakra system has just been found inside the Christmas Turkey. All live footage of 9/11 came through several chakraed Star systems, including the Child Space Robot which I'm trapped in. So what is that massive vent on top of WTC 7? Turns out it's the substrate of The Bar on top of all TV Test Cards isn't it, especially BBC Test Card F, which I'm not gonna put here since it's stretched. It's actually built into to WTC 7 and how it used the power of The Television which is coming in from The Sun. Obviously 9/11 has damaged it, takes quite a time for it to come through. To try and get even a minuscule grip of what I said here, you need to look at witchcraft (witch = 7/11 which is the same number code as the WTC collapsed buildings). Witchcraft uses little bits of things from people, animals, other beings without the common knowledge of bodily matter consciously separated from yourself correctly from discarded material, it just grows in all over the place because everything is connected by a different astral matter that can't be seen, so it remains connected and used by a different person and also fills it up with dirt, electricity and can get completely taken over. The witches who would have been doing this were women taken over by the few men who knew how this system works. Women have had their brains removed. The Television is Telepathic brain material been used from other people who have lost complete control of it and are struggling to get it back. What's been retrieved so far is massively damaged. Brought to you by channelling horses, 'cause I missed that one.
  13. Thanks, I'm gonna take a look at that. Hole in me vision. Give me a bit of time and I'll come to it. Got something else going on with WTC 7 at the mo. Expect a big answer.
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