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  1. No I can tell you straight up if you want. We come from The Stars & are connected to The Earth by Leylines which have been savaged by The Occult. Soul creation is in The Stars which contain the conscious precise blueprints for the human body. We are here because either A/ We have been pulled down here by Occult Star snatching which happens B/ We're already down here when the planet was shut down because it is or C/ We came down here deliberately to get Earth out of the shit that it's in. This is no small story BTW When everyone dies they go down to a shut out Realm under this one known as Purgatory & Hell & it was a 100 meter sheer drop in a brown zone. It's no longer the biblical horror fest that it used to be because it's been captured by Pleiades. You'll see Pleiades adorned many things from The Occult because it's been deliberately shut out & is the original source of all life. Obviously we were going to fight over this. There's talk of sheet bodies by the Earth club so I'll use this to describe what happens when you die. Basically its an extreme form of out of body experience. You lose levels of your bio system & is dependant on the person who has 'died'. Women are supposed to have 330 levels of their body, men 310 levels which is why women take longer to die. Riggamortisis is a process of an instant developing an illegal dimension made out of iron to stop the person or life form to be used to channel upwards & out what is going on, so that's why nobody knows exactly what happens to them. This system is now breaking down dramatically. Yesterday my auntie died & immediately I channelled straight over to her through our shared DNA, built a leyline grid system to her location & managed to break through the riggamortisis. I managed to channel right into Level Riggamortisis in The Astral & I saw what was causing it to happen. I was looking at some strange Victorian mechanical objects & saw a metal 4 pointed star pinned in on Level Instant Growth in the population. I nicked it & dragged it over to me. Now this all sounds very weird & when you are looking right into Level Illuminati it does not look like normal life at all because these are their control panels & is largely unknown by the vast majority. The are holding the Star channels. I'm on the star soul rebuild with my auntie who survived until 90. On the day she died I was getting telepathically shouted at by the family & herself before she passed over. She barely left anything in her body, it's just a shell & is probably one of the closest dead people to the third.
  2. One thing. Its amazing people believe such ugliness & evil comes from something so very beautiful. The all the ugliness & evil is right here & its not the way its supposed to be, hence #TheRescue. We are all leyline star connected including this planetary system which has been causing a potential dangerous break point in the system & they are doing all they can to retrieve it from a sinister group of men who should never had got control of it.
  3. He's right up until 1:11 where he says about an Extraterrestrial source being an imposter to a divine being. I shove all that shit out about so called Divinity. This is an Earth thing & Earth is imbued solidly with the secrecy of The Occult. Global Cabal Lie Catalogue Number #4 (its high on the list) The general consensus is if aliens exist, they are grey massive head things walking around in a body that can't support it. Even science postulates over supposed life on exoplanets being snot ridden five legged bugs living in a green acid bath savaging each other. 👁 can see them (aliens) coming down here (as I channel everything with vision) to rescue the joint & they are people with bodies, hair, noses, 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 arms both women & men complete with proper family structures & everything. Somewhat more mundane than the endless stream of shite that get sold here, although they do look considerably better than we do. That's because they have no fucking divine religions with The Occult superstructure that goes with it. Heres one of me latest from my off the radar hard to swallow Twitter account (you've got to be tough to read it) about an Astral Dolls Head & channellers in general. PS Habitable Pleiades doesn't have wasps & mosquitos
  4. I have no idea who Mollinson is. I've never heard of him! But interestingly enough I have been channelling Bill Hicks as well on and off from 2014! The problem with channelling people is that there's deliberate interference going on in the astral & they also have to tune into your intelligence as well. All channellers work on spiritual philosophy that they are non physical entities made only out of energy or ghosts. I don't, I do the matter physical body which they are. Sound telepathy is almost impossible to achieve here due to the occult who are deliberately sabotaging any communication to this Realm. I find it harder than intelligence telepathy. Jim Morrison can & does communicate telepathically. Most dead people know the horrid truth about what's got them & in their trapped realm they are working together to break out of it. Not everyone can who is dead can channel, ie if they had senile dementia before they die, they have it worse afterwards & will have to recover, etc. It depends on their health. That was drunken attempt at channelling. The idea of him in a whisky bottle though... he probably spat in it as saliva has high level communicable conscious as well which is known by the 'dead' & is also the favourite medium extremely used by illegal occult astral entities as well. I don't doubt he contacted him but could only fire neurons in his head that this Mollinson knows.
  5. Well for a start of Freemasons are not coming forward with what they are doing & I want to see this addressed because it is a massive public health menace. I do not like their secret pact. They've got our true human rights & are trashing it with all that crappy shitty ritual they do, to put it mildly. I want what I know exposed which is why I've come back here with this hard fought for information. I can talk for hours & hours & hours about Fuckmasonry & what it's all about. The Bradle is the core centre of our consciousness from a baby & that's what the Mind Control & the global elite occult had illegally taken over. It's one of the biggest secrets on the planet is this one. You can Bradle other people with it which means you can attached it to another persons Bradle & talk to each other through your heads. Children often do it when the have imaginary friends. They degrade over time with ageing which is why children grow out of it & when they degrade they are stolen off the child, usually around 10 years old if they are interesting to them & use the in The Astral which we didn't command. Stealing a Bradle is a form of astral entity attack because it is removing part of the brain to be used by someone else. Causes all kinds of diseases like paranoid schizophrenia, psychosis, etc. Im a telepathist & I know how to use it. I dont class myself as psychic because I know how it works in the matter. I found the so-called dead. They fall 100 meter down when they die into The Earth. They don't float off to fucking heaven that's for certain. I channel them. My boyfriend was killed in a car crash when we were 17 in 1990 & he's my top dead channel & we've been channelling intel between each other, all about freemasonry, The Illuminati, the ruling elite who are The One & The Nine & about their TrekZie System which David Icke doesn't realise exists & its fucking massive. I know all about it.
  6. Ok give me a day or so & Ill see what I can see about you through #The Mist. Don't worry about vague. I understand. I'm going to open a thread on here about astral entity attack because I know people who use this site have made complaints about this & I know where it's coming from. So I'm going to outline the various types of astral attack an exactly what astral entities really are, what they are doing & how they accomplish it. Im going to outline how I was astrally attacked, by who & how I managed to get over it & it will be a shock just how high up the idiots who astrally attacked me were coming from. With a few simple steps & some time because you can't just get rid of them which is a big mistake made by a lot of people who claim they can shift them in couple of laaa di daaahof sessions, I can teach people how to overcome them instead.
  7. Hiya, I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I used to post on the original Forum as Milly, named after my horse back then. I was always very interested in Leyline research & numerology, the usuals 9/11 etc. I'm professionally a graphics designer, working across the board from 3D animations to photography to website design & sound engineering so I can spot fraudulent news imagery from a mile off. I designed the Scitech website at the European Space Agency & I was also one of the first female techno DJs on the planet, under the name Jayedee playing around the rave scene in the 90s. I speak Dutch as well as being able to read, write & speak some Russian & Greek. I also studied Telecommunications Engineering which gave me a really good technical background into understanding The Occult which is something very close to my heart 👁 Why would you need Telecommunications Engineering to understand The Occult? Well you want to know what The Matrix is right & more importantly how to get out of it. It helps sooooooo much. Only The Computer based Matrix only existed from the late seventies & is already down, so it's gone. The Human Condition doesn't exit in it anymore. Its the TV Akashic Records, the Landline Telephone Akashic Records & The Religious Akashic Records that are the problem because they are older & more grown in. While I've been off this site I learned that I was under a highly dangerous astral attack. I know it was the worst astral attack that has ever been launched on a human. I had been 'Coned' & my top nerve was cut & soldered by my own fucking dad who was a multiple reincarnation from The Illuminati which is why I know so much about it. If you read my writings, you will probably realise why I was so savagely attacked & I was attacked from the top. My body system, not body weighed about 3 million tonnes & I had to get rid of it all, which I did in a massive battle that took 8 miserable years. I had the entire occult system rivvened into my body, including The Matrix & I was mind controlled walked from leaving The UK to Holland because it is the lowest living human dimension on Earth, The UK is the highest with the next level being Space! So as a result of beating all of this I am now an expert in The Occult, in particular The Illuminati, Freemasonry & Druidism. Satanism is a rehashed party club. Astrology Chakra Systems, there are more than one Astral Entity Attack Astral Surfing Astral Diametric Interchanges or Dimentions Telepathy involving people in the 3D, people who are classed as dead & people from other habitable planets Leyline Research Soul bionic healing Soul Retrieval Soul Sphinxing & separation Flooring common alien research Rescuing Top Victims of The Occult & other astral victims. Existential Mind Control fields like the one in The Houses Of Parliment, White House etc Decoding any scriptures like the Bible, Torah, Dharmic Religions, Ancient Egyptian Bullshit, etc etc & sending them into the Astral bin because it's all written by the same hand Decoded The Voynich Manuscript, the Illuminati handbook of torture. Reading & destroying all the Akashic Records & bringing back the original World Records which are unknown. The things you needed to properly understand The Matrix and remove The Matrix (Mate Tricks) are TrekZie Ouija Boards Inconsistent History Plate Tectonics & Volcanism The Hydrogen Band Women Pregnancy & Childbirth Horses, I am also a riding instructor & horse therapist Flowers, Trees, Fish, Butterflies, A second language especially Dutch Pyramid Multicoding Numerlogy The Unity Consciousness Roman Numerals Cosmology, the scientific type. Chemistry Sound Wave Theory The Electromagnetic Spectrum The Theory of Gravity put forward by Newton & Huygens Basic secondary school maths in order to understand Imperfect Pi the mathematical base of The Occult The Netherlands The UK Germany Denmark Norway Switzerland France These countries are very important when dealing with The Matrix & how it's gridded. Running a fucking good carbolic...that'll rozzle yer nozza or if yer lucky a good fucking TrekZie & taking pleasure in the joy of The Weird. The last one was Vodafone NL 3D TrekZieing out of the human condition last week & running through my brain in inverse & down the outside of my body. Apparently it exploded. It was great By the way I failed all my GSCEs at school I had help to make sure I failed. That's me on my Akhal Teke Stallion Saadet & I'll shut up now
  8. I know all about Freemasonry and the fucking Freemasonry curses. Yes they can astrally attack you & live update is that America is suffering more from this than any other location, nowhere has a problem now with Freemasonry coded attack. They can still astrally attack you but not with the occult toy box anymore. It's gone. I worked hard to remove it. I've been applying Multiversal Law on this & rejecting it as they are not allowed to have this. plus they were occupying the space that's only allowed for women. They were travelling in their bone structures. On The Level means a conscious meet in The Astral. Not all Freemasons are bad but some of them are & some of them were really spectacularly dangerous.They were using something called a Child's Bradle which is a cube that sits in the middle heartline above your head in your unknown auric field (The White Cube) & its your child's consciousness. Everybody has got one & this comes in at soul level. They were whipping women, with astral whips with cubes on the end which are configured in Temples in Bali right into their souls. Their top secret tokens, Fluffy Cloud Flower which is a poppy, Fluffy Cloud Spiral, Fluffy Cloud Zigzag, Fluffy Cloud Arches, Fluffy Cloud thingy (Ill have to draw them) were actually drawing hijacked power from The Stars in Creation, mind over matter & was given to them as tokens, toys to rip people apart. They had no idea what on Earth they were messing with. That said, loads of Freemasons themselves worked hard to stop this, I know one that got fibromyalgia as a result of helping me with this. I got up to The Square in Level Illuminati where they were astrally there in body, mind & soul with a noose around their necks & the right trousers leg rolled up to get their leg chopped off with a sword ready to go right through their hearts should they walk the wrong way. I took that shit down.
  9. I channelled him as well because I can channel the 'so called dead.' He's one of the group known as the #FirstWaveDeadDudes & one of the people challenging the Akashic Records from down below where they are & breaking the fission material of the illegal dimensions. Kurt Cobain is another but there's quite a lot of people working on this. This is my Twitter post from April last year & indeed I am dealing with the Dark Leaves of Hell #JimMorrision & #PamCourson have been challenging me for weeks to put this up. They are both massively determined to make it back to the #Third. "#TheDarkLeavesOfHell," says Jim "That'll do it." #ReigningInFromParis.
  10. You would been able to see this 'Sale' because you are not as blind as other people. You may well be down here on purpose to stop all of this & because you are here on this forum means you're not convinced of all the bullshit around you is legit. That can make you physically more open and increase the ability to see cross dimensionally. If you are a reincarnation down here (there's loads since the 70s in Britain for a very good reason) get your original parents in, just will it & they'll come. The DNA in this place is crap. I have original parents I've done it, my sad name here on Planet Dirt is Steffie I've been getting them in for ages. I'm massively radical thinker & I've learned how to circumnavigate & heal my body using mind over matter. I've been rebuilding my DNA underneath & above. There's fuck all left of me here as Steffie
  11. This is where the power of the occult Global Elite who were all men had hold of. The Universe is the damaged by the occult sector of The Multiverses. All of our Consciousness, the designs for our DNA & grand designs of all life comes from The Stars & no we are not hollow. The idea of the holographic universe comes from illegally set dimensions & realms by these individuals as vault or firmament vaults. These 'people' calling themselves god's lead by er, God, astrally attacked & took over the bodies of the real people of creation who designed butterflies, flowers, bees, horses, cats, dogs as well as themselves etc referred to them as fallen angels & are mostly women. They used that talent they stole to destroy the genetic systems of everything which is outlined in Genesis. Gene (genetic) = 22 or 1111 & sis =11, 9/11, 666/11, XXX/11 as all women have 3 heart lines along the middle of the top of their heads which was the target. Sis also means sister & noted in Isis & is connecting Egyptology to the old testament which comes after. Egyptology is all about soul division. Genesis is the parallaxed body grown into the cut up soul, hence soul fragments. For instance there's an entire galaxy of stars in the Creation of the simple Daisy She's the first flower & was designed by Archangel Chanel who the first human & pregnant woman in existence from Pleiades. Then came the men. We come from The Stars & are connected to The Earth by Leylines which The Occult has been evicted from. People are experiencing weird stuff at the moment and it's due to this. The power is being transferred to a benevolent people who are moving down from Pleiades & other habitable star systems but yeah it is causing problems because everyone is connected to this.
  12. Just dropping this here. This may be a problem. Revelation 6:14 The sky was rolled up like a scroll.
  13. The Norway attacks. 22/7/2011 The Helium Atom 22/7 = The diameter of the circle in Occult rudimentary π π = 16 in the Greek Alphabet & 1+6= 7 which is the same as the G in Freemasonry. Apart from the 2 electrons in orbit there are 2 protons & 2 neutrons 2011 Now its not the only 22/7 that can be found, I've found block triangles constructions in doorways to mosques in Saudi Arabia with that aspect ratio. All the church bells in The Netherlands ring out only in 11/7 & 22/7 configuration What I'm trying to present here is proof that the Occult Ruling Elite HAD hold of the Creation of the entire Elemental Table from which everything is made from, right from progressive growth. The reason why its never been found by science or mathematicians is because they always look for precision where this isn't. Sound cannot be calculated by mathematics & life is created around our emotions which are based upon sound.
  14. I'll not lie, I did smoke weed because I was littered with extremely dangerous astral entities but never really that weed. It was better with a herb spliff mix rather than tabacco, which is only permitted in coffee shops here in Holland now. Tonic water is perfectly fine to drink, you dont need to put alcohol in it! As a result of that I'm an expert at getting rid of the most dangerous astral entities & I know the many ways of how they 'infest' the body. The info is all my own research, most of it is in my head, though I'm not an ego freak. All the top conspiracy theorists don't go any further than what they've been doing for years. I'm going to reveal here slowly what I know & see if people can get it. There were some fantastic thinkers on this site, especially the old one. During the live broadcast of 9/11, I could see the numerical patterns in use on the day, then again on 3/11 by the time 7/7 turned up I got it that some sort of secret code was in use. Now I've decrypted the entire baseline code of The Occult & it's relation to the Periodic Elemental Table. I've also hacked to Freemasonry using telepathy & stopped what they were doing. There's a big telepathic field here in Holland & we're sharing intel between us. That Cow has a table bolted to its hooves, which is identified as King Solomons Table & it has all the Global Freemason lodges checkerboard floors installed in it. If you come here & you smoke weed youll be in for the trip of your lifetime because you'll be able to channel it
  15. These people who have written books about the Akashic Records have not taken into account all the vast mechanisms controlling behind it. All they do is prophesis nonsense as they have been directed towards a dolls head in The Astral by the ruling elite to stop them seeing beyond it. They open the third eye chakra & they go straight to it. That is part of the prison. They focus only on high energy, I do the full spectral grid & I also use low vibration not just high vibration. The CONSCIOUS MATTER BASED Akashic Records cannot withstand low resonant vibrational sound which is basically what all high frequency energy philosophy is all about, hence Ma-Sonic because Freemasonry had its own level in the Akashic Records & codes numerically through sound & ritual. Low frequency sound breaks the solid occult material apart & renders it useless. The entire Occult Global Mind Control mechanism is based on these 3 things The Global leyline system that the global sound heartbeat of life &, is the mechanism for the unity consciousness which encompasses the core, solar system & extends out to space & beyond The varient Chakra systems which there are more than one & chains your skeletal system to the damaged planet. & The Akashic Records that programmes them all. Nobody is looking directly at these things or questions them. The leyline system is the least important in people's minds who are 'awakened' with the chakra system being revered because of its pretty colours. They don't even realise that it's the pregnant woman chakra system, not men. The Akashic Record system for the deeper thinkers believe that it is a source for healing & channels through how to vapourise yourself. It most certainly is not a healing medium.
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