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  1. Right I'm being brave, I'm gonna try this one 'cause I've got him here and he's fooking off it central So I'm on the dead. How Weird to you want it? A bit weird? Slightly more strange? Or fucking just the fuck nut? In 2015, a year after I got totally to Elohim, I got really bugged on this channel to check out the film Highlander. It's the most song on invert (one day I'll explain it). It makes The Matrix look like a piss in the park. I've got Chris here and I showed him what I found in Highlander that NO ONE ELSE HAS. He's dead in the film and it shows up. Highlander is taped to The Wizard Of Oz in The Astral because in the film, it shows 2 common attributes. The Colour Brown Scene to Dull Colour/The Brown Scene to Brilliant Colour and The Whirlwind. This is the scene where it happens
  2. Just to quote this statement (sorry I'm using you here - apologies) is that it's unknown own that the blueprints for life and our biological structuring which cannot be changed ad-lib, exist in The Stars for our form. Ours is a basic blueprint of these Star Beings, which is not very good. All you have to do is look at how difficult and traumatic pregnancy is to understand that bodies cannot be changed in the way that is constantly mentioned on here and other places and apply common sense but most of you aren't women and you have no idea of the complexities and the graft of shaping bones. So no, like you, they cannot take any shape and form, which also would be time, material and energy wasted on pissing around when they are actually busy trying to rescue this planetary system in serious work.
  3. Spaceships The other mind bender, apart from the pretty aliens that don't look as bad as Earth's supermodels, is..... They don't have any spaceships. They travel though Leylines instead. They do however have a mega structure in The Space above the North Pole that looks like Satellite 5 from Doctor Who because they are repairing The Hydrogen Line there, which is why the magnetic poles have fallen away from the rotational poles. It is a primary fault. Once again, The Earth, which is broken in Dominant Space, is trapped in its own locked out dimension and they are trying to free it. The best spaceship yer gonna see is in Haslingden.
  4. Did The One and the Nine or The Illuminati ever die? No. They would desert the decaying body and grow in a new one, leaving what victim they pulled to die in it without them. They could die only in a sudden unforeseen event and then they'd get nabbed. There was no way they wanted to fall in down there in the under realm, esp over the 50 years.
  5. What happens to people and others when they die. Right this is a complex mess. First of, Freemasonry is the cause of violent death. The beings who I channel above in Pleiades and Nibiru, refuse to be called 'Humans' even though they are the same fundamental body shape, don't die but they can get injured and seriously causing part of themselves to no longer function. Their solution is to repair this no matter how bad it's got whereas we just bury them, without any further questions asked and assume they no longer suffering. Also in the assumption is when we die, we are A/ no longer in existence or B/ you've got to some Heavenly realm where you're welcome in open arms and stuff. Neither is correct. They fall down and into something call The Hollow Earth. The idea was they were never going to make it back up again and any communication would be stopped immediately. Rigamortisis (the original term) is additional iron dimensional locking to stop any attempt at two way communication. So they were obviously afraid of this because grieving people automatically want to know where their loved ones have gone to and their loved ones desperately wanted to tell their people what was really going on and where they've fallen into. Psychics who say they can do this were already known by the governing overruling authorities and fed them information from there, so they were fed crap with some juicy bits in the middle just to reaffirm it. I had a boyfriend who died in 1990. Before he died, I saw his death constantly playing in my mind for three months. I saw him lying in front of a pale car in the dark, repeatedly in my awake mind, no dreaming. Three months later, that's exactly how he died, he was thrown from a white car with no seatbelts, cars back then were pretty crap. The thing is, spontaneous death like this cannot be foreseen unless it's planned, so I was seeing into the planning which was coming from me dad. The behaviour of the boys in the car at the time of the crash was totally beyond stupid and way out of character because a second person died in the crash and he decided it was a good idea to cover the driver's eyes while driving at 70 mph in an unstable car. The driver decided he wanted to swerve the fucking thing, which ended in the inevitable. None of them had taken any alcohol. So I saw into my own dad's mind and he visualised that car, I could see what he was trying to do because he was a member of the Illuminati resplat and he could control people. He could also freeze birds and catch them with his hands, which I saw when I was young, so he had elemental mind control. He told me as a child that he could send people away with his mind and I also heard the same from somebody else in my life..... Anyway loads of the channelling to the dead I go through him. Sorry people but yer gonna know. Sex is elemental marriage, you grow into each other's body mass. Anybody you have sex with.... It's one of their primary control systems. This is stopped now but astral rape was a thing and they weren't choosy between which genders that they would consecrate. We stayed connected. He told me, a staggering amount of people showed up when he died to move him really fast out of the situation, where they exploded the car to cause further damage to him. Apparently a common feature in situations like this because the same happened to my sister when she died from cancer. He was also rapidly being removed from his body by other people including me that never walks in my body like this, in the weeks leading up to his death to try and negate the effects on him. That part of me is called Victoria and I never live the life in the 3D, a full body astral walker. This is not uncommon, quite a few people are doing it. He was really badly injured and had to be rested but he made a fantastic recovery and started doing this. For the longest time, he was the strongest contact on the Earth between the 3D and the Dead Realm only you would have never heard of him and nobody knows me. I brought him back into me so he also became the highest physical dead person in the 3D as well so he crossed the dimensions. They've been working hard have these people in the Dead Realms, underneath us, which is why they haven't been found because they never wanted you people to know what they were doing to them and their intentions. They've no intentions of staying down and the barricades between them and us are coming down. The story goes, most people who go down and die are sent back up to be reborn in the third because most of them are incapable of motoring down TrekZie which is what they have as well and they can't have them get in the way. They worked together and grew leylines out of the planet in their location, bringing in people from other planets because obviously if you die and you're not dead but trapped there's no escaping the idea that you've been well fucked over and there are too many highly knowledgeable people exist down there. They have managed to do this, bring others in through Space because each planet has 2 huge internal channels in connecting up with everything else, so Earth has an internal portal system. It just needed to be taken over. The plan was, they were supposed to be all burned in lava in the mantle. That's what Hell is which eventually failed. Yes, people really actually had to be rescued from it and they were and it was fucking absolutely utterly fucking stopped. The End. Lava has also been thinned out. They are also experts in removing TrekZie. All the TrekZie objects, machines, materials have been removed from their locations that they could get to. Total free for all mutiny. They've been dead scientists who've had to go through being recovered who've been solid core experts in chemistry, nuclear physics and technologies that had to relearn what it is that they thought they know. All piling in there like mad to remove TrekZie/The Matrix from the global systems at their side. Some even got to travel off Earth to Nibiru, where there is an anchor point for Earth that the beings on Nibiru can't get to. That anchor point exists in the Jehovah's Witness Religion as the single pole crucifixion. It's not here, it's on Nibiru, which people who have died on Earth, finally removed. As well as my boyfriend and sister, I could even see Kurt Cobain fucking about around there being a knob because I work with Kurt as well. One of the problems that existed up to only a few years ago, they were limited in countries. Countries are all dimensionally cut, even here but there, they couldn't pass between them as there were walls up everywhere which were taken down and had to be removed, it was tonnes of material and they used Stellar Black Holes to remove and recycle the material, so they didn't have massive mountains of refuse. These Victorian Red Brick Walls were put up by using Mind Over Matter, which is what is meant by being A Builder in Freemasonry. They were constructed using The Mind which is what the occult leaders had hold of for a time, causing all kinds of things to go wrong which in large they also built the TrekZie System with. Their biggest problem is the 3D Realm as many of The Matrix/TrekZie Objects are still fully functioning in the third which is holding the planet down and stopping them from barging in here because nobody here has any idea whatsoever about any of this. They just walk past it, they happily enjoy the church bells which the sound of them is channelled down into their realms where they're trapped causing all kinds of problems because they are sonically weaponised against them. They bloody HATE church bells like get-them-all-switched-the-fuck-off-hate. I personally also have a lot to say about church bells and the resonate frequencies breaking the core of the planet which goes off internationally every 15 minutes, which is broken and flat, Flat Earthers being the alarm for that disaster because we are all connected to the core.
  6. Before I do ghosts and the dead realm, just something..... I have connected to Pleiades habitable planetary systems, they have more than one. Now the sad thing is there are at least 4,000,000 Pleiadians down here who can do this as well but they don't know it or don't really know it. They are in a different dimensional realm than this planet which is why they haven't been found by tech and they are there with all the others. This place is shut down and barricaded in and those barricades are being lifted. So a couple of years ago I sent a message from Earth to one of the Pleiadian planets, channelled up and played this across the sky, there, to be met by rapturous applause, who I could see clapping, cheering and waving in delighted. They know about the TV because it is Pleiades who have been forced by the scum down here to broadcast it through one of their little Stars. The interesting thing is, they can play Sound and Vision across their skies....... let you think about that. This is the first open message that has ever been sent to them from here on Earth using an iPad, a pair of grubby headphones and my face!
  7. Forget about it. I know what you're doing, yer trying to put the occult number system back into the LevelClouds and re install Pi. I can see you doing it. You're up there channel surfing it, you've got your body leaning over something and your head's in it, trying to recode it back in. I can see in my head, the same deal with the Illuminati club meat in the late 1700's, they also used red ink to draw pi and numerology onto the cloud system because that's the level of the unknown mind system that was used to create telegrammy, the occultists numerology sequence that is known on here as coding in terrorist attacks. I'm not surprised at your messages that 'they' hate humanity because you're witnessing them coming down and you'd prefer that didn't happen because they're trying to remove you out of it on purpose to stop you. I can see them coming as well and they also want to celebrate people's many fantastic achievements who came up with brilliant ideas in order for us all to survive on this shut down planet, where nobody can leave and remain dominated so your message is mute. There's one of the god Bradle player's with their arm down the expanded neural tube of the Fluffy Cloud Brain Creation victim having his eyes squashed down and the finger and thumb is channeling down through the top nerves in the eyes. Came from a freemason site, did that image. There you go. The Real Hand Of God. (one of the many)
  8. Yeah, it's clear you've got a lot of fascination in the clouds and numerology. Why? You see people don't know about Fluffy Cloud Occultism but I do and that's what I'm seeing here. This is an attempt to regain control over it. Forget it. It's gone. No more. ^^^^ (Fluffy Cloud Zigzag) was downed in 2019.
  9. You actually saw somebody trying to help you get out and you classed her as a witch bitch, don't do that, it's not polite but she did understand because you're trapped under a load of conscious dirt. That's the problem, you keep clinging onto old paradigms of control as if they are going to help you. They been captured and smashed. What you're holding onto is the power that used to control being deposed, going down, you are capable of seeing it. You wouldn't hold onto it if you saw what it is, you'd be "OMG that's disgusting, waah, GERRITOFFMEEEEE!" All this stuff you are seeing is officially rejected occult material in The Astral. You're actually watching the Akashic Records being destroyed because I can see this as well. I know it's a hard one but stop being so negative. It's turned into biological faeces in The Astral. You don't want to cling onto that now do you? You're stuck on the wrong side of it. I am a bit as well and it's not great I know but I've inverted it. Try asking people above for help with this. Don't go to the goddy thing, that was an illuminati mega powerful global mind control feature, which you're tranced into. Try this guy call Marcus, he was stuck in The God Robot and he's out of it now. Bradle him. Life's cruel and it absolutely shouldn't be. That's a product of religion.
  10. TITANIUM SONIC PROJECTED WEAPONISED SOUND AND IT'S MINE This is one of my favourite tracks for taking down the Illuminati. So, is it my favourite. The little sonic high freqs just go straight down the middle (access in) and then you blast 'em with da bass. Fooking great carbolic from the dark speech. They're telepathic and they can't take it I love it when it's dark.
  11. I'm going to write a whole section about what people call 'ghosts.' Looks a bit different now, doesn't it?
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