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  1. Hi. We're driving from Bradford if anybody wants to chip in a little for petrol, we've 2, maybe 3 seats free due to the apathy of our friends and family.. we're most likely heading to the Manchester one but if news comes through of David attending the London demo. We're looking forward to meeting like minded people and soaking up a peaceful atmosphere wherever we end up, but have absolutely no interest in getting involved with any police aggression. Touch wood - this won't be the case, but if this does happen - we'll be gone quicker than a junkies giro. If anybody is interested in j
  2. Hi can anyone help me out here. We were all set to go to the London event but when I downloaded telegram for updates it's also mentioned Manchester for the same protest on the same day. Does anybody have any information on who will be speaking at either event? In particular, will David be attending?
  3. As far as symbols go, you can't get more blatant. When i observe the logo of this deeply sinister organization I can clearly see an image of the planet in the sight of a gun/sniper of some kind. I was wondering if anyone knew what the official reasoning behind this is.
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this. If anybody has seen this documentary - alien reptilian legacy - basically, there is a film that they use excerpts from throughout the documentary. Two fellas talking about aliens running the world from the Shadows. the situation is likened to a game of chess, one fellow appears to be in the know and is explaining the situation to a bloke called John. I would be interested to know the name of the film that is referenced. Thanks in advance
  5. samlou8


    Why is this website constantly asking me to verify I'm not a robot?? Getting me to click about traffic lights and crosswalks. Halfway through reading an item and it keeps popping up. Why??
  6. Anyone just seen the latest advert of TV. Called DECADE OF HEALTH. by WHO? Recoken it's about ensuring we all live as long as possible and how they're working harder than ever to ensure it happens this decade!?!?!? Mental. https://youtu.be/JQrUJDp-eWs
  7. How do I find out about upcoming protests against corona/5g? Missed one today in Sheffield. Obviously a Google search brings up nothing!
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