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  1. Out if likes When that happens the MSM will NOT report that ONLY people who had first vacc have died. It will be labeled as an extremely dangerous variant. Nothing at all will be mentioned about how people who did not have jab are not dying.
  2. Yep another thing Mr Icke said would happen........there will not be just one injection. Hey these conspiracy theorists are nuts aren’t they! F*ing MSM.
  3. Perhaps I should get my vaccine now so I won’t get a vaccine passport Just a joke of course...I will never have shite injected into my body! seems to be the un-logical thought process of the sleeping masses at the moment!
  4. This should be the huge gold nugget! F*ing MSM
  5. Problem is how many ‘setups’ by council, police, bma would there be to test doctors? They would be too frightened of consequences if they did not administer the said drug.......just like they are too frightened to speak out now about this fake pandemic. Yep if you know your doc very very well you may stand a chance, but the risk of the doctor being ‘setup’ would be right up there in the head of the doc.
  6. With you on all counts. Talk radio is all pro vacci and just like the rest of them ALL BS. I do not like any msm and treat them all with the same contempt. However I do listen to them, watch them and read them to try and gauge things and to see the latest programming methods. This morning with JHB was inspiring for me as I did think something has hit home with her. She is obviously ‘looking at’ what ‘conspiracy theorists’ are saying........whether she is learning from that only she can say. Nope nothing will change, she would never go against the system, but to me it shows all out work collectively is getting through. Maybe it is just wishful thinking!
  7. JHB on Talk radio......you know ....the home of free speech! A few weeks ago asked some mp why the goal posts keep moving on covid 19. She said to him: “we were told the vaccine was a game changer and when the vulnerable were vaccinated things would go back to normal, but now all thats changed. Why do you keep moving the goal posts and giving ammunition to the conspiracy theorists?” This morning listening to JHB I really do think she is now aware of what is happening......or at least it is beginning to sink in.........but of course she will never risk her job in saying what she actually thinks.......on a ‘free speech’ radio station!
  8. I had same. My kids are of that age now. I make sure I do not worry them with whats going on at the moment but I have always and will always explain to them that they must always research things themselves, never take anyone else's word as gospel. Then and only then come to their own conclusion as to what is happening. As a father I hope I am instilling in my kids not to ‘just believe’ what they are told without questioning and researching first. I hope they take that with them through life.
  9. Is this it Jim? https://davidicke.com/2021/02/01/fascism-the-next-stage-uk-police-given-access-to-peoples-medical-data-door-to-door-testing-starts-in-the-south-east/
  10. Totally understand what you are saying. I am in no way religious and never have been. For me something is at work, But I am not sure what? No doubt I will learn more.
  11. I heard on a radio station today with one of their ‘experts’ (who by the way couldn’t explain why people were still getting colds, catching covid (apparently) yet the flu has disappeared worldwide! The experts response was “we still do not understand the reasons for that yet”! Anyway getting back to your question...........the expert on radio today said “they will mix them to protect against variants”! Bloody joke I know, but there are actually people lapping it all up!
  12. Something is at work thats for sure........let’s take David’s experience for example........something is at work. What it is is beyond my comprehension but like you I am convinced something positive will happen and, like you, I base this on nothing but intuition.
  13. After I have told them to F right off I will also be telling them to read the Nuremburgh code and if they knock my f’ing door again I will take their full details and when the shite finally hits the fan for the scum behind this scam and EVERYONE who took their part in the scam (wether following orders OR not) I will report them for their part played and I will make sure at a local level they are held accountable for their actions. Just try knocking my door you f*ing idiots.....I dare you!
  14. To me it is obvious. Those responsible for this scam are starting to realise people (in far greater numbers) are questioning the test and deaths attributed to Covid. It is a clear back track from what we were reading only a few days ago where people were dying of covid. I heard the funniest thing yet again on a msm radio station today. Apparently now if you have an illness that kills you but you also test positive for covid (yeah right), having covid in you could kill you a few days earlier than the illness might have! Talk Radio again! But I am guessing all MSM will start reporting along the same lines.
  15. Great point. I suppose we need to ask the BBC, LBC, Talk Radio, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 etc etc etc and they will make up an answer for us. ;)
  16. Does anyone know what amplification the Isle Of Man were using and have been using recently for the PCR test? It would be interesting to know. Cannot find any information out there? Hardly surprising though! Do they test on the Isle Of Man or on the mainland? Call me cynical but I cannot help thinking the Isle Of Man is a set up for something down the line.
  17. I think you have the answer. Let’s be very clear......If we the people do not get a grip of this now things are going to get bad, very bad. Our only hope if we do nothing now is when humanity is suffering an army and or police force (both will be merged by then) somewhere in the world revolts and takes sides with the population, causing other army/police around the world to follow their example. We then live under those armies in individual countries? Then the people must stand together against those armies or we are really no better off. The problem humanity will face however is that it will take years of suffering before this might happen. By then if the world army is in we have no chance as that is why a world army is being introduced......to harshly control the population. Do it now peacefully or do nothing and humanity will suffer like never before.
  18. Ok so we can all clearly see that ‘variants’ are now going to be used going forward to introduce more lockdowns and restrictions and put the fear of god into those susceptible to the programming. We know the ‘virus’ has never been isolated or purified right? Let’s imagine this virus is real........if a variant did come along would that need to be isolated and purified to show it is a ‘new variant’ as well?
  19. It’s great isn’t it! My opinion is this station is being promoted as ‘the home of free speech’ in order to attract those who are on the fence. You know the type......the ones who can see thru the BBC and the rest of the MSM BS but are not quite sure what is happening and are looking for confirmation of what they think is happening. Confirmation from a ‘free speech’ outlet where anyone can ring in and air their views. I’m afraid I have bad news for those still on the fence using Talk Radio as a source of information....guess what? You are not getting the full story from ‘the home of free speech’ either! I also love the way he says that if things change from what he says in a year he will hold his hands up and say he was wrong! Wow he is looking far ahead isn’t he? This fool will still be making excuses for Covid 19 in a year when we are still locked down......no doubt he will say he told us nothing would change and the tin foil hats and conspiracy theorists were wrong again!
  20. I know......... Lets say the South African variant is spreading......(it’s no more dangerous (if you believe it exists)) but we can test masses of people at their homes and panic the rest into geting tested wherever they live, get positives from a test not testing for Covid, then we can lock them down again! Genius! They will never see through that one either.
  21. My guess is this will continue for a very long time once they ‘convince’ people the ‘latest’ variant will kill young people as well and guess what?......A new vaccine will be needed to treat it! You can see the idea being slowly introduced to the sleeping public via the bbc and other outlets......a little report and story here and there for now.
  22. My contribution........ Nurses and doctors would be dying in huge numbers all over the world (especially (if you believe this bs) when they are only wearing face nappies for protection). African townships (or anywhere else in the world where people live practically on top of each other in huge numbers) would be wiped out. Mortuary's would be full up all over the world. ALL people worldwide would be terrified of leaving their properties. People would be terrified of attending mass gatherings like protests. Police would refuse to go near anyone just wearing a face nappy for protection. Politicians wouldn’t be having drinks together in bars. People wouldn’t get on the underground, buses, trains, taxis or any other public transport. .............
  23. Ian Collins today preaching how right he is and how wrong sceptics are (or as he put’s it....anti vaxxers, tin foil hats etc etc etc) He also covers the ‘great reset’......oh and the low flu numbers! Wow this guy is so clever! Everything explained in a few minutes! Oh and any doctors who disagree are in a small minority and probably cranky old gp’s who haven’t practiced for 30 years. Ian is such a nice man isn’t he! He must also live a very sheltered life! Amongst his self righteous preaching he mentions David and how he spoke to David 15 or 16 years ago and how amazing it is how things didn’t happen .........he failed to mention what David did not get right? IC also said he did not need David Icke telling him about a cashless society. He said he could of asked other people in the 60’s who could of predicted it! Man this bloke is so clever! It sure is a pitty the free speech radio station that is ‘Talk Radio’ will NOT allow David on and try to debunk what David has to say! Kind of shows how delirious this station is along with all it’s presenters I suppose! The whole sermon is quite comical really. David is mentioned at 1:31:40ish if you want to see ‘free speech’ in action watch the first part of the sermon as well it’s a right laugh! Apologies video below is not wanted......cannot delete from post! Sorry!
  24. That is a very good point you make wideawake. I spend a lot of time looking at msm versions of events, alternative media versions and lots of my own research to try and get a balanced look at what is being said. I teach my children to do the same. It is always refreshing when I post a question that results in lots of fantastic opinions from fantastic fellow human beings. Each and every opinion (wether I agree with them or not) has it's worth and enlightens me further.
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