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  1. 2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Yes, it is a cheery prediction, isn't it. I found the comment on Truss' shadow (which I'd otherwise have missed) interesting. She reminds me of an assassin.

    To me the shadow looks like a human being who has been downed and is taking one last shot before death at a lizzard?


    Suppose it is like a cloud though and we all see different things. It’s a great video however.

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  2. WAR……..it’s that simple. They are going to make peoples’ lives so misreable with mainly energy but eventually serious food shortages as well……..blaming guess who? Yep those nasty Russians who (they will say)…….we must attack or there will be no end to this. From that China will join in and off we go. This time though the b@57@rds are bankrupting countries and demoralising populations before war even starts. We won’t stand a f’in chance….nor are we meant to. I’m thinking it is not too far off either. By that I mean between now and that year which keeps popping up…….Now what was it again…..oh yeah 2030.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, sickofallthebollocks said:


    What do they say? Oh yes.....any publicity is good publicity.


    Now, now you naughty fish & chip woman with your own mind and opinion.....we must remember people cannot have their own opinions and if they do we the self righteous must make them pay!

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  4. 1 hour ago, HAARPING_On said:


    I’m suggesting this photo wasn’t taken at all. Just Liz Truss on a green backdrop.


    A number of things I’d question here.

    • The clock and the “reflection” which blocks out the time.
    • The handshake from the Queen looks “Masonic” and doesn’t appear to Match Liz Truss’s hand gesture. (try the hand position from Truss yourself – it’s awkward)
    • I know the Queen has had mobility problems but who carries a walking stick and a handbag in their own house? Surely a handbag would add to any balance issues?
    • Liz Truss looks way bigger than the Queen. Camera angle? Distortion?


    Would welcome any counterpoints or debate but just my thoughts for what they are worth...


    Shadows look wrong. Look at Truss' leg shadows (or are they scuffed up carpet where somone previously walked) very faint but going away from big window as seen in reflection in mirror (as they should) but look at Liz's, her shadows go to her right and hardly cast out at all? Maybe just me but they do not seem in tandem with each other in the same room/light? Just noticed walking stick shadow too. Going towards big window allowing light in! Would lamp/mirror on mantle do that and push shadow back towards the amount of light from window? certainly a mish mash.


    The shadows really do have me confused. Did the photographer use lighting? if so why are shadows not all going same direction? That big window at back plus photography lighting from same direction surely would overpower any light from behind or above? I'm no photo expert but I have to say when I saw the pic on day of release I did actually ask a few people if it was real.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Indeed. She let everything else happen without intervention for 70 years. Scandals, Crooked Governments, Illegal Wars, everything....but the vaccines were obviously deemed too important to stay on the fence.


    Yep, one must do ones duty.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    What was it she (or whoever was being her) said last year - it's your NATIONAL DUTY to have the jab?


    This guilt-tripping more gullible proles into taking the suicide shot.


    So no, I won't feel sad. I'll save my sadness for all the lives needlessly tossed away, and all the needless suffering caused, by the fucking CV19 scam that Her Maj was publicly backing.

    I wonder if she was a victim of her own promotional success? Maybe even some Elites no longer required get the treatment as well?

  7. 2 minutes ago, mishy said:

    Obviously predictable, but the amount of people posting on my FB feed all upset is fucking ridiculous. I could appreciate it if she was a family member, but she couldn't give a fuck about them so why the sadness. Retards.

    Just the sheeple following the sheeple in front. Want to be seen as being all kind and considerate of everyone else, yet in reality most probably do not even speak to their neighbours!

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  8. I have to say the timing of the first announcement was classic. Right in the middle of Truss’ statement where she was laying out how she was going to save the energy companies from windfall taxes…….ooops I mean save the UK people from freezing to death this winter whilst illegals are put up in four star hotels! Boom boom.

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  9. 1 minute ago, rebornsteve said:



    Charles will declare that no new money with his picture on will be minted. 

    He will push to usher in digital currency as his green gift to us all. 


    Think you may of hit the nail smack, bang right on the head.

  10. So what’s next?………..Millions of OUR money will be spent on a lavish funeral with all the usual bollox of pomp and ceremony psychologically reminding the plebs who is who in the pecking order. And of course we will have the usual suspects lining the streets, clapping like seals and crying like babies. All over a stranger they know absolutely nothing about! Those same people and the media will not give a flying fuck about the elderly who freeze to death in the UK this winter because they cannot afford to keep warm. Fucking idiots.

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  11. Again, a story that automatically gets me suspicious. Why has it taken so long to discover this? And again......what timing!


    In these times (hmmmm, hmmmmmmm nothing to see here gov) when excess death figures clearly show lots of people are dying as a result of heart problems we are getting a drip feed of stories like this........... 



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  12. A brand new 'world changing' vaccine that is basically targeted at countries with very low take up of the covid jab. What timing! Are they telling the truth or am I being cynical again.....who knows. Wonder what is meant by 'world changing'?


    Amazes me how governments of these countries are happy enough to allow tens of thousands of children die of hunger every year. It amazes me how they allow tens of thousands of people die from poverty in these countries every year. But when it comes to a vaccine they will try and move heaven and earth to get those very children and people to take a vaccine. Money then is no issue. Very strange indeed when you look at the wider picture!



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  13. Just re-turned from Spain. Was getting problems with water in my left ear so though I would go in pharmacy to she if she had any earplugs. Walked in. Woman behind counter with full perspex and of course masked up started having a right go at me for having no mask. I educated her in the nicest possible way and told her I would go and spend my money else where. 
    Isn’t it funny, when you talk to these people and ask them questions, they cannot answer you with any sane answer. They just spew out the dribble we all know now (and did at the time) was a load of old, sweaty, bolloxs!

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  14. Wouldn’t believe a word any of these low life say.


    I laugh at the UK media/commentators and members of public who STILL believe Truss or Sunak will do what they say if they get the prize. Ok we can expect that from media but do the public really still believe what these liars say?

    It’s simple…………you cannot keep to your word about anything you promise if you are not the one making the decisions!

  15. How the hell can this happen in what should be one of the most secure buildings in Britain? The media brush it off with …….. MP’s are not in chamber as on recess so it’s not that serious…..This is just blatant, psychological games being played by a clearly controlled government/system. 
    Can you imagine ‘anti vaxers’ getting access to the chamber like this to protest? Can you imagine Fathers 4 Justice getting access like this? It’s just a clear example of what is allowed to happen and what is not. Sorry to use link from Sky but needs must.


    I’m getting sick of this blatant manipulation now.



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  16. On 8/20/2022 at 12:00 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


    I was thinking about this just the other day, however I don't think weather manipulation will be involved, it seems to happen quite 'naturally' as part of a cycle.


    I had noticed that leaves had started falling from trees as if autumn was starting early, and that made me wonder if perhaps this was the first sign of an impending 'cold harsh winter'.


    Now of course, this morning I saw the following article on the BBC News website, which 'explains' this as being due to the heatwave and the drought, which seems plausible enough:


    UK drought: Why do the trees think it's autumn already?

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-62582186


    OK fair enough. More curiously, seemingly unrelated, I saw the following this morning on the Birmingham Mail website:


    Rewind to 1990 with archive photos of Birmingham & the West Midlands



    A typical 'slow news day' story, where some old archive photos are gathered up. But what tweaked my curiosity was the following paragraph:


    I can't find any other specific examples, but I have read some other 'nostalgia' articles on Birmingham Mail, and I have picked up on some 'hidden messaging' before, for example there was one much earlier this year 'reminicsing' about the 1976 heatwave.


    The climate and weather works in cycles, and its all linked to the cycles of the sun's solar activity.


    I've been expecting a particularly cold winter for the last couple of years, however I think this one could finally be it. Think back to December 2010 for what we might expect.

    An interesting post. Thanks

  17. With gas and electricity prices rocketing into the stratosphere and with the environment 'agenda' now if full swing are we going to see one of the harshest winters on record so far?


    I am guessing, through weather manipulation, we are most definitely going to. We are going to have a winter of extreme weather, a winter of doom and gloom all over MSM........minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day and month after month they will report on the extremely cold weather caused by us humans.....they will not mention the 1000's upon 1000's who will die. The b@57ards responsible, I believe are now going all out and if humanity does not stand up to this now and put an end to it, 'they' know they will get away with anything going forward!


    I believe we are also going to definitely have masks and restrictions re-emerging to 'protect' the NHS ....the MSM will report something along the lines of.......If we do not re-introduce restrictions to 'protect' the NHS those suffering the effects of the cold will not be able to be treated.....even though the NHS is a total retard already and cannot treat people at any time.


    It's going to be a tuff one, but another one we have to stand up to.



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  18. I've just picked up this thread and I am shocked. On the news on Talk TV the day after (I think) this crash happened the reports were she was involved in crash but was fine with no life threatening injuries. I remember questioning why it had made the news because I didn't know who the hell she was as I had never heard of her.....the next thing I read on sky news they allowed her to die peacefully after turning off life support! I'm questioning if it is the same woman or am I confused with someone else and there have been two crashes involving actresses? Then I see this thread with all the videos of her sitting up and the guy describing her after crash. It's as if some people (or whatever they are are) are taking the piss out of us all by the way they control the conflicting output of information.

    I am convinced the b@57ards do like to give us clues as to what's going on, and they get a big kick from it for whatever reason.

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