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  1. This one caught my attention straight away. Makes you wonder what this is the beginning of! https://news.sky.com/story/duchess-of-cambridge-sets-up-early-childhood-research-unit-and-believes-issue-is-social-equivalent-to-climate-change-12335562
  2. The cult gophers are going to use these millions and millions of people who THEY knowingly put in this position to turn public opinion against the non pricked (sorry cannot bring my self to use the v word anymore). There will be relentless accusations and reports via MSM, SM posts etc etc etc on how the non pricked are taking up beds (diagnosed via a BS PCR test) and as a result killing those who had the prick but need treatment that was delayed due to Covid. It's incoming soon.
  3. Of course they will. 20% CAN be manipulated, 20% CANNOT be manipulated and those in between CAN be manipulated with a bit more work. They know this obviously!
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. We will see soon. The only good thing about all this shite is that the idiots (by that I mean the plebs rolling up their sleeves and agreeing to all this) will see the fruits of what they have sown within their life times. Wether they will ever admit to themselves they have been had.........I doubt it!
  5. F**k me is this the beginning of blaming what the vaccine WILL do on something else? FFS this surely is big? Have to edit this....wording used: lost productivity, development of foetal disorders.....where is this going? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9694943/Women-childbearing-age-BANNED-drinking-alcohol-says.html
  6. I wonder how many people will want lockdown to continue once furlough stops and they have no jobs/income? We all know furlough was done to subdue the idiots whilst all this is going on but there has to be a point where that changes OR are the idiots too far gone? Will be interesting to see how they play this next to get to the next lockdown that's for sure.
  7. I think they will indeed relax things on July 19th to give the impression they are sticking to their word. However, a week or few later with another variant in the mix, the PCR testing will be adjusted accordingly and the public will once again be terrorised via the MSM by case numbers and lockdown re-introduced. Anyone else have any thoughts on how they are going to play it concerning July 19th?
  8. I hear what you are saying but with respect, there are good and bad everywhere. Who knows where the 100,000s of kids and adults are that go missing? I certainly don’t. Aliens? Pedo’s? Psychopaths? Slavery? Government experiment facilities? Living on the streets, Gone abroad? etc. Who know’s probably all of these and many more.
  9. I think it would be prudent to remember that not all Judges are compromised, bought or whatever. As with every organisation there are good and bad. The problem we have at the moment is the bad seem to outweigh the good. But I repeat, not all Judges will be bent and it would be very foolish to think every single one of them is. I also do not think it will ever be too late. If the people revolt they make change.
  10. This is worrying news going forward for anything concerning this scam being brought to the courts. If judges are compromised there is no hope. The only hope then will lie with the people…..but that is a discussion if and when required at a much later date.
  11. It is pretty obvious they are trying to stretch this latest BS variant until flu season here in the UK so they can continue with the same bullshit they did last year and into this....re-designating deaths. I know Covid-19 is one of the cleverest 'viruses' ever known to man. It has eliminated the flu, It can tell the time, it knows the date, It knows the ages of people to infect, It understands length, It will not infect you if you are wearing a mask because you are obeying rules and NOW it has assigned specific times of the year it will kill people in different countries around the world! Isn't the blindingly obvious staring the sleepers in the face? If this variant or any Covid-19 virus existed it would be killing people any time of year.....have you seen the temps in India when the Vindaflu was apparently rampant? Apologies for those awake but I just had to state the obvious! FFS if you are reading these posts and still standing up for this BS you need to wake up and wake up fast!!!!
  12. Hey Bluey Bluey. You are not alone my friend. I admire your strength and your will power in not giving in no matter what these animals throw at you. Remember WE are in this together, not the morons willingly rolling up their sleeves. We will be seen to be correct one day and we will get justice. Stand strong and proud my friend. You have more strength than anyone rolling up their sleeves without question.
  13. Out of likes. Well put my friend.
  14. Thanks for that link. Suppose nothing is being done about it so it can all be done again during the next wave. How people in the MSM aware of this sleep at night is beyond me. These reports just make me more and more determined to do my bit to get this info out and hopefully one day (oh please!) get these low life scum of the earth, horrible b'tds in a court.
  15. Exactly my thoughts, I think your post is absolutely spot on. The sleepers really do need to open their minds. They are being slowly led down a dark, dark path from which there will be no return.
  16. Don't think Morpheus was criticising. He has made a good point that the information is there in plain sight. I did not see Morpheus original post but yours made me aware so thanks for the update!
  17. This is murder. The absolute low life scum responsible MUST be held accountable for these murders immediately. This has my f'ing blood boiling......and tossers ask how can people be dying of covid19 if there is no virus? F'ing IDIOTS.
  18. Is there a link I can get this? Gotta get this on my social scamedia.
  19. I don't think people have changed since having the prick in them. They are still as thick as before they had it and still cannot see the wood for the trees or use an ounce of common sense.
  20. The working man who done good for himself (apparently). Those involved in this shite probably use him because they think he will appeal to the working man.......oh shite have I got to say working woman as well? Never mind!
  21. I agree that it will take the masses to rebel against this shite to stop it. Will that come or will it come too late? Who knows! Surely the idiots can see what is happening by now? How can people be so f'ing stupid? I read somewhere way, way back that UK politicians have some sort of protection from prosecution in certain circumstances. I read it a long time ago and my memory is not as good as it once was so cannot refer to how it would apply or if it indeed does exist? May have a poke around later to see if I can find anything on it.
  22. I have been reading (and watching) in the past week the ever increasing desperate tactics the cult gofers are resorting to, to promote their masters toxins. it stinks of desperation. My opinion is that things are certainly NOT going to plan for the cult. I think they seriously underestimated how many of us would come together and stand firm no matter what they threw or continue to throw at us. On June 21st when further restrictions are not lifted here in the UK, my opinion is that even more people will wake up. Yes a majority of them are a lost cause, but the more who question, the weaker the cult become. To me this was always going to be very, very difficult for the cult to pull off and to be honest I think people involved in this are now panicking over the threat of legal challenges coming in and the questions more and more are asking. These gofers must realise they are now on borrowed time but are in too deep to back out. We (and they) know it will only take one thing to start a snowball effect that will hopefully see a lot of them punished for their individual contributions to this.
  23. If you are a health care worker, scientist or anyone else caught up in promoting this Covid hoax and are visiting forums because of the doubts in your minds, I appeal to you to now stand up and speak your truth. The time has come and YOU can make a huge change for humanity. It is not too late to act for the good of your fellow humans. Please I beg you.
  24. Just the word 'messenger' in the ingredients freaks me out.
  25. Agreed, it is up to you. I was asked the same question a few weeks ago and I took the other route by responding with saying no and also said I have no plans having the jab. The look of shock on his face was quite amusing to me......I thought to myself (whilst smiling inside).....he’s been programmed. The conversation soon moved on to other things then we said our goodbyes. Apart from the brief look of horror on his face he seemed ok, why shouldn’t he be? Afterall he has been vaccinated so he is protected from ‘people like me’ ............Isn’t he? Or is he?? I seem to recall reading something years ago about how people drew a fish in the dust/soil to show they were christians back when they were being persecuted for their beliefs. Is Covid the more recent version of this? Perhaps all of us should start by drawing a syringe with an x, so we know we can trust each other joking aside.....let’s all hope it never comes to anything close to that!
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