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  1. As soon as I read this article I smelt the usual BS. This guy, the ‘tv private investigator’ is like a tv doctor…..full of shite and just a script reader. 
    So to get this ‘detective’ Mark Williams-Thomas into the public arena, he is acclaimed with exposing Jimmy ‘the scum’ Saville, then appears on tv ‘investigating’ things like the Mcann girl that went missing….I watched that and thought this bloke (Mark Williams-Thomas) is a joke and is being used to divert truth via the media. But back to my point……he exposed JS? My question would be…..why the hell didn’t any other copper or detective expose JS way back in the 70’s when it was obvious what the devious little scum bag was up to? Or even in the 80’s or even the 90’s or even the early 2000’s when the little shite was still alive? Why is some tosser credited with exposing JS well into the 2000’s?
    Yep these sick tossers are still out there and will continue their evil, sick deeds for as long as we allow it. As far as this joker of an investigator goes…that’s about it, he, in my opinion is a joke. A tv detective, just like a tv doctor.

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  2. As I have said many times before, people have died from heart attacks forever. But the rate it is happening now is unreal.

    Remember the 'DATA' the 'EXPERTS' so liked to use when convincing people to get vaxxed. Let's have some data now to show those who have been vaxxed and those who have not r.e all these excess deaths the world is seeing. Surely it is easy enough to collate. Or are they hiding something?



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  3. Are they bollox! 
    If this is not a plant I do not know what is! Amongst other things, she talks of not agreeing with the EU but working with them. She is talking the bollox of high energy because of war in Ukraine. This woman in my opinion is being put in place to quell the unease in Italy for yet another year or so. What a load of bollox politics really is.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Covidiot said:


    Nah IMHO they are fully aware how stupid they are. Anecdotally I'm not the keep my opinion to myhself kind of covidiot. I have been vocal to all my vaxxed peers throughout. What tells me they know and are in denial is two fold...


    1) When i point to the facts about their new ailments post jab etc i'm met with aggression. You can see it in their eye's they know they've been had they just will never admit it to themselves or anyone else.

    2) All the vax zealots/covid maniacs who would shout you down now avoid any covid related chat. The same people who couldn't wait to tell you they were off cause they got their jabs now want medical privacy again for some reason?


    Fact is most know they are fucking idiots. I had a conversation with a vax moron that went...


    Moron - "We only here because we all got vaxxed you selfish you broke all the rules covid is a deadly pandemic"

    Me - "As you point out i broke all the rules for 2.5 years and unvaxxed. Yet never been off with the covid you have had twice. Must be my Superhuman immune system"

    Moron - "You must have had it you broke the rules"

    Me- "Why am i not dead?"

    Moron - "...."


    Then refuses to discuss anything further as no point as i'm an idiot LOL


    People are just fucking morons they don't need a vaxx to make them so IMHO


    Love it!

    I have also noticed the same. People questioning my sanity (cheeky b@57erds) when I asked them not to listen to msm and to do their own research before going to be vaxxed. These people now never mention covid or the vax. It’s almost as if it all never happened? It seems to me they do not want to be reminded of what has been done.

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  5. Nothing is going to happen.

    It’s all another load of Billy bullshit. More distraction means more time people are not realising what is actually happening around them. When the 23rd- 24th passes another load of tick turd will come along to distract for another week or two…..then another load of bollox will follow….and on and on and on until people are so far into this bullshit reset it will be too late to do anything and they will just settle into their ‘new’ lives.

  6. Isn't it funny how not once in any of these reports are there any stats on numbers who have died with heart conditions i.e vaxxed to non-vaxxed?


    I am assuming they are mostly if not all vaxxed otherwise MSM would be banging on and on and on about how the non-vaxxed are at huge risk and here is the data to prove it. Wouldn't they!?!


    "Further work needs to be done to understand any link between the long-term effects of Covid and increasing cardiac deaths."



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  7. I reckon she was simply a Royalist talking to someone who was making a joke about the whole thing. Something along the lines of.....look at all those idiots lining the streets clapping like seals and crying like babies. Wouldn't it be funny if she wasn't even dead.

    Control room made the mic live and caught the last bit of her conversation as the man began his commentary. On realising what had happened they cut away for a few seconds whilst he got himself together and came back live with the same words he had started using before being cut off.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, numnuts said:


    Not just The Guardian that reported that. They only report what they want to report, as in satisfying their agendas. When it comes to Charles, from now until he isn't King any more, then it will broadly be all anti-stuff. And if Charles is 'got at', then he doesn't even need to croak it. He just needs to be deemed unfit to rule.





    I do agree with him, in the sense that there is a time and a place. For example, when little Tommy Robinson, aka Mossad Boy, does his marches, then I don't feel the need to get out there at the same time to oppose him. It's the PTB and their ilk, who do things like that. Acts of conflict; rather than acts of expression. Does anyone on this forum think that they might achieve anything positive, by marching down Sheeple Street with a 'Not my King' sign, during the coffin procession? Other than satisfying a 'It's my right' urge? And it is their right and they shouldn't be having to interact with any cops, unless it really is for their own safety. Not my idea of intelligence though.  

    You do have a point.

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