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  1. This is murder. The absolute low life scum responsible MUST be held accountable for these murders immediately. This has my f'ing blood boiling......and tossers ask how can people be dying of covid19 if there is no virus? F'ing IDIOTS.
  2. Is there a link I can get this? Gotta get this on my social scamedia.
  3. I don't think people have changed since having the prick in them. They are still as thick as before they had it and still cannot see the wood for the trees or use an ounce of common sense.
  4. The working man who done good for himself (apparently). Those involved in this shite probably use him because they think he will appeal to the working man.......oh shite have I got to say working woman as well? Never mind!
  5. I agree that it will take the masses to rebel against this shite to stop it. Will that come or will it come too late? Who knows! Surely the idiots can see what is happening by now? How can people be so f'ing stupid? I read somewhere way, way back that UK politicians have some sort of protection from prosecution in certain circumstances. I read it a long time ago and my memory is not as good as it once was so cannot refer to how it would apply or if it indeed does exist? May have a poke around later to see if I can find anything on it.
  6. I have been reading (and watching) in the past week the ever increasing desperate tactics the cult gofers are resorting to, to promote their masters toxins. it stinks of desperation. My opinion is that things are certainly NOT going to plan for the cult. I think they seriously underestimated how many of us would come together and stand firm no matter what they threw or continue to throw at us. On June 21st when further restrictions are not lifted here in the UK, my opinion is that even more people will wake up. Yes a majority of them are a lost cause, but the more who question, the weaker the cult become. To me this was always going to be very, very difficult for the cult to pull off and to be honest I think people involved in this are now panicking over the threat of legal challenges coming in and the questions more and more are asking. These gofers must realise they are now on borrowed time but are in too deep to back out. We (and they) know it will only take one thing to start a snowball effect that will hopefully see a lot of them punished for their individual contributions to this.
  7. If you are a health care worker, scientist or anyone else caught up in promoting this Covid hoax and are visiting forums because of the doubts in your minds, I appeal to you to now stand up and speak your truth. The time has come and YOU can make a huge change for humanity. It is not too late to act for the good of your fellow humans. Please I beg you.
  8. Just the word 'messenger' in the ingredients freaks me out.
  9. Agreed, it is up to you. I was asked the same question a few weeks ago and I took the other route by responding with saying no and also said I have no plans having the jab. The look of shock on his face was quite amusing to me......I thought to myself (whilst smiling inside).....he’s been programmed. The conversation soon moved on to other things then we said our goodbyes. Apart from the brief look of horror on his face he seemed ok, why shouldn’t he be? Afterall he has been vaccinated so he is protected from ‘people like me’ ............Isn’t he? Or is he?? I seem to recall reading something years ago about how people drew a fish in the dust/soil to show they were christians back when they were being persecuted for their beliefs. Is Covid the more recent version of this? Perhaps all of us should start by drawing a syringe with an x, so we know we can trust each other joking aside.....let’s all hope it never comes to anything close to that!
  10. I agree, I do hope he is successful fighting the system......It will be a tough one for him and I doubt he will make much headway in the courts against anyone. It's worth a try I suppose but if he does not realise he is fighting a system not just the Police and BBC then I am afraid he is in for a big disappointment. Something inside tells me he will accept a payoff that comes with a gagging order and his viewers will hear no more about it as he is stuffing £50 notes down strippers cleavages ;) Personally I think getting banned off Youtube would wake more of his current 300,000 subscribers up quicker than years in the courts fighting a system he will not beat, but thats just my opinion.
  11. Absolutely unbelievable........... After being banned for a week for quoting Witty word for word on how Covid19 will be treated like the flu, Alex Belfield has come back with a video titled 'The VOICE OF REASON Won't Be Silenced' In the video he then goes on to explain areas he will no longer be talking about because of the risks involved!!!!!! Alex also goes on to almost sympathise with Youtube and Google because their AI cannot distinguish between someone broadcasting fact or fiction? My question is who decides what is fact or fiction Alex? To say I am disappointed in Alex is an understatement. When he does his call in shows is he going to restrict his callers freedom of speech (just like Youtube are restricting his) by not allowing them to talk about the biggest issue in human history.........Covid19 because of the risk YT will not like what has been said? I am afraid I can no longer take Alex serious anymore.....Anyone who capitulates to Youtube and Google for financial gain is as bad as Google and Youtube themselves. Sorry Alex I am out. Video:
  12. Right on Mikheil! Right on brother. “I see no reason to pander to idiots I don’t want to know” Well said!
  13. Over the last couple of days I have been looking at the msm coverage of covid 19 since this scam began. The tactics those [email protected] used ! I am looking for more links to ridiculous stories designed to frighten the sleepers so please feel free to add any you have seen so I and others can see how ridiculous some of the claims were. I have to say I find it very difficult looking back at some of the headlines to see how anyone could have possibly been taken in by them. Unfortunately lots of people have been taken in though. I thought it would be a good idea to post the ridiculous claims by msm (with links) on my social platforms with titles along the lines of .........Did you really believe that? Being follically challenged myself this headline got me laughing......and of course got posted with title.....did you really believe that? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/bald-men-higher-risk-severe-case-covid-19-research-finds/ I have also posted the claims everyone must remember about people collapsing and dying in the street due to Covid......Again I titled it......Did you really believe that? When have you seen anyone collapsing in the street from covid 19? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/31/a-man-lies-dead-in-the-street-the-image-that-captures-the-wuhan-coronavirus-crisis Any other links welcome please so I can post out. Getting quite a response now some people are slowly waking up and realising how they have been ‘manipulated’ by headlines they took as gospel when they first appeared.
  14. Alex Belfield, seems a down to earth bloke who speaks his truth (as long as he keeps his truth in line with what YouTube & Google say is the truth.) I do find myself however a little wary of Mr Belfield. He seems to be dismissing Covid passports, aps etc day in day out......which by the way is great to see.......as long as he means it! Remember Peter Hitchens and how he operated concerning the vaccine.......day after day voicing concerns over it it then..........got it? He was obviously a plant, leading people on with his pretence, then goes in with the psychological games. We see these tactics used day in day out where Covid is concerned. Lets hope Alex does not turn out to be one of them!
  15. I suppose thats what moderators are for? Has what the OP posted broke any rules and justify telling him to ‘jog on’? The following is a list of reasons for which you may receive a Warning or Guideline Breach: Insulted Other Member(s) Provocative Trolling Disruptive Spamming Posting Copyrighted Material Posting Pornography Trivial One Word Post Advertisements Not Allowed Hijacking Threads Racism Criticising Moderation on the Forum Threatening another member Threatening a Moderator Overtly Aggressive/Argumentative behavior Custom Notices (Moderator discretion)
  16. I hear what you are saying but do you honestly think in 2021 if the ‘feds’ want to shut a forum down they need an excuse to do it? If you do, I am sure they could pick out any number of posts (if not most) on this forum they could use to justify silencing us. Afterall they despise covid ‘deniers’ and anti-vaxers......we are the number one pc target at the moment. To me the whole thing is a scam to try and stop people free speeching.....just my opinion.
  17. It’s funny because months and months ago (maybe longer) I was watching a video by Mr Icke, my wife (who was a sceptic about things I have been saying but is far less sceptical now) was watching the video with me. David said to look out for food shortages. My wife asked why he would say that, What has that got to do with Covid? I said to her to wait and see if anything comes of it. Low and behold this is getting mentioned more and more in the MSM. When this becomes big news it will be the final confirmation for my wife that things are not as we have been programmed to believe and us mad conspiracy theorists may be onto something....thanks David.
  18. After a cpl years of lockdown the take up for this will be greater than the covid jab!
  19. Looks like he is having sleepless nights......I wonder why. Same as that toe-rag Blair, time has not treated him kindly either.....another one who does not sleep well at night.
  20. To me free speech should be free speech? If we are not free to speak our views whatever or however extreme people may think they are or how they choose to perceive them then we have no free speech. Call me old fashioned but if we do not agree we should debate, not be silenced by threats by feds! Isn’t this part of our fight as well (especially where covid is concerned?) What a world we now live in. Many words can be used
  21. Was this put out by the feds to stop free speech by intimidation? Say this or that and we are coming for you.........justva thought.
  22. I hear what you are saying. In a way I do agree in that IF the time came (after peaceful means failed) I think any man or woman may defend their children and themselves and humanity as a whole in the way you suggest.
  23. So what are you doing here? seriously though, I do not see much point in screaming at each other. Just my opinion.
  24. I look at the police men and police women at protests and ask myself what some of them are doing there and if given the choice would they be there? Back when I was a boy police men had to be over 6ft tall and built for the job.....back then society was kind and not as violent, neighbours cared for and looked out for each other. Today police men and police woman look like they have just left school......they are policing in far, far more socially un-connected and violent times and we have small children trying to police it? I think the job of a police officer is going to be very difficult indeed. I do not mean by violence but by the mental effects the job will have on them.
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