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  1. The internet is nothing but a mass information gathering tool for the ‘cult’. 

    Vast, vast amounts of public opinion data available to them at the click of a mouse.


    I’m guessing they are seeing lot’s of questioning of recent events and lots of opinions changing.


    These are certainly scary times. But exciting times ahead for us as well.



  2. It's a shame Julie Powell had the views she did.

    We have now seen quite a few who pushed the juice and condemned those who wanted to exercise their basic right of freedom of choice. Those people have since died of heart related issues?

    It's time this issue was debated in open and let's see what is happening?




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  3. 42 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    If you or I were caught sloping off for paid jollies while planning to continue collecting our salary, would we get temporarily suspended (probably for the same duration as the jungle jaunt, so not even punative, just convenient, but it's too tedious to try checking that)? I know I'd be handed my P45 and given a 2 fingered salute.


    I'm sick to the back teeth of this lawless set of c*$ts and all their devious antics. I sincerely hope that one of his challenges goes horribly wrong and his ghastly physog is filmed slowly disappearing into a giant anaconda.


    Yes, I'm sure there will be some extra, ulterior motive, and the rest of the uncelebrated there demeaning themselves in the name of fame and fortune will accept him like a long, lost friend and encourage the git to hold court.

    The best part is the to55ers do not even have to get permission off anyone. I couldn't believe it when I read it....If they want to take a day, month or whatever off for a jolly they just do it......and all on full pay. It makes my p!55 BOIL!!


    Not sure how true this is but I just heard on radio he might not do any challenges because of his dyslexia.

    I know what some of us might say and rightly so.....why would dyslexia hinder his ability to do a challenge?

    Unfortunately in this snowflake world anyone claiming anything now can have a reason for not working or doing anything they do not want to and people are just to scared to question them or challenge them.......hence the world we now live in!

  4. 3 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Eating a few alligator testicles doesn't cut it for me. That won't be wiping the slate clean. Especially as he's part of the gang that wants us living off worms in the not too distant future.


    No doubt whilst on the programme, at some point Hancock will be pushing the idea that eating insects will soon be the norm for everyone. And no doubt he will give a climate speech to all the adoring viewers........and of course it will all be broadcast in full by ITV. Why else is the cretin there? All part of continuing the agenda maybe?

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  5. 24 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

    You think the cretins that watch I'm a celebrity will even know about Hancock dealings beyond him shagging his side piece? 

    I couldn't give a shit what he's doing or about the multi jabbed morons that will watch him eating living creatures for entertainment. 

    In your response you raise a good point for me.


    This so called entertainment program has been going on and on for year after year after year. (Remember the days when people got bored of the same shi7e appearing on tv for year after year and it would be abandoned by the channel?) All that time the contestants, as I understand it have had to eat live creatures. Years ago when I was made aware of it I wondered to myself........where are the do-gooders with all this going on.....where are the animal activists screaming murder about eating creatures alive? Nothing from them at all (or at least not reported to any great degree by MSM.)


    The reason for this programme being allowed to continue is now so obvious...........I wonder how many of the @-holes who watch the cr@p time and time again will eventually 'come around' to eating creatures?..........Just like their 'celebrity heroes' in the jungle did?


    Food for thought maybe? 🤣

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  6. It is interesting how this dumbo is being kept in the headlines. In reality who gives a sh** what he has to say?
    I suspect he will be given a voice all over MSM for the next two years and then will be presented as the ‘new PM’ if you vote conservative in the next general election. It will be the Conservatives last hope of getting back into power because they know after two years of Sunak they will be f*d if he stands as leader again.



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  7. I’m thinking in future one of these ‘high risk mutant strains’ is going to ‘escape’ by mistake of course. But we all know it does not exist anyway so for us it is a non starter.

    But for those who believe……..Why else would this be a story? There has to be a reason why they are reporting on it.


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  8. 57 minutes ago, truther79 said:

    The proves without a doubt that the whole entertainment industry/media/TV networks are part of the agenda.


    This will either go one of two ways.


    Either he will castigated for his role and be hung out to dry...


    Or somehow, they will create this fictional, misunderstood MP who did his best under a unique worldwide crisis.


    Personally, I hope a kangaroo gives him a real banger of a kick in the nuts.

    In the world we used to live in Hancock would of been told where to go in no polite terms by now and would be afraid to show his face in public let alone on tv screens.


    However, In the times we currently live, I am worried that he will be portrayed as you say and the gullible, tv hypnotised UK public will fall for yet another Hancock scam.


  9. 1 hour ago, Observations said:

    I share this to show the typical mix of truth and fiction, even while appearing to 'defend us' (for want of a better word)


    Trevor Kavannagh

    He locked down the country without evidence.

    The public will not forgive. They were locked down and couldn't see their own family.

    They witnessed the Queen sitting on her own.


    Vanessa Feltz

    One of the things I remember was him snivelling, and pretending to cry ... Even though we were all petrified, and hanging on his every word, 'cause we didn't want to die and all that.

    Heard it on my way home on Talk. What a typical brain dead, sleeper Feltz is. I cringed when I heard her. What an absolute t!t she is. No wonder she is employed to do what she does.

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  10. DISGRACEFUL this man is allowed to appear in any tv show.....but I suppose it's the sort of shite he will fit in nicely.

    It would be nice to think another of the contestants might challenge him on his ordering/use of Midazolam. But I doubt any of them have a useful brain cell between them....whoever they are.



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  11. This is certainly not as it seems. 
    I did wonder when I first heard about it (and it made absolutely no bloody sense then and still does not) if it was something that was going to be used to get rid of Braverman……they clearly want her out of the way for whatever reason……..she obviously is not part of the cults dream team…….or rather nightmare team for us.  Maybe there is more to come on this that Braverman will cop the blame for and get ousted as a result? 
    Another one of those- watch this space…..there is defo something more to come as a result of this.

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  12. Those pesky Russians. I wonder what they will get up to next?

    From blowing up their own gas pipelines to cutting communication cables to Shetland and now hacking a mobile phone! What’s next? Launching a dirty bomb with a Russian passport or two attached to the missile? 😂

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  13. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    So basically this left-wing activist group is already admitting that Twitter is a "Hate-filled cesspool"?


    I wholeheartedly agree, which is why I stay clear and have no intention of joining.


    Me neither. Never have joined, never will.


    I had to laugh earlier today. On a radio news report they said Elon Musk was getting Twitter moderators to check posts of those who had been banned, to see if they would lift bans

    I thought to myself…….where is the free speech then, if one human is deciding what another human can write or say?

    Total and utter joke. Let’s see what the whole scam is about……will be interesting and hopefully wake a few more from their slumber. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:


    As has been rightly said so many times before........these people do not even try to hide what they are up to anymore.


    The problem for them however, is when you start getting over-confident because you are so close to the finish line, you are at risk of being at your most vulnerable.........Now how do we stop people watching Strictly or the Voice or any of the other rubbish they watch and start taking notice of this stuff instead?


    Time is clearly not on the worlds side any longer and this is becoming a matter of urgency surely?

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