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  1. It gets better. Now women are being put in jobs because they are women! 

    I mean the title includes the accusation of sexism YET they are now being sexist by saying only women need apply. What if I Identify as a woman…….can I apply? 😂


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  2. Just been looking at some of the things AB has been saying about Covid and vaccines.


    AB is, without any doubt a true believer and pusher of the virus and (in his view) it's dangers, that's for sure.


    One very interesting thing I did notice was he almost always uses Pfizer to put across his negative points, he never seems to use any other company/brand name. Almost as if connecting just Pfizer with harm and death and no one else.


    When all this goes tits up, I am wondering if Pfizer will be singled out and hung out to dry and people like AB are laying the foundations?


    Governments and msm world wide will then go into overdrive trying to convince sleepy Joe public Pfizer were the bad guys in all this. It was nothing to do with us gov, we were misled. Now let's move on.....you have had your enquiry......nothing more to see here.


    Of course I could be totally wrong and he may be a genuine bloke. Certainly hope that is the case.



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  3. I realise there is a covid thread running so please accept my apologies if I shouldn't post here and act accordingly.


    This is so encouraging to our cause but I guess the real test will be when they spin a new deadly virus:


    "However, uptake of an initial third dose has declined, with less than 0.1% of eligible people coming forward each week since April last year."



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  4. So the reasons so far for excessive heart attacks and strokes are…..


    1.People did not want to burden the NHS during covid (as they were instructed not to do)

    2.Ambulance delays


    and now…….

  5. I wonder if Russia has absolute proof/evidence where the missiles were fired from and intelligence realised?


    I find it interesting it hit a grain store of all places. MSM photos showing a barn charred from the explosion yet the grain spilling out in the background unburnt!






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  6. Boris Becker tried dodging tax, not council tax admittedly but tax never the less. With all his expensive lawyers, what did he get.


    Yep tax is more than likely illegal, but when you have an illegal system backing it up I’m afraid we are all f’ed.

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