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  1. I wonder how many other 'covid' things will be introduced or ignored whilst the distraction of Afghanistan takes place. Absolutely shocking.
  2. Good on you. At least you do not run the risk of your child/children (who we all know can be easily led) being talked into the state injection by teachers etc which is pretty bloody obvious now is the plan. I have to question peoples' sanity I really f*ng do.
  3. For years I was feeling up and down about Brexit and the tactics used to ignore 'democracy' hmmm hmm and the remainers, the demonisation, the lies etc etc etc. Aren't we seeing exactly the same thing with the latest BS that is Covid (apparently). I have learn't more about myself over the last decade, which has surprised me. Little me NO MORE ;) We will come through this, as we did (kind of) with Brexit.....ok Brexit bollocks BUT the scum did not get what they totally wanted from that.......for now? As has been well documented recently, the next few years will be extreme, and demonisation, blame, segregation will be notched up to 11 compared to the Brexit BS remainers endured. Some will cope, some will not, harsh but true. When we reach the other side of this there is a better world waiting if WE take the opportunities this presents to us. Just my opinion!
  4. To all you doctors and nurses who said once they start involving children you will make a stand......THE TIME HAS COME NOW!!!!!!!!!! It's the only report so far I can find. I do not pay for this shite so all you see is headline........... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/08/25/nhs-draws-plans-vaccinate-12-year-olds/
  5. With the title…..coming to the UK soon! (apologies if I should of posted in : What’s going on in Australia thread. Understand if it is moved)
  6. After a weekend of F1 fans booing Lewis Hamilton the poor man apparently had to be helped up onto the podium, where he put on an act (oscar winning) of struggling to stand and join in champagne celebrations. What was he suffering from.....................Long Covid according to the MSM. Please, Please tell me people are not still falling for this crap PLEASE!
  7. Do you think France is being used as a test ground to gauge public reaction? I cannot for the life of me see how the French people will put up with this? Update…….kicking off in France big time apparently.
  8. Make sure you keep all corespondence concerning your employers and covid (emails, letters etc). If anything is said verbally ask them to either put it in writing or in an email so you can take time to read through it and not have to make any rash desicions (that way you have a copy of everything) Keep this information and back it up. Something tells me in years to come people/employees will be held to account for their actions and compensation will have to be awarded. I wouldn’t go around broadcasting you do this with your work colleagues who have sold their souls. Keep it to yourself.
  9. It’s sad times to live when everyone is doubted because of public mistrust but I guess this is what ‘they’ want, everyone questioning everyone. Let’s hope this is legit. I have my doubts though sadly.
  10. Broadcast Monday 24th May 2021. Reiner says in two to three weeks (-47:33) + (-42:43) we should see some movement on this? Is there any follow up on this? Seems yet another deadline not met……..?
  11. The school bully never bothered me, had he done so I would of dealt with it
  12. Great points raised. I do however have to say Mr Icke does point out Carlsons short comings where he sees them. Look at sky News Austaralia, some pretty good stuff on there as well in between the obvious BS. I suppose if you see something of relevance broadcast by the MSM (a very rare evant) you want to share it with people, if nothing else it gives a glimmer of hope?
  13. I agree that government take note of public reaction BUT they only act accordingly at the time. They WILL push the agenda a little more each time until they reach their goal so I can see where Mikheil is coming from. Small steps....manageable reaction from public......small step...manageable reaction from public.......small step.......manageable reaction from the public......and on and on and on until goal reached!
  14. I hear what you are saying but I have heard/ read about it, you obviously have and so we must assume have countless others? Who is to say it will not be ramped up a notch or two as flu season gets closer? My guess is no doubt it will, they used the exact same tactic last year. To me the story is doing it's rounds and in doing so, doing it's job of scaring the shite out of the elderly etc etc wether it is true, false, going to happen, not going to happen or who is reporting on it, it has been 'put out' for a reason. My concern is that apparently a great majority of the country are now vaccinated and they are still scared by the MSM even though they are 'protected'? Quite unbelievable really.
  15. Time will tell I suppose. This thread will be here for years to come so either way we will get an answer.
  16. I am wondering if these passports will ever materialise? If you notice they only raise them when they are in 'push' mode to get people jabbed, it then goes quiet for weeks or months and low and behold up pops the passport again ready for the next 'push'. Firstly is there any government in the world who could make this work logistically? F'in doubt it, they have the intelligence of a peanut. Secondly, and although no legal expert, I am not sure how the UK government would stand if this was imposed on the people then challenged. I would imagine it is a minefield for them legally and they would have been advised as such. The only reason they bring up passports every couple of months is to try and get a few more think......I may as well do it otherwise.......I won't be able to go on holiday....yet I can still go with just a test because of the legalities behind it all and they know it! I ignore it as I do anything the government says, as they seem to say what they like when it suits them. They act like the school bully. No self confidence, no belief in themselves and just want to use bully boy tactics to stop anyone challenging them.
  17. I wonder how many of these you are seeing are as a result of people not going to the doctors, being diagnosed or having treatment/ operations in hospitals over the last 17 months (millions upon millions of people) and are now dropping like flies? I wonder how many in those ambulances are there because of recent treatments administered? It is pretty obvious as we are nearing flu season here in the UK there is a build up of fear again in the MSM Isn't it?
  18. What, you mean like the Nightingale hospitals they made a big thing of last year before flu season to scare the shite out of people? Oooops forgot to add......that were never used!
  19. Same here initially. However my wife who for years and years used to give me the rolling eyes and tell the kids I am off on another one has, to my absolute amazement opened her mind and does not believe a word of this C19. In the very beginning we were both warey about what was happening but after a few weeks I told her I would not be having any vaccines and to my total amazement she said neither will she! To say I was amazed is an understatement. The rest of the extended family, well it is up to them what they do. I personally am not interested who has or has not had it. We are all adults, all the information is out there. You make your choice, you live by your decision. The best thing my mum ever said to me!
  20. This is in NO WAY a criticism of this forum or others like it but I do wonder, how many people visit forums such as this one looking for reassurance and reassurance alone? How many people are hoping to see a 'breaking news' post that will link them to an actual court case concerning C19? How many people are hoping for a post from a group of doctors who have come together in great numbers to say they are no longer taking part in this? How many people are just living in hope that SOMEONE ELSE is doing the work that needs to be done to overcome this?
  21. I have to agree. Up until the beginning of this week I felt protest was the way to sway this.......now I am not so sure if anything can be done?
  22. An advantage of buying time maybe? Every day that passes is another nail in our coffins. I think the time this is all taking is highly suspicious indeed and that is what is worrying a lot of people now who first thought this was all legit. I hope I am wrong, but as with Covid something just does not feel right about this whole Reiner thing.
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