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  1. 1 hour ago, sickofallthebollocks said:


    As has been rightly said so many times before........these people do not even try to hide what they are up to anymore.


    The problem for them however, is when you start getting over-confident because you are so close to the finish line, you are at risk of being at your most vulnerable.........Now how do we stop people watching Strictly or the Voice or any of the other rubbish they watch and start taking notice of this stuff instead?


    Time is clearly not on the worlds side any longer and this is becoming a matter of urgency surely?

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  2. 2 hours ago, webtrekker said:

    I get all of the negative posts about Just Stop Oil protestors, I really do, I'm certainly no supporter of them myself, but at least they are doing something to gain public notice. It's about time we started high-visibilty protests of our own since singing, dancing, walking the dog, and pushing pushchairs around London for a few hours has had little effect so far.



    Problem is we would not get the MSM coverage they do. We would be demonised from the word go. The Police would not stand around watching us or check to see if we need anything to make us more comfortable, they would drag us off to be ‘dealt’ with. Politicians would not talk about our cause as they do at every opportunity on the environment. And last but not least, the public will not want reminding of what they have done to themselves and their children and so will side with those demonising us.  In short the whole system would turn against us with full force. 
    With all that said, any time anyone wants to start a high vis protest…..count me in 😁

  3. Call me cynical but with under-sea communication cables getting ‘damaged’ then this….I wonder what will be ‘outed’ next in next week or few? Seems to be they are running a few test runs before a ‘main event’.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Itsa said:

    Damage to two subsea links which seriously disrupted communications to Shetland was likely caused by fishing vessels, the cable operator has said.



    It would be a good test to see the effect on the population and services such as banking etc but they are saying it was an accident.


    As with everything the BBC puts out there, I have my doubts on this as well. Surely, if it was caused by a fishing vessel, any good journalist (not that the BBC have any, any more) should be able to clarify this from the AIS transponder the vessel should have fitted?

    They must know the exact time cables were damaged, they must know the exact position the cable/s were damaged. If I had these two details, I could tell in seconds what vessel/s damaged the cable/s.


    It is also interesting the amount of time the report spends telling us all how it stopped people getting money and spending cash they had? Very interesting.


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  5. 8 hours ago, MissSensible said:

    Well they've already decided exactly how it's going to play out. See below:



    Ahhhh the good old Aunty BBC. Always there to lend a helping hand to us the British public.....or is it to help whatever government is in place?

    Is it any wonder NO government is doing anything about the BBC 'licence fee'? Always promising, but never happening.

    I am sure once the BBC explains when and why blackouts are happening......then a few weeks down the road.........why food shortages are happening.......to all the morons watching, those very morons will sit there saying.....ok, thanks for that......now put Strictly on please before the power is cut.


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  6. 19 minutes ago, Itsa said:

    The Scottish Express are straight in with 'it's the Russians' 🤭


    'It was the Russians': Shetland islanders claim Putin conspiracy as phone system goes down



    Yep that Putin will get em!

    First he blows up his own pipelines, which he could simply turn valves to off to stop the flow of gas. Then he chooses of all places Shetland to shut down their communications! I see a plan coming together here and it ain't Putin.



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  7. I am not sure if the woman accused acted alone, acted of her own free will or even carried out the things she is accused of. All I know is it is a sad, sad situation. Maybe she is one sick individual? I do not know.

    The timing of this trial is questionable for me. It is obvious there is something planned for the NHS…..I think the illusion that was ‘Covid’ was amongst everything else it destroyed, also meant to destroy the NHS…….which lets face it, if you believe the reports, it is now only a matter of time before complete NHS collapse (or rather government claiming it is no longer viable).


    Once the NHS has been gotten rid of, people will have to pay to see a quack and then be ripped off for any treatment the quack recommends for their ailments.That’s if you can afford to see a quack that is…..perfect ey! The poor left to suffer whilst the rich (for now) get what they need.


    Everything on MSM and I mean EVERYTHING about the NHS is extremely negative. What is the one thing msm does to turn the public against someone or some organisation they are told to….well let’s take Ukraine……how many times have you heard, seen or read that a missile has landed near a school or nursery OR better still a maternity ward and killed x amount of children and/or babies. A missile launched by Putin…….the very person they are trying to alienate. They always use children and babies to get the public enraged….if they can throw in a few images that is even better.


    So back to the trial. Why now, why an NHS nurse, why babies?

    Maybe she is a sick, psycho, pig. If she is I hope she gets what she deserves. If there is anything else to this I hope one day the truth is exposed. Whatever, it is all extremely sad and my heart goes out to those caught up in it. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    The Ickes aren't referred to by name, so either this slipped through the media net by mistake, or someone is giving Ickonic a helping hand. My cynicism makes me wonder why. 

    When I heard it I automatically thought to myself if Talk had know that the guest was going to mention Ickonic they would not of allowed it surely. I think it is more it slipped through….but great it did……heres to more people slipping in alternative media platforms offering good, honest, informative information and debate.

  9. It's hard to feel sorry for people like Dr John Cambell. He seems a nice bloke who now realises all is not as he was spouting out.

    I wonder if in the back of these peoples minds do they wonder what (if anything) the future holds for them concerning the promotion of certain products?

    It is clear from previous videos and this latest one he realises all is not as he thought or at least convinced others of?



  10. Hope this is ok to post in Todays News.

    I was amazed today that Ickonic has got a mention On Talk Radio (and deservedly so).

    Isn't it great to see peoples attitudes changing towards main stream media.

    I cannot work out how to clip the section from Youtube. If possible can somone with the knowledge do so please, as it is worth a watch (Mike Graham show around 10:26am)

    It was a discussion on those who have had sex changes and who have regretted it. 

    Well done Ickonic platfrorm and all it's contributors, and please keep up the good work.




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  11. I just wonder if this will be the opportunity for banks to try to look good and help those struggling so 'offer' a rescue deal to home owners at risk of loosing their home due to the hike in interest rates?

    I realise they would get the whole house if people defaulted, but I think the numbers are going to be so great they cannot risk an uprising on this.

    We were already seeing banks buying up houses before all this, so why wouldn't they use this opportunity to offer a 'rescue package' to the owner at risk of defaulting......but the owner would have to hand over say a 50% share in the property to the bank? That's just a loose example. They will probably think of something much more sneaky but equally as devious. Again it is what we see time and time again. In this case the banks cause the problem then offer their solution that only benefits them.

  12. The thing that confuses me is that they are trying their best to convince the world he is a man of the people so that (amongst other things) when he comes out with his chip for the human brain, the idiots of the world will trust and believe anything he says about why ‘he’ invented it. If he buys Twatter and there is still no freedom of speech, which let’s face it there will never be, he will loose or at least risk loosing the image they are so desperately trying to put across?

    My personal opinion is he will have freedom of speech on Twatter BUT it will be his version of free speech (or rather their version) so at the end of the day it still will not be freedom of speech but the @55 holes that use the platform won’t realise because, well because they are too dumb to.

  13. 25 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Private investigator and author William Merritt confirmed Harris was 'gravely sick', adding he prefers to be on his own and doesn't 'particularly like kids' as he 'hates the noise.'

    Doesn’t like kids? What was he locked up for then? Or was it the screaming he didn’t like?

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