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  1. On 11/16/2021 at 5:02 PM, Mikheil said:

    Dream on


    FUCK ALL will happen.


    The Supreme Court in the USA has negated the Creepy Los Cunt's vaccine mandate. The Appeals Court has upheld iy. Has is made any difference NOT A FUCK

    And anything the court rules against government, government will appeal and the appeals court will find in favour of government (watch the latest US court gimmick with government telling employers they must mandate vaccines for work). It gives impression the courts are 'doing their job' when all they are doing is screwing us all and they know it.

  2. On 11/8/2021 at 11:27 AM, HereComesBod said:

    Work Colleague Gets Flu Jab Every year, in his 30's 


    He is overweight and has couple of health issues so scared by it all, even though everything else he dismisses and no amount of info I tell him makes slightest Difference, He's had his 2 covid Jabs and Will be getting his Booster any Time


    Told By Dr to get 1st Covid Jab early because they put him in Vulnerable Group


    So sad to see, I've told him so much over last 2 months and last week he said I don't believe any of it so hasn't listened to a word I've said

    You did your best, that is all you can do.
    Personally I am not 100% about the affects of the jab on people. All I know is what I am hearing and seeing makes absolutely no sense to me and for that reason alone I will remain unjabbed.

    With two young children to look out for, I too was taken in at the beginning of this. The point for me when I stopped believing the ‘official’ narrative was when they were reporting people infected on cruise ships and only one or two had died (mostly elderly people cruise and very often because of their age one or two die naturally on a cruise anyways!) I have been on cruise ships prior to this BS and hand cleaning in public areas was a big thing because if you get a virus on a ship it will ravage the ship…….yet Covid Sars cov2 an airborne virus only affected one or two out of thousands onboard? It was bullshit from the start but that’s what got me doing a bit of re-search and having followed David for over 25 years he was naturally for me a starting point in my research.

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  3. 7 hours ago, writer said:

    Unless the above posters are qualified lawyers and understand how the law works ex UK, perhaps it is better to not  make assumptions.  In a multi-layered, changing situation, it is folly to go to court without full information. 


    In UK, a big legal challenge has been started by a senior lawyer Anna De Buisseret and a team of lawyers.  She showed to camera 700 or so pages of laws that have been broken in this war on humanity (in UK) both she and Reiner state that each named individual complicit in this genocide will be charged. That includes all people who have injected others in the illegal experiment. 



    With everything that has happened in last 18 months or so, I suppose we all understand why there is so much doubt about some professional people who claim to stand against the system.

    I hope I am wrong about Fuellmich. His involvement in the financial ruin of VW has always weighed heavy on my mind, as this was done to FORCE VW into the electric car development/manufacture.

    As with everything, time will tell. 

  4. 16 hours ago, DoTheScience said:

    I'm lower class and have no class. If it's aesthetic, I don't do it. Anyway, my teeth are in perfect condition, well apart from not being whitened. No issues. Why? I'm not stuffing my mouth with sugar but mainly and in particular I don't drink soft drinks. In the lower classes we have a better sense of what's really necessary and unnecessary. In consumer culture most necessities are not so. When we look at the shelves things like deodorant are completely useless. Why would you need that?


    Why do I bring this up? Well it reminds me a lot of COVID-19. They made the illness themselves and then the vaccine for it. The same for brushing our teeth, now something deemed essential to do extremely regularly but in reality they created the problem with stupid drinks that rot your teeth.

    It’s a great point you make. 

  5. Just now, Saved said:

    They've already done it.


    A) Being vaccinated makes you more sloppy in your safety habits.


    B) The vaccine only protects you from the very worst symptoms.


    The people won't even bat an eyelid.

    Yep the report tries to explain it, but surely this must awaken yet more people. Who on earth in their right mind would believe this shite now, after all we have been telling people!

  6. I think she is still sponging off the state.
    These ‘things’ go on for years….it’s all in the ‘blood’ you know! 9If you know what I mean)

    I think if she had died it would be to good an opportunity for her to carry out her final duty and have it reported she died of Covid complications because she had not yet had the booster. These ‘things’ will ‘serve’ the agenda no matter what.

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  7. On 9/20/2021 at 9:19 PM, Grumpy Grapes said:

    I didn't say that Gates was a genius, nor did I say that he achieved his success single handedly, but I think that David is wrong to conclude that people like him are morons, and ignores the intellectual elites who have dominated world affairs. If the likes of Gates aren't clever, then who is? Are you implying that only good people can be clever? 

    I guess we will find out if he is well educated or a moron soon enough 😂

  8. On 10/21/2021 at 11:37 AM, RobSS said:


    He said he's too old to stay in Australia and fight. He's now in Acapulco under the wing of Jeff Berwick and his dog Lucy.




    I think he is probably better off spreading his words from outside Aus. Ifvthe pst few weeks is anything to go by, It is only a matter of time before anyone in Aus speaking out against government will be banged up.

  9. On 10/22/2021 at 5:46 PM, Diesel said:

    I must admit when David spoke about Reptilians way back I didn't believe him at first. But now I have seen just how evil the elite are I am convinced he is right. I think these things are Demons the Nephilim. Has anyone else changed their mind?

    Never any doubt about what David was saying all those years ago and continues to say (and thankfully going full steam ahead with it recently). 
    Our ancestors throughout the world have left messages everywhere for us to see. Some cultures left text, some drawings, some sculptures and some have passed the message verbally through the generations. Those who do not want humans to realise the truth have programmed humans to accept that these were just ‘Gods’…….made up images…….nothing to see here.

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  10. 58 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    really i should change uk to england as i realise there is greater tyranny in scotland and wales with their passports.


    Yep different story in Wales for sure. The passports were being used for large events, with latest 'review' has established passports are now needed for cinemas and theatres! Next 'review' they will be needed for pubs and shops etc etc etc just you watch


    Small steps........


    Do not be fooled, it is coming to England. They are toying with you.





  11. A friend of mine has been double jabbed and is hastily awaiting his ‘booster’. We, fortunately are able to discuss our opposing views and that is as far as it goes. I would never fall out with him over this and he wouldn’t fall out with me. Yesterday we were chatting and he actually said he would not open his door this Halloween to any children incase they breathed covid over him. I had to ask him if he was serious. When he said he was, I reminded him he was double jabbed and took the p!55 out of him for a few minutes. He just said he was not taking any chances. I told him to f’in grow a pair and just get on with life. He laughed it off.


    To get to the point…..I wonder if anything in these jabs are changing jabbed peoples behaviour? Is something in the jab making them even more docile than the fluoride in their toothpaste and water has made them? I have seen quite a few public figures who, before their jabs were well respected in their fields. Yet after being jabbed, seemed to have turned all their previous beliefs, common sense and intelligence on it’s head!


    The more people I talk to who have been jabbed, the more I am convinced the jabs have done something to their thought process.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Mikheil said:

    There is only one way it can be stopped. Everyone knows it deep down, but no one has the balls. White people worked together for the Soviet revolution. They worked together for the French Revolution, but there is so little testosterone in men today that they want fucking gender blockers and to wear dresses and fucking high heels.


    Why waste your time peacefully demonstrating? Just sit back and be shat on by your supreme masters, OBEY! Turn the other cheek. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated—or killed. Tremble before the might of our police and military.


    Don't be like the Daleks!

    I also hear and read about the power of the word “NO”. Problem is you need vast, vast numbers to say “NO”. Unfortunately, vast, vast numbers have said “YES” to the jab. So for me saying “NO” will have absolutely no affect at all either. 



  13. 20 hours ago, 78ast78dgyad said:

    If everyone dies suddenly, no one will get the vaccine. The plan to reduce world population is over.


    But what if they made 90% of the vaccines saline, and 10% the real stuff.


    Every 6 months you get a new vaccine, and you still have a 10% of getting it.

    But every time you need a new booster, the chances increase from 10% to 50%. Due to the nature of probability.


    This way they can get everyone over a long period of time.

    I agree. It would look way, way too suspicious if everyone or lots and lots dropped or were seriously ill after having the jabs. BUT maybe that would move them to the next phase and be the excuse of a new variant. Then we are back to ....we MUST jab EVERYONE by law, have Green Passes EVERYWHERE, lock down again and have even more harsh restrictions WORLD WIDE. It would be the perfect result for them don't you think?


    We will see in a matter of weeks now how this will go. Personally, for me if thousands of people  in the UK do not die (excess deaths) as David has said they will over the next few months then I will re-asses where I am with this. For me the next few months are going to prove who's theory is correct. I think David has it though, lots of deaths and more restrictions as a result of the new variant. One thing for sure is this is a looooong loooong way from over!




  14. 2 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    I think less and less people will turn out for these fuckin useless 'peaceful protests' because they can see that Boris and his fellow cunts are laughing at them. Staying at home and having a wank will have the exact same effect as going on a 'peaceful protest'. It might make you feel better than groveling to the Stasi cops 

    I hear what you are saying Mikheil. If we are relying on higher numbers than the previous then we are no more than pissing into the wind!


    Protests that get NO MSM coverage but you can learn about on websites and forums 99% of people NEVER visit = pissing into the wind.

  15. Whether you believe Covid 19 Sars Cov2 does or does not exist I think is irrelevant now, that ship has long, long sailed.


    For me wether it existed or not was just an added distraction. It was merely a HEADLINE GRABBER FOR BOTH CAMPS.


    What is relevant and always has been is the reasons for the virus and the dodgy testing method (existent or non existent).


    We are now fully aware of the reason for the existent or non existent 'virus' and the testing methods. So for me, discussing if it exists or not is totally irrelevant. We need to stop going over old ground and just face up to what is now happening and deal with it.

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  16. September 14 I raised this topic.


    In another topic I also raised the point of how Fuellmich was involved in the financial punishment of VW. I also said in that topic that I remembered David mentioning around the time of the emissions 'scandal' that VW had been stitched up to force VW into manufacturing electric cars. Those two things immediately made me suspicious of Fuellmich.


    It saddens me that this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE has not been highlighted by those with a platform to do so?

    WHY are those with a platform NOT discussing Fuellmich and his work, OR RATHER THE LACK OF IT? Are they merely waiting to see what happens then react on that? You will be waiting a long time I'm afraid.....but SURELY can see that! Can't you?


    It's a shame those with a platform who have covered almost EVERYTHING concerning Sars Cov2 have failed to communicate to us about the work of Fuellmich OR RATHER THE LACK OF ACTION ON THAT WORK!


    I have to ask what is happening here? I have to say it makes me more and more suspicious, especially when those with a platform to do so, will NOT touch this?


    Those with a platform are asking us to turn out in ever greater numbers to protest. I wonder how many will NOT turn out because they are relying on Fuellmich (I.E THE LAW?

    ) If that's the case then goodnight Vienna!


    Sick of this Fuellmich shite and how it is being allowed to drift along influencing people with complete silence!


    Shame on those with a platform for not sharing their true thoughts and opinions on this.

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