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  1. I hear what you are saying but, hasn't it ALWAYS been this way? Because of the age we live in? Is this the age of......'they' create or exasperate a problem (or at least an illusion of one), the public react (no offence), 'they' offer the solution? Now, how did we manage all the years before this? I can't remember......says the next generation!
  2. And here we gooooooooooo............... Will it be the same modelling as Covid I wonder https://news.sky.com/story/bird-flu-health-officials-draw-up-covid-style-model-looking-at-pandemic-possibilities-12818581
  3. Bird flu is slowly but surely being built up. It's the usual drip feed then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! And we all know what happens next. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/flu-experts-gather-with-h5n1-risk-agenda-2023-02-24/
  4. I hope to fk this one don't reincarnate Wonder if his son will take over soon?
  5. And it's sooooooooo important, they are putting their political differences aside. How nice of them. https://news.sky.com/story/tony-blair-and-william-hague-call-for-everyone-to-have-digital-id-cards-12817051
  6. Yep, it reminds me of…….don’t go to the doctors or hospital if your ill because there is a virus around
  7. Looks like somone is in a panic as things are not panning out as planned maybe? MSM trying to help them out maybe? Who knows? One thing for sure is the Police are always criticising the amount of people getting involved. I always thought the more who get involved the better. The more you have to check the more chances you find? Maybe not!
  8. I cannot take credit for the words above I have been quoted as saying. I simply quoted another poster and commended his post.
  9. So now Nicola had a drink problem and was struggling with the menopause? Does that really justify jumping into a river? If it does women up and down the country would be missing. Is this REALLY why the Police are so convinced she entered the river? Really? More interesting for me is when the police had to attend their address on January 10th. https://news.sky.com/story/nicola-bulley-missing-mother-of-two-had-significant-issues-with-alcohol-and-menopause-struggles-police-12811885
  10. What a great post! Absolutely love it!
  11. We are starting to see a pattern around the world with this. One resigns another with the same mindset (or puppet masters) replaces them. Then once they cause damage and conflict they resign and someone replaces them......and on and on and on until the next election, then whoever wins the election has the same puppet master operating the winning leader........Clever eh! https://news.sky.com/story/politics-news-latest-defence-secretary-speaking-to-sky-news-ahead-of-nato-summit-12593360
  12. What is this all about?....dont blame me gov I never said that..... Again NO real challenging questions from the reporters. One does push for an explanation on vulnerabilities but is fobbed off and she does not pursue it. Love how at around 30:00 the man with the coloured badge takes over to say how happy he is with how things progressed after the missing report was received. Everything must of been done correctly then....the man with a uniform and coloured badge says so! Just love the question about the dog running between bench and gate and not bench and water and the woman officer seems at a loss but says the dog could have left the field.....I would have asked if the dog is trained and if so does the dog know the command stay, which may of caused it to be cautious about leaving the area? In my opinion this 'press briefing' will cause people to question more things. I understand she may be vulnerable.....what has caused it? Money worries, work, partner, recent tragic event, what? Why the secrecy? Surely this may be a reason why she has taken herself off somewhere not realising the reaction it would get? Things have now spiralled, and an already vulnerable person is feeling worse because of the fuss she has caused, so she could therefore cause even more harm to herself? There are too many questions unanswered on this. I'm afraid this 'briefing' didn't help at all.
  13. How about debating the people outside these hotels? How about hearing how they are worried about the safety of their children? How about hearing about how they are worried about crime in the area rocketing? How about hearing how the residents feel unsafe in their own communities?.........Nah.....lets just do the usual and label them extremists. Good old MSM doing their dirty work again.......bloody fools cannot see what they are doing to their own kids and grandkids in the future? Bloody fools. https://news.sky.com/story/high-risk-of-more-premeditated-extremist-attacks-after-violence-outside-asylum-seeker-hotel-charities-warn-12810228
  14. Soooooo, it’s pretty obvious to us, and has been for many, many a year, msm worldwide is nothing more than propaganda machines…….surely in the last 3 years more and more people realise that now as well. So I ask myself………..why would msm suddenly start introducing extra terrestrials/ aliens into their headlines when not so long ago they took the p!55 out of people who claimed they exist? Then we get the following from the White House where some of the same reporters who write the headlines claiming ufo’s over Canada and America could indeed be extra terrestrial then laugh about the claims ufo and aliens could exist. Drip, drip, drip https://news.sky.com/video/no-indication-of-aliens-or-extraterrestrial-activity-in-shot-down-objects-says-white-house-12810361
  15. Just look at the headlines. They are starting to ramp it up now. Are we witnessing the beginning of the next 'thing' humans need to be very afraid of, all to continue the constant fear theme. I wonder when the WHO will say we all need an injection to protect us from an 'alien' virus! Shouldn't be too long now before that lovely detailed 4k image of a ufo appears (hologram of course). This has now become so predictable and will only wake more and more. https://news.sky.com/story/us-on-heightened-state-of-alert-over-flying-objects-and-it-hasnt-ruled-out-extra-terrestrials-12809879
  16. Well done MSM. No reporting on the alarming increase in deaths but you do report on the alarming number of e-scooters catching fire. Well done! https://news.sky.com/story/alarming-increase-in-the-number-of-fires-caused-by-e-scooter-and-e-bike-batteries-12806523
  17. Didn't there used to be a saying........ I believe in Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve? Remember that one a few years back when people could joke around and have a laugh? Who would of thought it. Adam and Steve may of been correct all along!
  18. I watched Peter being interviewed in the early stages of this before he was brought in. He knows his stuff that is for sure. Was very impresses by his knowledge and the work his team have done in the past. We have to ask why a man with Peters experience was not contacted and asked for his opinion by the police BEFORE those very police assumed Nicola had fallen into the river, and decided there was no other explanation?
  19. I hope this guy is not involved for the sake of his kids. I am not saying for one minute he is involved at all. I am drawn to his breathing where he looks as though he is trying to control himself and concentrating on the breathing rather than on the questions. When he thanks people for searching he is shaking his head left to right indicating he is thinking otherwise? During the time he talks of scenarios going around in circles, getting no-where then starting again at the beginning....... his breathing relaxes and he even cuts a smile short at the end of it. As I say I am not for one minute saying this guy is involved but everything has to be looked at surely? I also wonder why he did not attend the press briefing where Nicolas Sis, Dad and Mum talked? I thought at the time it seemed odd? But again, grief, nerves, whatever we all handle things differently. For the sake of the children lets hope this gets sorted soon.
  20. Why on earth is the bench still there? The bench along with the phone are probably the two most important things (forensically) the police had to go on in the early stages of this disappearance. YET the bench was never sealed off (protected) OR more importantly removed and given a through forensic examination in a controlled environment. Things are just not adding up here. Just like a post earlier on this thread I thought maybe she had, had the juice and just keeled over into the river......now I am not so sure. https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/its-not-spectator-sport-calls-26181980
  21. Nothing is exempt from woke now.....nothing at all! https://news.sky.com/story/god-is-neither-male-nor-female-church-of-england-is-considering-gender-neutral-terms-12805759
  22. I do not know about anyone else but growing up in the UK I am used to it getting cold here in the winter.......... as it has always done. So why are we now getting headlines and bs like this from MSM.....I wonder! Why don't msm just hold Khan to account on why people are living rough? Why not have sensationalised headlines to highlight the points of his, and UK governments failures? Why is it all aimed at weather? ;) https://news.sky.com/story/london-activates-emergency-severe-weather-protocol-as-ukhsa-cold-alert-extended-12804977
  23. 31 years of age. WHEN are the cowardly main stream media going to take this up? I am sick of this blatant cover up. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/21255667/darts-momo-zhou-dead-china-tributes/
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