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  1. Yep the report tries to explain it, but surely this must awaken yet more people. Who on earth in their right mind would believe this shite now, after all we have been telling people!
  2. Wonder how they will convince the idiots this IS NOT the vaccine causing illness? https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-irelands-co-waterford-has-one-of-the-highest-vaccination-rates-in-the-world-so-why-are-cases-surging-12461642
  3. I think she is still sponging off the state. These ‘things’ go on for years….it’s all in the ‘blood’ you know! 9If you know what I mean) I think if she had died it would be to good an opportunity for her to carry out her final duty and have it reported she died of Covid complications because she had not yet had the booster. These ‘things’ will ‘serve’ the agenda no matter what.
  4. I guess we will find out if he is well educated or a moron soon enough
  5. I think he is probably better off spreading his words from outside Aus. Ifvthe pst few weeks is anything to go by, It is only a matter of time before anyone in Aus speaking out against government will be banged up.
  6. Never any doubt about what David was saying all those years ago and continues to say (and thankfully going full steam ahead with it recently). Our ancestors throughout the world have left messages everywhere for us to see. Some cultures left text, some drawings, some sculptures and some have passed the message verbally through the generations. Those who do not want humans to realise the truth have programmed humans to accept that these were just ‘Gods’…….made up images…….nothing to see here.
  7. Yep different story in Wales for sure. The passports were being used for large events, with latest 'review' has established passports are now needed for cinemas and theatres! Next 'review' they will be needed for pubs and shops etc etc etc just you watch Small steps........ Do not be fooled, it is coming to England. They are toying with you. https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/19680347.covid-passes-extended-cases-high-wales/
  8. A friend of mine has been double jabbed and is hastily awaiting his ‘booster’. We, fortunately are able to discuss our opposing views and that is as far as it goes. I would never fall out with him over this and he wouldn’t fall out with me. Yesterday we were chatting and he actually said he would not open his door this Halloween to any children incase they breathed covid over him. I had to ask him if he was serious. When he said he was, I reminded him he was double jabbed and took the p!55 out of him for a few minutes. He just said he was not taking any chances. I told him to f’in grow a pair and just get on with life. He laughed it off. To get to the point…..I wonder if anything in these jabs are changing jabbed peoples behaviour? Is something in the jab making them even more docile than the fluoride in their toothpaste and water has made them? I have seen quite a few public figures who, before their jabs were well respected in their fields. Yet after being jabbed, seemed to have turned all their previous beliefs, common sense and intelligence on it’s head! The more people I talk to who have been jabbed, the more I am convinced the jabs have done something to their thought process.
  9. I also hear and read about the power of the word “NO”. Problem is you need vast, vast numbers to say “NO”. Unfortunately, vast, vast numbers have said “YES” to the jab. So for me saying “NO” will have absolutely no affect at all either.
  10. I agree. It would look way, way too suspicious if everyone or lots and lots dropped or were seriously ill after having the jabs. BUT maybe that would move them to the next phase and be the excuse of a new variant. Then we are back to ....we MUST jab EVERYONE by law, have Green Passes EVERYWHERE, lock down again and have even more harsh restrictions WORLD WIDE. It would be the perfect result for them don't you think? We will see in a matter of weeks now how this will go. Personally, for me if thousands of people in the UK do not die (excess deaths) as David has said they will over the next few months then I will re-asses where I am with this. For me the next few months are going to prove who's theory is correct. I think David has it though, lots of deaths and more restrictions as a result of the new variant. One thing for sure is this is a looooong loooong way from over!
  11. 2022+ Is not looking at all good is it? Ponder on that anyone looking in here trying to find answers to the many, many unanswered questions.
  12. I hear what you are saying Mikheil. If we are relying on higher numbers than the previous then we are no more than pissing into the wind! Protests that get NO MSM coverage but you can learn about on websites and forums 99% of people NEVER visit = pissing into the wind.
  13. Whether you believe Covid 19 Sars Cov2 does or does not exist I think is irrelevant now, that ship has long, long sailed. For me wether it existed or not was just an added distraction. It was merely a HEADLINE GRABBER FOR BOTH CAMPS. What is relevant and always has been is the reasons for the virus and the dodgy testing method (existent or non existent). We are now fully aware of the reason for the existent or non existent 'virus' and the testing methods. So for me, discussing if it exists or not is totally irrelevant. We need to stop going over old ground and just face up to what is now happening and deal with it.
  14. September 14 I raised this topic. In another topic I also raised the point of how Fuellmich was involved in the financial punishment of VW. I also said in that topic that I remembered David mentioning around the time of the emissions 'scandal' that VW had been stitched up to force VW into manufacturing electric cars. Those two things immediately made me suspicious of Fuellmich. It saddens me that this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE has not been highlighted by those with a platform to do so? WHY are those with a platform NOT discussing Fuellmich and his work, OR RATHER THE LACK OF IT? Are they merely waiting to see what happens then react on that? You will be waiting a long time I'm afraid.....but SURELY can see that! Can't you? It's a shame those with a platform who have covered almost EVERYTHING concerning Sars Cov2 have failed to communicate to us about the work of Fuellmich OR RATHER THE LACK OF ACTION ON THAT WORK! I have to ask what is happening here? I have to say it makes me more and more suspicious, especially when those with a platform to do so, will NOT touch this? Those with a platform are asking us to turn out in ever greater numbers to protest. I wonder how many will NOT turn out because they are relying on Fuellmich (I.E THE LAW? ) If that's the case then goodnight Vienna! Sick of this Fuellmich shite and how it is being allowed to drift along influencing people with complete silence! Shame on those with a platform for not sharing their true thoughts and opinions on this.
  15. Anyone else get the feeling this is starting to swing away from governments? A long road ahead, but we will reach the end.
  16. As I understand it two fans suffered strokes. Jeeze surely if they have been jabbed the public should be told!
  17. Last week a premiership game delayed this week this (how many more are we NOT hearing about I wonder.) In my 50+years of being a football supporter I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SO MANY MEDICAL ISSUES HAPPENING IN THE STANDS/STADIUMS, AS THEY ARE NOW. JABBED? COINCIDENCE...............OH PLEASE: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/12442326/west-broms-championship-match-against-bristol-city-delayed-by-15-minutes-due-to-medical-emergency
  18. Just to add a little light relief to what is now a very, very serious issue in the land of Aus………….enjoy!
  19. WTF?!? Andy Murray backing this.....what a tool. ALL tennis players need to unite and refuse to play in the Aussie Open. FFS can you not see where this is leading??????????? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10049139/Victoria-government-demands-athletes-fully-jabbed-end-November.html
  20. Here they go again right on time, as predicted. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-sky-news-blog-latest-uk-coronavirus-daily-cases-rise-12431158
  21. I cannot quite get my head around how they are going to get the excess deaths needed to justify the green pass. Obviously the deaths have to be much worse than last winter for their scam to work. I am thinking that if people who have been jabbed get the flu then their immune system will turn on them which will kill some, make others seriously ill, some disabled etc. OR is it just the jab itself that will do the job? If it is just the jab then how will the deaths all come this winter when people have been jabbed over months and months? Would live to read what people think will happen. As I say, can’t quite get my head around how this will play out over next few months to get the excess deaths they so clearly need.
  22. Certainly is interesting…..two gone in such a short space of time….mmmmmmmmm
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