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  1. I have heard some shite about this supposed deadly Corona virus but what I am about to write just about sums it all up......a total load of absolute Corona virus bullshit.
    My son catches a minibus to school. There are a number of various aged students in the bus, all in close proximity to each other and of course a driver!
    Yesterday it was confirmed a student on the mini bus has tested positive for this supposedly deadly virus. The student in question also happens to be in the same year in school as my son.
    So with this deadly virus that is apparently spreading like wild fire and killing people left, right and centre, what is the solution to stop it spreading concerning the case on the mini bus....................?
    You may need to read the following twice......
    Obviously the positive case student has to isolate....makes sense right?
    Obviously my son has to isolate as he was on the mini bus.......makes sense right? NO it doesn't make any sense at all because all other students NOT in the same year as the positive case can still catch the bus and go to school! My son has to isolate NOT because he has been sat in a mini bus with a positive case but because he is in the same year as the positive case!
    I and my partner can carry on as normal but my son who is in the same year as the positive case has to isolate! Oh and ALL students in that year have been notified and will need to isolate....but the students on the mini bus NOT in that year can carry on as normal!
    Please people do your own research on the PCR test used for testing for covid19. The test is a joke and they are using the results of it to ruin peoples lives and the world economy for reasons far greater than this post can go into.
    Ask yourselves why no one has Isolated and purified and has given the full genetic code of the virus 'covid19'. Without the genetic code how are they able to test for the virus when they do not know what they are looking for!
    Research takes a few minutes of your time and gives you a bigger picture of things and from that picture you can draw YOUR OWN conclusions as to what is happening. Please, please don't believe everything you see on the news or what politicians are telling you without looking at things from a different angle. Then and only then draw your own conclusions.
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