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  1. 37 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    some good stuff is being said on GB news but they have created a false dichotomy which acts as a new but expanded overton window where some perspectives are still not spoken out loud

    Yep, I agree 100%. GB news are staying within the boundaries and obeying the rules laid down to them. Any 'journalist' who is deemed getting 'close' to the edge has to then accept a contract that silences them....if they do not like it they can leave.....doesn't that sum up what GB news really is?

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  2. It's great to see these reports. BUT come on.......isn't it pretty damn obvious? Are people REALLY that stupid now they cannot see any connections?


    Love the way even hot weather now is to blame in this report (among many other things that already existed BEFORE the juice was given out). Yep we already had lot's of fatties, we already had lots of elderly........mmmmmmm, so what is going on? 



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  3. I posted the above article, this morning whilst at work. Travelling home I use a (busy at the time) four lane main road near a school, the pupils use bus stops either side of the busy road just before/after a roundabout. Today I witnessed a very distressing thing. I was travelling home just past kicking out time for the school, there were pupils at the bus stops and cars waiting at the bus stops pull-ins to pick up their children. The traffic being heavy meant I was slowly moving towards the roundabout. On the opposite side bus stop I could see in the corner of my eye, a commotion. I looked across to see a young pupil (around 15) lying on the ground. A person in one of the waiting cars rushed over to him and rolled him on his side. The boys eyes were open but blank. It reminded me of the collapse of the footballer Erikson in the Euros. I cannot say for sure what happened to the young man, all I know is what I could see. My wife asked did he just faint or did he have a fit? Unfortunately from his eyes I think it was more serious.

    I hope in my heart he is ok.

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  4. I am betting the first 'REAL EXTREME ALERT', (after the test run later this month on all the mobile phones that have not been disabled (whilst we are allowed to)) will be to do with bird flu. They have been building BIRD FLU up for months now, and now the old China thing is used again.....




    I know all members here will be wise to the government EXTREME & SEVERE ALERTS and how to disable should you have a mobile.

    For those looking in who are unaware of what it is, it is recommended you look into how this will be used (including how it can be used against you and your freedoms.) Then decide if you think it is for you or your children.


    TO DISABLE go to your settings> notifications> scroll to bottom and disable EXTREME & SEVERE ALERTS (whilst you can). No doubt the day will come in the not to distant future where we will not be given the option to disable, and unless there is serious pushback on this, it, in my opinion is another tool of control......you know the sort of thing.....there has been a bird flue case in a human detected in your sector. Please remain indoors until further notice. Over-reaction? Let's wait and see.

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  5. I went to a football match today, a minutes clapping for a player who ‘died suddenly’. I come home and……..



    At the football, I asked myself…..how many people here are questioning these ‘sudden, unexpected deaths’….then I thought…..probably hardly any as most probably had the juice so they could continue watching the ‘beautiful game’. 

    Has anyone else noticed how, now when it is announced somone died ‘unexpectedly’ no body questions it. It has all become normalised by those who fear facing facts.


    What sad, sad, spineless times we live in.

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  6. Can you believe this? What a joke. Talk about ignoring the f*in obvious! Makes my p!55 boil🤬🤬🤬


    Could this be addressing the problem (awareness of it now gathering pace) but not addressing the true cause, to try and lead people away from the real and obvious killer.


    For me this is a great sign more and more people are now understanding what has happened and MSM is trying to deflect. 

    To all those responsible, who took part and coerced others………….Your time is coming…..but more importantly…..so is OURS. WE will make sure every single one of you are held to account. Wether it be a year from now or twenty years from now…..the truth will out and you will be held to account, and I look forward to that day.



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  7. 3 minutes ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:


    They must have put the tube at the wrong end.           (sarcasm)


    It's like when someone dies in a car crash "with" covid. Stop looking for sense.

    Yep, I hear what you are saying. It just amazes me people read articles like that and do not realise the BS they are being fed? Ah well on we go!

  8. 32 minutes ago, webtrekker said:


    3 words - WHO Pandemic Treaty.


    Another smoke & mirrors job.




    Yep distraction could be the answer and I suppose anything now in the news is a distraction.

    I can't help get the feeling there is more to it though. Especially as Oakeshott is in a relationship with Tice. To me it looks orchestrated, and I guess we will see why in due course. Defo something going on though.......and it's not about holding Hancock to account....that will never happen.

    It just does not add up. No way would a so called journalist break an NDA. In the real world she would be skint by doing so and never work again......and all because of public interest? Since when does any MSM journalist give a stuff about the public?

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