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  1. I remember years ago during the VW emissions scam Mr Icke said something along the lines that VW had been set up to basically cripple them and force them into making electric cars. Who was behind that and uses it as a status symbol? Yep Mr Reiner Fuellmich. Come on people smell the bacon. Are we really to believe the man behind prosecuting VW in what was a clear setup to get the ‘environmentally friendly’ ha ha electric cars into production is now the man going to sort out this scam?


    As every day passes I am slowly but surely loosing faith.

    I have had a few difference of opinions with Mikheil on this forum but he or she is starting to make a lot of sense to me. Tiptoeing around has got us into this f’in mess and tiptoeing around will not get us out of it.

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  2. On 6/23/2021 at 9:38 PM, Mikheil said:

    I am so sick and tired of all the people on this forum waiting in hope that the bullshit will end. You are like fucking ostriches, burying your heads in the sand and pretending that your protests and all this rhetoric about Court Cases is one day going to return everything to normal.




    All this rhetoric from Reiner Fuellmich, American Front Line Doctors and all the others that you live in expectation for action, are only allowed to spout their bullshit to keep you living in hope that they are going to change things. That the Courts will actually allow these cases  to be heard and especially allow one of them to be won. These are ILLUSIONS, to keep you occupied whilst they plan your demise.


    They have a job. That job is to keep you from resorting to violence. Keep you quiet, ever waiting for that magical day when things return to normal. They are doing a GREAT job. Fuck all!


    LIFE WILL NEVER RETURN TO NORMAL. The governments of the world DARE NOT admit that they fucked up. The brainwashed morons, clamoring for more kill shots, will DEMAND more stringent mandates and regulations.


    Even when their hopes of being allowed to go on holiday are dashed, they still believe the garbage that Governments are tossing into the trough that you read and hear every day.


    Sad to say, this site is doing a fine job at reinforcing this illusion, that soon, one day, things will be the same and you'll be free again. 


    Pull your heads out of your arses and face reality. Masks, Social Distancing, 'Bubbles', more "Jabs", more lost jobs, more poverty, more deaths. WILL NEVER GO AWAY!


    I used to visit this site every day, but now I realize its just cementing the illusion that all the so-called "Lawyers for Freedom" are spouting, I just can't be bothered any more.


    Turn the other cheek. Peace at any price. Don't fight. Violence doesn't solve anything. Good luck with that!

    As usual Mikheil I respect your views as I do with everyone on this forum and anywhere else in life. I can understand your frustration. Who knows what will sort this little problem out? One thing for sure is when it comes to the crunch, history, time after time has shown us what happens. Just because people do not threaten this or that on public forums doesn’t mean it will not happen.

  3. On 6/17/2021 at 9:33 PM, Martin1234 said:

    I hope I can continue to work from home post July. To be honest there isn't much I can't do at the minute that I want to. My night clubbing days are long behind me! I walk about maskless and nobody really says anything. I can't bear the thought of commuting to the office again though, plus it's a massive waste of time and expense.

    I hear what you are saying but I do wonder about the investors in the office spaces that will not be used (a lot are used to fund pensions now and future pensions). What about the businesses who rely on people going out of the office to buy a coffee or sandwich? What about the drop in fuel sales or ticket sales or taxis to and from the office? What about people not having to buy clothing to go to the office in (suits etc) and on and on and on? It's crazy!

  4. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    i am in no doubt the sheep WILL inject their kids.

    Of course they will. 20% CAN be manipulated, 20% CANNOT be manipulated and those in between CAN be manipulated with a bit more work. They know this obviously!

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  5. 10 hours ago, Ed8 said:

    I think you're right. We see in Israel and large swathes of America now, they have dropped nearly all the restrictions. Nauseating propaganda pieces from over there suggest things will get close to normal for us from 19th July 


    I suspect the narrative will be that vaccines have broken the link between infections and hospitalisations. However, I don't think this will be the end of it. They still need to vaccinate kids, keep of the pretence of a global pandemic to get other countries vaxxed (the G7 have targeted end of 2022 to vax the planet), roll out their booster jabs and turn the screw on the unvaxxed. Nigeria is a highly populated country with low vaccination rates, so my bets are on a Nigerian variant hitting shores here and around the globe in September 2021, for the shitshow to continue.

    Exactly what I was thinking. We will see soon.


    The only good thing about all this shite is that the idiots (by that I mean the plebs rolling up their sleeves and agreeing to all this) will see the fruits of what they have sown within their life times. Wether they will ever admit to themselves they have been had.........I doubt it!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mikheil said:

    MOST people don't want the lockdown to end. All the silly twats being interview by RT want to lockdown to be PERMANENT to protect them from the 'deadly'  virus.


    I did tell you that the June 'back to normal'  was pure bullshit. Now I'll tell you again. THE ONLY WAY THAT THE LOCKDOWNS, MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, HAND WASHING AND BULLSHIT WILL END, IS WHEN THERE IS A REVOLUTION.


    If this was ever to happen, it would be civil war, because the supporters of this insanity will fight to the death, those who want it to end.



    I wonder how many people will want lockdown to continue once furlough stops and they have no jobs/income? We all know furlough was done to subdue the idiots whilst all this is going on but there has to be a point where that changes OR are the idiots too far gone? Will be interesting to see how they play this next to get to the next lockdown that's for sure.

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  7. I think they will indeed relax things on July 19th to give the impression they are sticking to their word. However, a week or few later with another variant in the mix, the PCR testing will be adjusted accordingly and the public will once again be terrorised via the MSM by case numbers and lockdown re-introduced.


    Anyone else have any thoughts on how they are going to play it concerning July 19th?



  8. 1 minute ago, Mikheil said:

    And what have all the afore-mentioned judges done about the government run pedophile ring.? FUCK ALL Why. because many of them are part of it. What do you think happens to the 100,000 plus children that disappear every year in the UK? Abducted by aliens?

    I hear what you are saying but with respect, there are good and bad everywhere. Who knows where the 100,000s of kids and adults are that go missing? I certainly don’t. Aliens? Pedo’s? Psychopaths? Slavery? Government experiment facilities? Living on the streets, Gone abroad? etc. Who know’s probably all of these and many more.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    Hah, it's been the only way since this bullshit began. By the time everyone agrees, at a much later date, it will already be far too late!

    I think it would be prudent to remember that not all Judges are compromised, bought or whatever. As with every organisation there are good and bad. The problem we have at the moment is the bad seem to outweigh the good. But I repeat, not all Judges will be bent and it would be very foolish to think every single one of them is. I also do not think it will ever be too late. If the people revolt they make change.

  10. 39 minutes ago, bluey bluey said:

    After caring for my sister since i was 12 years old (she died frightened and alone in hospital last year) I have recently moved to sheltered accommodation. I have no family and friends but have settled here and really love it. I love organising all events etc. however yesterday I was asked  for proof of my vaccination prior to a day trip out. I explained my reasons for not having the jab and was told i was the only one in the flats and i could not join the excursion.


    Have been sent to Coventry today and feel depressed, even suicidal, but i will never compromise my beliefs.

    I wish i could meet like minded people, but have mobility problems and no transport. This site is the only thing that keeps me sane, thank you.

    Hey Bluey Bluey. You are not alone my friend. I admire your strength and your will power in not giving in no matter what these animals throw at you.

    Remember WE are in this together, not the morons willingly rolling up their sleeves.


    We will be seen to be correct one day and we will get justice. Stand strong and proud my friend. You have more strength than anyone rolling up their sleeves without question.

  11. 49 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    In what sense, economically? If that's what you think then I have to disagree. If anything, their economy is tanking and on purpose I might add. As the global reserve currency once that goes kaput, then it's Klaus Schwab's digital anal coins up next and another step down the NWO road. 


    Civil war for them I what's coming. Once the gun grab starts expect the yanks to fight back. It could get very nasty over there. 

    Out of likes. Well put my friend.

  12. Just now, whatthefoxhat said:

    This was from April 2020




    Which makes me ask why have they suddenly picked up on it again? a few msm sites did in april and may of last year but it quietly died a death

    Thanks for that link. Suppose nothing is being done about it so it can all be done again during the next wave.

    How people in the MSM aware of this sleep at night is beyond me. These reports just make me more and more determined to do my bit to get this info out and hopefully one day (oh please!) get these low life scum of the earth, horrible b'tds in a court.

  13. 1 minute ago, Pina Colada said:

    On uk column a few episodes ago, they talked about the language being used, and how it's often militarised.

    That has been true for years in so called health care, but also they said that the vaccine is being called "future proofing the body".

    This is technology language,  nothing to do with health care, and shows that the vaccine will not only turn your body into a spike protein factory, but also link us into the demonic electro magnetic hell being created by Elon Musk around the planet, creating a prison system where everyone vaxxed is tracked and traced.

    They have a synthetic energy field. 

    Sci fi is a reality?

    Exactly my thoughts, I think your post is absolutely spot on. The sleepers really do need to open their minds. They are being slowly led down a dark, dark path from which there will be no return.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

    Sorry Morpheus :( I didn't realise you had posted this.



    Don't think Morpheus was criticising. He has made a good point that the information is there in plain sight. I did not see Morpheus original post but yours made me aware so thanks for the update!

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  15. 21 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Mentally ill patients and those with learning disabilities were given ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders by doctors during the pandemic, it emerged last night.


    The Department of Health said it was ‘unacceptable’ for DNRs to be applied ‘in any kind of blanket fashion’.


    I would say not only ‘unacceptable’ but alarming! Mental health or ‘special needs’ patients are often in perfect physical health.


    Jeremy Hunt, chairman of the Commons health committee, said: ‘This kind of hidden prejudice must be stamped out.’


    Therefore, it was discrimination against the Untermensch and not concerns about covid which warranted euthanasia.


    Earlier this year, a damning Care Quality Commission report revealed 508 care home residents had DNRs imposed on them without their consent during the pandemic.


    Which is not only contemptuous, but a criminal practice, conceived by the Eugenics Society and against the law.




    This is murder. The absolute low life scum responsible MUST be held accountable for these murders immediately. This has my f'ing blood boiling......and tossers ask how can people be dying of covid19 if there is no virus? F'ing IDIOTS.

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  16. I agree that it will take the masses to rebel against this shite to stop it. Will that come or will it come too late? Who knows!


    Surely the idiots can see what is happening by now? How can people be so f'ing stupid?


    I read somewhere way, way back that UK politicians have some sort of protection from prosecution in certain circumstances. I read it a long time ago and my memory is not as good as it once was so cannot refer to how it would apply or if it indeed does exist? May have a poke around later to see if I can find anything on it.

  17. I have been reading (and watching) in the past week the ever increasing desperate tactics the cult gofers are resorting to, to promote their masters toxins. it stinks of desperation.


    My opinion is that things are certainly NOT going to plan for the cult. I think they seriously underestimated how many of us would come together and stand firm no matter what they threw or continue to throw at us. On June 21st when further restrictions are not lifted here in the UK, my opinion is that even more people will wake up. Yes a majority of them are a lost cause, but the more who question, the weaker the cult become.


    To me this was always going to be very, very difficult for the cult to pull off and to be honest I think people involved in this are now panicking over the threat of legal challenges coming in and the questions more and more are asking. These gofers must realise they are now on borrowed time but are in too deep to back out. We (and they) know it will only take one thing to start a snowball effect that will hopefully see a lot of them punished for their individual contributions to this.

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